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Nanjing to Lhasa Train

By now, Nanjing Railway Station deals 1 train to Lhasa Railway Station, taking about 44.5 hours.

The total distance of a single trip is as long as 4,072 kilometers (2,530 miles).

Passengers need to spend CNY 809.5 for a hard sleeper, CNY 1,257.5 for a soft sleeper, and CNY 385.5 for a hard seat.


Nanjing to Lhasa Train Ticket Booking

Details of the Train Z164:
1Shanghai -20:02
2Suzhou [Jiangsu] 20:5220:58
3Wuxi [Jiangsu] 21:2221:25
4Nanjing 22:5423:01
5Bengbu 00:3400:39
6Xuzhou 02:0402:12
7Zhengzhou 05:0805:17
8Xi'an 11:1011:20
9Xianyang 11:3611:38
10Lanzhou 18:1818:35
11Xining 21:0321:23
12Golmud 04:1504:40
13Amdo 12:4012:44
14Nakchu 14:1714:23
15Lhasa 18:46-

Running Route of Nanjing to Lhasa Train

Nanjing to Xuzhou Train Line: Constituting a part of Beijing – Shanghai Railway, this line is 348 kilometers (216 miles) in length, making a stopover at Bengbu Railway Station.

Xuzhou to Lanzhou Train Line: This line belongs to a section of Xuzhou – Lanzhou Railway, covering 1,536 kilometers (954 miles) and connecting major stations including Zhengzhou and Xi’an.

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Line: 2,188 kilometers (1,360 miles) covered in this part, it passes by Delingha Railway Station, Golmud Railway Station, Amdo Railway Station, and Nakchu Railway Station.

Nanjing to Lhasa Flight

Nowadays, 1 Nanjing to Lhasa direct flight are operated taking off from Nanjing Lukou International Airport to Lhasa Gongga International Airport. The flight schedule is from 11:20 to 17:15 with a stopover at Nanning, taking about 6 hours for the whole journey. The fare is about CNY 2,000 for an economy ticket. And it’s the fastest transportation option at present.

Where to go in Tibet

The Potala Palace is located at the top of the Maburi Mountain in Lhasa and is the typical building of Tibetan architecture and the landscape pattern on the back of CNY 50 banknote. This tallest building, which combines palaces, castles and temples, is also the largest and most complete-preserved ancient architectural complex in Tibet. The main building of the palace consist of two parts, the White Palace and the Red Palace. The highest square in the world, the Potala Palace Square, stands on the front of it. As the holy side of Tibetan Buddhism, there are thousands of pilgrims and tourists visiting here every year.
 Located in the center area of the old city in Lhasa, the Jokhang Temple is a representative Tibetan Buddhist architecture built in AD 647 by Songtsen Gampo to commemorate the Princess Wencheng and creates the special layout structure of Tibetan temples.
 Namtso is the second largest lake in Tibet and the highest salt lake in the world. It is also one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Every April 15th of the Tibetan calendar, the amount of its believers and pilgrims come here, making a grand occasion.

Lhasa to Nanjing Train

1 Lhasa to Nanjing normal speed train is operated daily from Lhasa Railway Station to Nanjing Railway Station, taking around 45.5 hours. It costs CNY 809.5 for a hard sleeper.

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