Where to Stay in Xi’an China – 8 Best Areas

When planning a trip to Xi’an, you can never avoid deciding where to stay. As a hot tourist destination in China, Xi’an has a large number of hotels ranging from high end brands to youth hostels. The average hotel price in Xi’an is fair. It costs USD 50 to 100 for a comparatively nice room per night, and USD 30 to 50 for a budget hotel room. In peak travel seasons from April to October, the price may rise a little.

Most tourists prefer to stay overnight at hotels around the city center near the Bell Tower and Drum Tower as the best tourist attractions and shopping centers in Xi’an are all nearby. However, the hotel costs are also higher than other parts of Xi’an. As another major tourism zone, the area surrounding the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is also one of the best locations to stay in Xi’an. Besides, the hotels around the Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty are popular among visitors for its convenient transportation and relatively-low price.

Here under is a list of the top 8 best places to stay in Xi’an for you to choose from.


City Center Near the Bell Tower & Drum Tower - 45% of travelers' choice

A Prior Option for First-time Travelers to Xi’an

When planning where to stay in Xi’an China, the city center near the Bell Tower and Drum Tower is undoubtedly the top choice. The Bell Tower and Drum Tower are two landmarks of the ancient city Xi’an. Lodging in this area, you can have enough time to appreciate the night view of the two towers and go to the nearby Muslim Quarter to fill your stomach up with all kinds of local snacks. Also, it is within the walking distance to the City Wall and the metro station. Many chain hotel brands have branches here at a reasonable price.

Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 50-80
  •  USD 60-120
  •  USD 100-200

 Top Picks:

Hotels Hotel Rating Location
Bell Tower Hotel No. 110, South Avenue, Beilin District
Home Inn Plus No. 18, Fen Lane, South Avenue, Beilin District
Ancient City Youth Hostel No. 4, Lianhu Road, Lianhu District

Nearby Attractions: Drum Tower, Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter, Xi’an City Wall


Area Surrounding the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda - 17% of travelers’ choice

Wonderful Choice for History Nuts and Night Owls

It is also one of the best areas to stay in Xi’an. Centering around the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, the area boasts historical cultural relics and gorgeous night piece. The Shaanxi History Museum and Tang Paradise are within walking distances if you stay at a hotel here. Besides, the transportation to other scenic areas is also very conveniently. At night, you can have fun at the music fountain in the north square of the Giant Wild Goose or watch the water screen film in the Tang Paradise. There is also a bar street for you to relax. The Great Tang All Day Mall, a new star popular on social media, is also situated nearby.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 40-60
  •  USD 50-100
  •  USD 100-180
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Ji Hotel (Xi’an Dayanta) No. 1, East Huanta Road, Yanta District
Jinjiang Inn (Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda Metro Station) No. 63, Xiying Road, Yanta District
Pol Inn Xi’an Xiaozhai Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Branch No. 168, South Cuihua Road, Yanta District

Nearby Attractions: Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Da Ci’en Temple, Tang Paradise, Great Tang All Day Mall, Shaanxi History Museum, Qujiang Pool Park


Area Neighboring the Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty - 12% of travelers’ choice

Best Location to Stay in Xi’an for Budget Travelers

As this area is a little far from the downtown, you can enjoy a quiet living environment. During daytime, you can go to the Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty with your families to enjoy the brilliant traditional Chinese architecture and gardening art. As Metro Line 2 has a station here, you can also go easily to other places by metro. The hotels are cheaper in this area, very suitable for budget travelers.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 30-50
  •  USD 40-90
  •  USD 80-160
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Sheraton Xi’an North City Hotel No. 32, Weiyang Road, Lianhu District
Novotel Xi’an SCPG Hotel No. 33, Weiyang Road, Lianhu District
Ibis Hotel (Xi’an North 2nd Ring Road Daminggong Metro Station) No. 111-1, Weiyang Road, Lianhu District



