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Tianjin to Hefei Trains

Now, 2 Tianjin to Hefei high speed trains are running every day. These Tianjin to Hefei Trains depart from Tianjin West Railway Station or Tianjin South Railway Station, taking 4-5 hours to Hefei South Railway Station. These trains totally run 895 kilometers (537 miles). The business seat costs CNY 1,218, the first class seat costs CNY 649.5-661.5 and the second class seat costs CNY 386-393.

1 normal speed train from Tianjin to Hefei are also serving. From Tianjin Railway Station, this train takes about 10.5 hours to Hefei Railway Station. Tianjin to Hefei train runs 971 kilometers (603 miles). The ticket fare of the soft sleeper is CNY 351, of the hard sleeper is CNY 230 and of the hard seat is CNY 124.

Tianjin to Hefei Train Tickets Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Departure Stations
Arrival Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train T241:
1Qiqihaer -07:35
2Daqing West 08:3708:42
3Anda 09:0909:12
4Zhaodong [Heilongjiang] 09:4709:51
5Harbin North 10:2110:24
6Harbin 10:3710:52
7Dehui 12:3412:36
8Changchun 13:2513:33
9Gongzhuling 14:1114:13
10Siping 14:4914:52
11Kaiyuan 15:3815:40
12Tieling 16:0216:04
13Shenyang North 16:5417:07
14Liaozhong 17:4518:12
15Panjin North 20:0020:16
16Huludao North 21:1021:20
17Qinhuangdao 23:0423:07
18Changli 23:4223:45
19Luanxian 00:1200:14
20Tangshan [Hebei] 01:0501:09
21Tianjin 02:3402:42
22Taishan 06:3806:40
23Yanzhou 07:3207:35
24Tengzhou 08:0908:11
25Xuzhou 09:2109:32
26Suzhou [Anhui] 10:1410:17
27Bengbu 11:0811:13
28Hefei 12:53-
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat
Details of the Train G161:
1Beijing South -15:15
2Tianjin South 15:4915:51
3Jinan West 16:5416:56
4Qufu East 17:2817:31
5Xuzhou East 18:0718:09
6Suzhou [Anhui] East 18:2818:33
7Bengbu South 18:5618:58
8Huainan East 19:1419:16
9Shuijiahu 19:2519:27
10Hefei South 20:0120:05
11Chaohu East 20:2620:28
12Wuwei [Anhui] 20:4120:43
13Tongling North 20:5520:57
14Tongling 21:1121:13
15Chizhou 21:3321:35
16Anqing 21:54-
Tianjin South
Hefei South
Seat TypePrice
1st Class Seat
1st Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
Business Cls. Seat
Business Cls. Seat
Details of the Train G1273:
1Shenyang South -07:12
2Shenyang 07:2307:28
3Panjin North 08:3008:31
4Jinzhou [Liaoning] South 08:5609:03
5dongdaihe 09:5609:57
6Shanhaiguan 10:0510:07
7Qinhuangdao 10:2110:28
8Luanhe 10:5310:55
9Tangshan [Hebei] 11:1311:17
10Tianjin West 11:5211:56
11Cangzhou West 12:2712:30
12Dezhou East 12:5612:59
13Jinan West 13:2313:38
14Qufu East 14:1014:12
15Xuzhou East 14:4815:05
16Yongcheng North 15:3115:33
17Dangshan [Anhui] South 15:4415:46
18Shangqiu 16:0316:05
19Kaifeng North 16:4016:42
20Zhengzhou East 17:0317:07
21Xuchang East 17:2917:31
22Luohe West 17:4717:49
23Zhumadian West 18:0718:09
24Xinyang East 18:3418:36
25Wuhan 19:20-
Tianjin West
Hefei South
Seat TypePrice
1st Class Seat
1st Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
Business Cls. Seat
Business Cls. Seat

Running Route of Tianjin to Hefei High Speed Train

Tianjin – Bengbu High Speed Railway Line: this line is a part of Beijing – Shanghai High Speed Railway Line. This line is 743 kilometers (462 miles) in total and passes by these following places: Dezhou, Jinan, Qufu, Xuzhou and Suzhou.

Bengbu - Hefei High Speed Railway Line: as a section of Beijing - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line, this part is 152 kilometers (94 miles) in length and connects Huainan and Shuijiahu.

Where to go in Hefei

1. Mount Zipeng

Mount Zipeng is about 18 kilometers (11 miles) away from Hefei City. Since the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD), it has been called “the first mountain in Luyang”. The Mount Zipeng Scenic Area has a forest area of about 3,500 hectares, more than 470 species of various plants, more than 120 species of inhabited birds, and more than 100,000 herons. Mount Zipeng is characterized by fantastic rocks, strange trees, clear water and rare birds. Now, it is a representative ecological area in Hefei for leisure and tourism.
 There is a valley under the mountain on the south bank of Chaohu Lake. When it rains, the peony flowers are in full bloom. At the flowering season, the tourists are countless here.

Hefei to Tianjin Trains

8 Hefei to Tianjin high speed trains are in service. From Hefei South Railway Station to Tianjin South Railway Station, the trains take 4-4.5 hours to the destination and run 878 kilometers (546 miles). 2 normal speed trains from Hefei to Tianjin are available, take 10 -10.5h from Hefei Railway Station to Tianjin or Tianjin West Railway Station.

See detailed Tianjin Train Schedule & Hefei Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Tianjin to:

Major Rail Lines from Hefei to:
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