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Qingdao to Guilin Train

Only 1 train is available from Qingdao Railway Station to Guilin North Railway Station, taking the travel time of about 35 hours to complete the total distance of 2,426 kilometers (1,507 miles).

The ticket price for a soft sleeper on this Qingdao to Guilin train is CNY 749.5 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 491.5.

Major railway stations along the way are Zibo, Jinan, Jining, Shangqiu South, Fuyang, Huangzhou, Nanchang and Yongzhou.

Qingdao to Guilin Train Tickets Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Arrival Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train K1136:
1Qingdao -17:40
2Weifang 19:2719:29
3Zibo 21:0121:04
4Jinan 22:1222:18
5Yanzhou 00:1300:44
6Jining [Shandong] 01:0701:10
7Heze 02:2102:30
8Shangqiu South 03:4003:44
9Bozhou 04:2504:30
10Fuyang 05:3905:59
11Hengchuan 07:3407:48
12Guangshan 08:0308:06
13Xinxian 08:3108:34
14Macheng 09:1409:20
15Huangzhou 10:0010:02
16Qichun 10:4310:46
17Jiujiang 11:5812:02
18Nanchang 13:3613:59
19Xiangtang 14:2014:24
20Xingan [Jiangxi] 15:3415:38
21Jian [Jiangxi] 16:3316:37
22Jinggangshan 17:4617:52
23Longshi 18:1718:21
24Yanling 18:4218:46
25Chaling South 19:2119:24
26Anren 19:5319:57
27Yongzhou 01:5202:13
28Guilin North 04:2504:39
29Liuzhou 06:2506:41
30Litang 08:2208:26
31Nanning 10:32-
Guilin North
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat

How to Get to Qingdao Railway Station

Passengers can take city bus 307/ 223 to get to Qingdao Railway Station. Or one can walk to the station directly which takes about 15 minutes.  
 One can take metro line 3 to Huiquan Square and then get out from Exit K.

Passengers can also choose to get to the railway station by taxi. The taxi ride takes about 15 minutes and costs around CNY 20.
 Take direct city bus 321 to get to the railway station. If take a taxi to get there, it may take the duration of 30 minutes with the fare of around CNY 40.

Other Transportation Option: Qingdao - Guilin Flight

From Qingdao to Guilin, 1 flight scheduled at 10:50 is in service and 1 flight at 15:20 is available from Guilin to Qingdao. The travel time is 3 hours and the air fare is from CNY 550 to CNY 1,300.

Top Things to Do in Guilin

Cruise along Li River to Yangshuo

The scenery along both sides of Li River is quite attractive, so it is wise to appreciate the natural beauty along Li River in a cruise. When you are on the cruise ship, you can see that trees and mountains in both sides shade themselves on the clear water of Li River. The shades are like their duplicates. The section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most popular for a cruise for in that way, you can appreciate the beauty of the scenery slowly. Upon arrival in Yangshuo, you can rent a bike to enjoy the countryside scenery.

Have a tour in Reed Flute Cave

In Reed Flute Cave, stalactites and stone pillars in various shapes form the spectacular scene of Tower-shaped Pine, Crystal Palace and etc. What’s more, there are lots of murals inscribed in the wall. You can not only enjoy the beautiful natural rock formations but also the precious murals made from the ancient times.

Taste local specialties

There are a lot of different foods in Guilin. You can try some local specialties like Guilin rice noodles, nun vegetarian noodles, chestnut glutinous rice dumplings, stewed duck with gingko, lotus-leaf duck, fried meat floss with sweet-scented osmanthus and sour fried dried fish.

Guilin to Qingdao Train

1 Guilin to Qingdao train is in service, taking the travel time of 35.5 hours.

See detailed Qingdao Train Schedule & Guilin Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Qingdao to:
Major Rail Lines from Guilin to:
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