10 Popular Ski Resorts in Beijing

In cold winter days, it is perhaps a little boring if we just stay at home. Then why not go out and participate in some thrilling sports? Skiing is a wonderful choice. Imagine that you are on a snowboard rocketing down a slope - very exciting! Come on, let us have fun in the world of snow and ice. There are many ski resorts in Beijing to choose from. Most of them are located in suburban districts and some offer bus services from downtown. Normally, the resorts run from November or December to March.

Top 10 Ski Resorts in Beijng

 Huaibei Ski Resort  Qiaobo Ice & Snow World
 Jundushan Ski Resort  Yuyang Ski Resort
 Nanshan Ski Resort  Shijinglong Ski Resort
 Badaling Ski Resort Snow World Ski Resort
 Yunfoshan Ski Resort  Lianhuashan Ski Resort

Huaibei Ski Resort

Located at 548, Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District, near the site of the 2014 APEC Summit, Huaibei International Ski Resort is surrounded by the Great Wall on three sides. It is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from downtown. Covering an area of 9.6 square kilometers (3.7 square miles) of snowfield, the resort can accommodate as many as 5,000 people. The overall piste length is about 5,100 meters (5,600 yards), with a drop of 238 meters (781 feet). There is one track for experts, three tracks for medium-level skiers and four tracks for beginners. In addition to skiing, tourists can have fun in the snow theme park within this resort.

How to get to Huaibei International Ski Resort

Take bus line 916 Express at Dongzhimen Hub station and transfer to Bus H58 at Mingzhu Square. After that, get off at Jiugukou station. Walk northwest for about 15 minutes, you will get there.
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Jundushan Ski Resort

Lying in. 588, Zhenshun Village, Cuicun Town, Changping District and only 35 kilometers (22 miles) from downtown, this resort is the closest to the suburban area. It is adjacent to Xiaotangshan Hot Spring in the east and faces the famous Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty in the west. The ski resort can entertain about 6,000 visitors per day with its adequate facilities, including cable cars, towing devices, and 4,000 ski devices of different types. Equipped with a professional lighting system of high power, the whole site is shrouded with warm light during night, providing skiers with a romantic experience. After skiing, you can enjoy a hot-spring bath to relax yourself further.
Opening Hours Daytime: 8:00 to 18:00
Night: 17:00 to 22:00
Admission Fee CNY 20 CNY 20 CNY 30
Ski Fee Time Weekdays Weekends New Year and Spring Festival Holidays
2 Hours CNY 140 CNY 200 CNY 240
3 Hours CNY 160 CNY 220 CNY 280
4 Hours CNY 180 CNY 260 CNY 320
5 Hours CNY 200 CNY 300 CNY 360
6 Hours CNY 220 CNY 340 CNY 380
7 Hours CNY 240 CNY 380 CNY 420
8 Hours CNY 260 CNY 420 CNY 460
Night CNY 140
Ski Fee (Taking Private Equipment) 4 Hours CNY 140 CNY 200 CNY 200
Full Day CNY 160 CNY 240 CNY 240
Admission fee is included.
1. The ski fee includes the fees for renting a set of skiing equipment and using the cable car, towing device, and snow tracks.
2. The minimum duration is two hours. If you ski for less than two hours, you will be charged the fee for 2-hour skiing.
3. The duration is calculated by hour. If the duration overruns by less than 15 minutes, you will be charged CNY 1 for each minute. If the duration overruns by more than 15 minutes, you will be charged the fee for an hour.
4. A deposit of CNY 100 is charged for renting ski equipment.

Other Relevant Fees
Ski Suit Rental CNY 30 / suit
Helmet Rental CNY 30
Snow Ring Rental CNY 100 / hour / ring
Maintenance Fee of Private Equipment CNY 100 to 200 / set
Locker Rental CNY 30
VIP Room CNY 300 / hour

How to get to Jundushan Ski Resort

1. Take bus line 345 Fast, or 886 at Deshengmen West Station, and get off at Changping Dongguan Station, where you can take Bus Chang 21 to Cuicun Research Center Station. And then follow the signs, walk for about 1,200 meters (3,930 feet) to the ski resort.
2. Take Bus 885/889 from Deshengmen West Station to Beishaowa, and then take the Bus Chang 21 to Cuicun Research Center Station.
3. Take Subway Line 13 and transfer to Subway Changping Line at Xierqi station. After that, get off at Beishaowa. Walk to the nearby Beishaowa bus stop and then follow the above route.
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Nanshan Ski Resort

This resort is located in Shengshuitou Village, Henanzhai Town, Miyun District, approximately 75 kilometers (47 miles) from the downtown area. With more than 6,500 sets of skiing equipment, you will find yourself in a winter wonderland. The newly introduced hi-tech artificial snow making system and cableways ensure improved safety of visitors, making their trip more comfortable. Devoting itself to fulfilling customers’ needs, Nanshan has over 150 certified professional coaches. The entertainment facility “Dry Land Sledges” from Germany, with a total course of 1,318 meters (4,324 feet), crosses through nine overpasses and a 328-feet (100-meter) tunnel, winning popularity from visitors.

