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Guiyang to Fuzhou Train

At Present, Guiyang North/ Guiyang East Railway Station deals 3 high speed trains to Fuzhou Railway Station. These Guiyang to Fuzhou high speed trains require 8 to 9 hours to complete the travel distance as long as 1,619 kilometers (1,006 miles) to 1,641 (1,020 miles). The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 1,108.5 or CNY 1,114 and for a second class seat is CNY 658 or CNY 661.5.

What’s more, 1 normal speed train is in service from Guiyang Railway Station to Fuzhou Railway Station. The travel time is about 29 hours. A hard sleeper costs CNY 398 and a soft sleeper costs CNY 601.

It is suggested to take Guiyang to Fuzhou high speed trains at Guiyang North Railway Station on the ground that one can take Urban Rail Transit Line 1 to reach the railway station directly. In this way, it will save a lot of time wasted on road.

Guiyang to Fuzhou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1686:
1Guiyang North -09:33
2Kaili South 10:1110:13
3Tongren South 10:4810:50
4Huaihua South 11:1811:22
5Xupu South 11:4211:44
6Loudi South 12:2012:29
7Xiangtan North 12:5512:57
8Changsha South 13:1013:16
9Yichun [Jiangxi] 13:5914:01
10Xinyu North 14:1614:18
11Gaoan 14:4014:48
12Nanchang West 15:0415:08
13Jinxian South 15:2615:33
14Yingtan North 15:5415:56
15Shangrao 16:2916:31
16Nanpingshi 17:0617:08
17Jianou West 17:2417:26
18Yanping 17:4217:44
19Minqing North 18:0518:07
20Fuzhou 18:2818:40
21Putian 19:2619:31
22Quanzhou [Fujian] 19:5719:59
23Xiamen North 20:28-
Guiyang North

Running Route of Guiyang - Fuzhou High Speed Train

Guiyang - Shangrao High Speed Railway Line: With the length of 1,289 kilometers (801 miles), Guiyang - Shangrao High Speed Railway Line, a part of Shanghai - Kunming High Speed Railway Line was open on December 28th, 2016. High speed trains running along it can reach the speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) and stop at railway stations like Guiding North, Sansui, Xinhaung West, Huaihua South, Xupu South, Loudi South, Shaoshan South, Changsha South, and Nanchang West.

Shangrao - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line: Constituted as a part of Hefei - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line, Shangrao - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line is 340 kilometers (211 miles) in length and bullet trains running along it can operate at the speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). Major railway stations along the way include Wuyishan North, Wuyishan East, Jianou West, Nanping North, Gutian North and Mianqing North.

Other Transportation Option: Guiyang to Fuzhou Flight

There are 5 flights available from Guiyang to Fuzhou and the schedule is from 08:20 to 21:35. From Fuzhou to Guiyang, 5 flights scheduled from 08:25 to 17:55 are in service. These flights take the travel time of 2.5 hours and the air fare is from CNY 450 to CNY 1,000.

Fuzhou to Guiyang train

3 Fuzhou to Guiyang high speed trains are available, requiring the travel time of 8 to 9 hours.
1 normal speed train is also running from Fuzhou to Guiyang, taking about 27 hours.

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Major Rail Lines from Guiyang to:
Major Rail Lines from Fuzhou to:
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