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Beijing Won the Bid to Host 2022 Winter Olympics

Published: Aug. 01, 2015

Beijing has won the bid to host 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games during the 128 session of International Olympic Committee held on July 31st, 2015. It is by now the only city to hold both the the Summer and Winter Olympics. According to the plan, the 2022 Winter Games will be held in twelve sites located in downtown Beijing, its suburban district Yanqing, and a nearby city Zhangjiakou.
Because Beijing is located in northern China, tourists intend to visit Beijing in warm days. However, the city is endowed with many places of interest that are worth visiting in winter days.

Where to go in Beijing in winter?

  Bird's Nest: Officially named as ‘National Stadium’, it was the main stadium of 2008 Summer Olympics and will be the site to hold opening and closing ceremonies of 2022 Winter Olympics. In winter times when there is no competition, the Bird’s Nest is turned into a world of snow and ice, where one can ski, skate and play.

 Ski Resorts: There are many ski resorts in Beijing area, including Huaibei International Ski Resort, Jundushan Ski, and Nanshan Ski Village. They are equipped with either indoor or outdoor ski slops for both beginners and experienced sliders.

 Ice Waterfalls: In winter, the waterfalls are frozen and turn crystal. These amazing art works of nature attract not only tourists, but also ice climbers. If interested, you can put on a pair of crampons to challenge your courage. The well known sites for ice waterfalls include Double Dragon Valley, Black Dragon Pool, and Yunmeng Mountain.

 Hot Springs: It is very comfortable and enjoyable to soak in hot springs in cold days. Near the Little Tangshan Mountain to the north of downtown Beijing, there are some natural hot springs. It’s said that the hot springs can even heal skin diseases and rheumatism.

 Shichahai: When the water is frozen solid, the lake becomes a natural skating rink, where even the aged seniors and little kids can have fun.

 Hot Pot Restaurants: Hot pot is one of the best delicacies in cold days. Just imagine a group of friends or families sitting around a hotpot, eating, talking and laughing. How great and warm!

When it snows, there are also some places to appreciate white and beautiful snow scenery, like Great Wall and Forbidden City. If time permits, a side trip to other cities is also of great fun. One of the most popular winter destinations is Harbin, where the Ice and Snow Festival is held every winter from January 5th to end of February, and when lots of snow and ice related activities are held.

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