How to get to Nanshan Ski Village

1. Take the shuttle bus running between Sanyuanqiao / Wudaokou/ Shaoyaoju and the resort. The bus line operates from early December to the end of February, with a round-trip fare of CNY 55. It departs from Shaoyaoju at 7:45 and Sanyuanqiao / Wudaokou at 8:00. Visitors need to book tickets one day in advance by calling 010-89091909.

Shijinglong Ski Resort
Having Fun at Shijinglong Ski Resort
2. Take Dongzhimen - Miyun Special Line 985 at Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station and get off at Taiyang Jiayuan station. Then take a taxi (about CNY 30) to arrive at Nanshan.

Shijinglong Ski Resort

Established in 1999, the resort is in Yanqing County, a national ecological demonstration zone. 80 kilometers (50 miles) from downtown, it is the first snow resort to adopt artificial snow making technologies all around the country. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and huge area of snowfield, the resort can hold 5,000 visitors. At present, there are altogether six trails, embracing one for proficient skiers, two for intermediate players, and three for beginners. Amateurs of all levels can all have fun in this outdoor sport. In addition, with two ropeways and approximately 4,000 sets of skiing equipment, visitors do not need to queue.
Opening Hours Daytime: 9:00 to 17:00
Night: 17:00 to 22:00 (not open on Mondays)
Ski Fee 4 Hours Weekdays: CNY 220; Weekends: CNY 280
Full Day Weekdays: CNY 260; Weekends: CNY 380
Night Ticket CNY 120

1. A deposit of CNY 300 is charged for renting ski equipment.
2. Insurance fees are not included in the admission fee or the ski fee. Visitors need to buy insurance at their own discretion.

Other Relevant Fees
Ski Suit Rental CNY 30 / suit
Locker Rental CNY 10
Snow Goggles CNY 25

How to get to Shijinglong Ski Resort

1. Take 919 Express at Deshengmen Bus Station and get off at Jingzhang Lukou Bei station. Then take Bus Y45 to Longju Shanzhuang. After that, walk to the east for about 500 meters (1,640 feet).
2. Take Subway line 5, get off at Huixin West Street South Exit station, and go out from Exit C. Take the direct bus line to the resort, which departs at 7:30 and returns at 16:00. The direct bus line only works on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Visitors need to book in advance.
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Yuyang Ski Resort

At No. 688, Dawangwu Village, Donggaocun Town, Pinggu District, this resort is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from downtown. Since its opening on December 28, 2005, the resort has attracted many visitors. To encourage more families to taste the pleasure of skiing, Yuyang has developed many programs themed on family interaction, such as talent shows, snowfield dodgem cars and motorcycles, etc. Providing 7,000 sets of equipment, 6,000 skiing suits, and more than 60 suits for kids, Yuyang is also reputed for its friendly and considerate services.
Opening Hours 8:30 to 17:00
Available Hours of Cableway 8:30 to 16:30
Admission Fee CNY 30, free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)
Ski Fee Time Weekdays Weekends Holidays
4 Hours CNY 198 CNY 328 CNY 348
Full Day CNY 278 CNY 428 CNY 448
1. Visitors taking private equipment can enjoy a 60% discount if they buy full-day tickets.
2. The ski fee includes the fees for renting a set of skiing equipment and using the cable car, towing device, and snow tracks.
3. The minimum duration is two hours. If you ski for less than two hours, you will be charged the fee for 2-hour skiing as well.
4. The duration is calculated by hour. If the duration overrun by less than 15 minutes, the overtime skiing is free. If the duration overrun by more than 15 minutes, you will be charged the fee for an hour (CNY 30 per hour on weekdays, CNY 45 per hour at weekends and holidays).

