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The Great Wall, extensive bulwark erected in ancient China, is one of the largest building-construction projects ever carried out, running about 13,170 miles (21,196 kilometers) east to west from Shanhaiguan Pass near Bo Hai (Gulf of Bohai) to Jiayuguan Pass (in modern Gansu Province) traversing Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu. 

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Beijing (598)

The well-preserved sections of the Great Wall in Beijing are China's most famous tourist sites. These sections are mainly the remains from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), an era of tremendous construction. The mainly sections include Badaling, Simatai, Jinshanling, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Huanghuacheng and Jiankou (Arrow Nock).

Hebei (559)

Stretching out through Liaoning Province, the wall continues its way west to Hebei Province where it is well preserved. This part of the wall includes many famous spots, such as Shanhaiguan Pass, Laolongtou(the Old Dragon's Head) and Jiaoshan.

Gansu (130)

Gansu Province was once a natural defense which prevented the constant invasion of the northern tribes. Fortification constructions began in the region from the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC) and were continued through the Qin, Han and Ming dynasties. The following are galleries showing Great Wall in major cities in Gansu:

Shaanxi (40)

The walls in Shaanxi are mainly distributed in Yulin, Yan'an and Weinan Cities. The total length measures more than 1,056 miles (1,699 kilometers). Most of the walls were built in Wei, Qin, Sui, and Ming Dynasties. They are composed of city walls, terraces, barracks, beacon towers and watch posts.

Shanxi (68)

The Shanxi sections measure more than 2,175 miles, distributed in nine cities and over forty counties in Shanxi Province.

Facts (272)

The Great Wall is a monument to the history of the Chinese people, a symbol of their labor and wisdom, one of the great miracles of the world, and an eternal treasure of mankind.

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