Hi-tech Zone in Western Area of Xi’an - 8% of travelers’ choice

Best Choice for Business Travelers

The hi-tech zone in the western area of Xi’an is home to many high-end hotels, especially along the Gaoxin Road and Keji Road. As a majority of companies in Xi’an are based here, it’s definitely the first choice for business travelers. Metro Line 3 passes by the area, making it readily accessible by public transportation means.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 40-80
  •  USD 60-120
  •  USD 100-200
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Shari-La Hotel, Xi’an No. 38, Keji Road, Yanta District
Grand Barony Xi’an No. 198, South Taibai Road, Yanta District
Atour Hotel (Xi’an Gaoxin Jinye Road) Block B, Baode Yungu International, 2st Jinye Road, Yanta District



Xi’an North Railway Station - 6% of travelers’ choice

This is a good option for travelers planning to come and leave by high speed train. Trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and many other tourist cities of China can be found at Xi’an North Railway Station. Besides, you can conveniently take Metro Line 2 here to other places in Xi’an. The hotels around Xi’an North Railway Station are cheaper compared with those in the downtown area.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 30-60
  •  USD 50-100
  •  USD 100-150
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Vienna Hotel No. 188, Wenjing Road, Weiyang District
Star Palace Hotel Jianyuan Road, 1 km (0.6 mi) to the southeast of Xi’an North Railway Station
Super 8 Hotel Near the South Square of Xi’an North Railway Station



Terracotta Army Area - 5% of travelers’ choice

Staying a night at the area near the Terracotta Army, you can go there early in the morning to avoid crowds. After a half-day visit, you will still have time to visit the nearby Huaqing Pool. There are many hotels in this area with the theme of hot springs. It will be an excellent experience to take a hot spring bath after one day’s travelling. However, the hotel prices might be a little bit expensive.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 50-100
  •  USD 80-150
  •  USD 120-200
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Xi’an Hua Qing Palace Hotel & Spa No. 038, Huaqing Road, Lintong District
Angsana Xi’an Lintong No. 8, East Yuechun Road, Lintong District
Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort & Spa No. 8, Shangu Avenue, Lintong District

Nearby Attractions: Terracotta Army, Mount Li, Huaqing Pool, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum



Xi’an Xianyang International Airport - 2% of travelers’ choice

If you need to catch an early flight or arrive at the airport in midnight, having a good rest in a hotel near Xi’an Xianyang International Airport must be a wise choice. Though it is more than 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the downtown area, you can conveniently take an airport shuttle bus or Airport Metro Line 13 to travel between them.
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 40-80
  •  USD 60-130
  •  USD 100-160
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Regal Airport Hotel Xi’an 80 meters (90 yards) to the west side of the T3 Terminal
Airport Business Hotel 500 meters (550 yards) to the southeast of the T2 Terminal; opposite to the T1 Terminal
Airport Express Hotel No. 6, Konggang Avenue, Xianyang City


Mount Huashan - 1% of travelers’ choice

A hotel on Mount Huashan is the best place to stay in Xi’an if you want to have a relaxed tour on the mountain. As the cableway does not operate until 7 o’clock in the morning, you have to climb the mountain at night to be ready to watch the sunrise scenery if staying in a hotel at the foot of Mount Huashan. However, if you book a hotel on the mountain, you can easily take the cable car to the peak, stay overnight in the hotel, and get up early to watch the sunrise. Though the conditions are not very satisfying and you can’t even take a shower, the hotel rooms are in great demand, especially during the peak travel seasons. Therefore, it’s advised to book a hotel in advance. Comparatively speaking, the hotels on Mount Huashan are expensive due to unbalanced supply and demand relation.  
Average Hotel Price:
  •  USD 60-80
  •  USD 80-120
  •  USD 120-180
 Top Picks:
Hotels  Hotel Rating Location
Mount Hua West Peak Hotel On the West Peak of Mount Huashan
Mount Hua East Peak Hotel On the East Peak of Mount Huashan
Huayin Five Cloud Mountain Inn On the Five Cloud Mountain along Black Dragon Ridge of Mount Huashan

- Last updated on May. 23, 2020 -
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