Other Relevant Fees
Ski Suit Rental CNY 40 / suit in the equipment store on the first floor, CNY 30 / jacket or pants
Helmet CNY 30
Goggles CNY 30
Locker Rental CNY 25 for small lockers
CNY 40 for big lockers
CNY30 for code-scanning lockers
CNY 60 for big electric lockers

How to get to Yuyang Ski Resort

1. Take the direct bus to the resort at Yinzuo Building near Dongzhimen. The bus departs at 7:30 and returns at 16:30.
2. Take bus line 852  at Dongzhimen and get off at Pinggu Century Plaza station. Then take a taxi to arrive at Yuyang. Or you can take Ping 48 at the plaza directly to the resort; the bus leaves at 07:20, 09:30, 13:20, and 16:00.
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Qiaobo Ice & Snow World

Sitting in Mapo Chaobaihe National Forest Park, Shunyi District, Qiaobo Ice & Snow World is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from downtown and 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Capital International Airport. As a sport theme park combining entertainment, conferences, trainings, and sports, Qiaobo Ice & Snow World provides an indoor place for visitors to ski at any time of the year. Covering an architectural area of nearly 40,000 square meters (430,660 square feet), the site can receive 3,000 visitors on an average day. The advanced device “Magic Carpet” lets beginners feel the charm of skiing under safe conditions. There is also a snow park dedicated for children, creating a snow castle full of dreams for them.
Opening Hours Price
Daytime Weekdays: 10:00 to 17:00 CNY 240
Weekends & Holidays: 9:00 to 17:00 CNY 360
Night 17:00 to 21:00 CNY 180
1. The maximum duration is four hours. If the duration overrun by less than 15 minutes, the overtime skiing is free. If the duration overrun by more than 15 minutes, you will be charged CNY 60 per hour on weekdays, CNY 90 per hour for weekends and holidays.
2. The rental of ski equipment is included in the ski fee. The rentals of other devices, including helmet, ski suit, pants, gloves, goggles, hat, hip pads, knee pads, bracers, and locker, are charged CNY 20 for each.

How to get to Qiaobo Ice & Snow World

1. Take bus 915 Express/ 915 from Dongzhimen Outside Station to Shengli Community station. Then take Shun 14 to Qiaobo Ice & Snow World station.
2. Take bus 850 from Dongzhimen and transfer to Shun 14/ Shun 21/ Shun 27/ Shun 34 at Shuangxing Community station. Get off at Qiaobo Ice & Snow World station.
3. Take Subway line 15 and get off at Shimen station. Then take bus Shun 27 to Qiaobo Ice & Snow World station.
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Questions & Answers on 10 Popular Ski Resorts in Beijing
Asked by Aisha from MALAYSIA | Oct. 22, 2019 01:31Reply
Is there a direct way to jundushan ski resort from the beijing international airport?
My first time travelling to the city and kids want to experience snow.
Answers (1)
Answered by Cameron from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 24, 2019 20:44

Sorry, there is no direct way to the ski resort. The taxi costs around CNY150. If you take public bus, you need to take shuttle bus line of Changping to Changping Central park station, then transfer to bus No.21 to Radiator Base station, and take taxi to ski resort.
Asked by Fanny octavia from SINGAPORE | Oct. 08, 2019 02:12Reply
Ski resort in beijing, 21-26 nov 2019
Hi, i need suggestion ski resort to go with kids?
We are not going to skiing, just like to play the snow

Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Asher from CANADA | Oct. 12, 2019 00:22

According to your arrival time, you are suggested to go to some indoor ski resorts.
Xuemengdu Ski Resort: No.69, Fuxing Road.
Xueleshan Ski Resort: No. 1, Yuanda Road, Haidian District.
The above two are recommended.
Asked by Je from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 29, 2018 23:35Reply
Is there a public transport from Mutianyu Great Wall to Huaibei Ski Resort??
Any public transport between these areas bcoz were planning to do the GW & Ski on the same day. Mutianyu early in the morning then Huaibei ski in the afternoon.
Answers (1)
Answered by Neil from USA | Dec. 03, 2018 11:48

I think visiting two places in a day may be very tight. You are advised to take a taxi or hire a car, which is more quicker and convenient.
Asked by enya from SINGAPORE | Oct. 28, 2018 17:58Reply
I am visiting Beijing in early December, not skiing but rather for my kids.
Something with chairlift and simple snow boarding or snow sled. What do you recommend? We do not need to stay overnight
Answers (1)
Answered by Wainwright from SINGAPORE | Oct. 30, 2018 18:53

Cuiyun Mountain Yinhe Ski Resort is recommended to you and there are many special facilities and ski runs for kids. You can have a try there. By the way, you are advised to book a tour to the resort, including the entrance ticket and help you solve the transportation problem.
Asked by Norazlinda Aziz Zuddin from MALAYSIA | Jan. 12, 2018 18:53Reply
can you recommend me the best ski resort in Beijing for me and my two kids this coming 19th jan.
Since this is my kids first time experience with snow...i would live to see them to have a memorable and fun with snow.

Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Donna from CANADA | Jan. 15, 2018 00:12

Jundushan Ski Resort is recommended. By the way, you can take bus 889 from west Deshengmen and switch to bus Chang21 at Xiaobeishao, get off at Yanfa Zhongxin, you will see it. Have a nice trip!
Answered by Norazlinda Aziz Zuddin from MALAYSIA | Jan. 15, 2018 06:42

Thank you !
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