Xiaotangshan Hot Spring

Xiaotangshan Hot Spring, sitting in the Xiaotangshan Town to the north of Beijing, is famous for the best hot spring in China. The water temperature of hot spring varies from 40 degrees centigrade (104 ℉) to 60 degrees centigrade (140 ℉). There are different kinds of microelements and little radioactive gas in Xiaotangshan Hot Spring with great medical effects. It is a good choice for you to enjoy hot spring spa in the cold and dry winter of Beijing. You can choose Longmai Hot Spring Village or Jiuhua Spa and Resort which are both famous hot spring villages in Xiaotangshan Town.

Longmai Hot Spring Village

Beijing Longmai Hot Spring Village is a large holiday village in Asia, covering 186,000 square meters (223,000 square yards). It closes to many attractions like the Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Snow World Ski Resort. You can have a visit after enjoying hot spring spa.

You can find over 30 outdoor hot springs with different medical effects, hidden in the forest and bamboo grove, like herbal hot springs, salt-bath hot springs and tea-bath hot springs. When staying in the hot spring on the top, you can have a bird’s eye view of the holiday village, relaxed and free.

Longmai Hot Spring Swimming Pool is the largest indoor pool of Asia, providing many exciting aquatic entertainment activities, like diving, wading, drift and waterslide. Besides, you can enjoy saunas and hot spring spas here. There are some entertainment facilities like billiards, table tennis and karaoke waiting for you to choose. When having a rest, you can enjoy varieties of delicious food and drink.

The guest rooms are constructed in Chinese classical style of Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) dynasties with splendid decorations and complete facilities. 48 characteristic pavilions, platforms and halls are linked to each other by the corridors decorated with Qing style wall paintings and palace lanterns. There is a rose garden in the center. In the guest rooms, you can have private spaces to enjoy all kinds of hot spring spas.

To the north of the holiday village, the Sunshine Horse Club has a 400 meters (430 yards) long runway and professional guide for horse riding. In addition, you can enjoy delicious food like Sichuan, Shandong and Cantonese dishes in seven Chinese restaurants.

Admission Fee

Through ticket: CNY 168, includes one entry to Indoor Hot Spring Swimming Pool, Outdoor Hot Spring and Karst Cave Hot Spring, and one meal.

How to Get There

1. Take subway Changping Line, and get off at Nanshao Station. Then, take bus Chang 51 or Chang 59 and get off at Xiaotangshan Town Government Station. Go westwards for 100 meters (110 yards) to Longmai Hot Spring Village.
2. Take subway line 5, and get off at Tiantongyuan Bei Station. Then, take bus no.643 or no.905 and get off at Xiaotangshan Town Government Station.

Jiuhua Spa and Resort

Jiuhua Spa and Resort is a holiday village of Xiaotangshan Hot Spring in Chinese classical garden style, occupying over 1,333,000 square meters (1,594,000 square yards). Hot spring flows through each guest room, originating from the southwest of the Outdoor Hot Spring district. The village contains all kinds of interesting spots like Hot Spring Theme Park and Hot Spring swimming pools. Besides, you can enjoy all kinds of saunas and exercise in different sports halls.

Hot Spring Theme Park includes outdoor and indoor zones. Outdoor zone has a central hot spring swimming pool and some other special hot spring. You can enjoy red wine bath, rose flower bath, mint bath or vinegar bath to the west and six herbal hot springs to the east. To some degree, herbal hot spring can prevent or release some diseases. Xiandongchi in the south of outdoor zone is a semi-outdoor hot spring, modeled on the karst caves. You can get massage through the impact force of the hot spring.

Then, you can go to indoor zone in the first floor of Lekang Palace. Apart from enjoying the indoor hot springs, you can visit some interesting sites like Mermaid Birth Park, Thundering Big Waterfall and Mermaid Slimming Spring. There is mud moxibustion combined with different natural herbs to relieve pain of some illnesses like rheumatism and muscle soreness. Turkish fish pedicure can relax and cleanse your body. Children’ aquatic playground and castles in the first floor, provides children with hobbyhorses, swings, spinning slides, waterslides and mushroom waterfalls.

Besides, you can enjoy different kinds of saunas in the outdoor zone and the Lekang Palace. Up to the fourth floor, you can get relaxed through massage. There are also some sports facilities like bowling, table tennis and billiards. You can play chess games or exercise in the shaping room.

Admission Fee

1. Through ticket: CNY 300, includes hot spring, herbal bath, swimming and saunas.
2. CNY 188, includes the entrance ticket and scrubbing.
3. CNY 198, includes the entrance ticket and foot massage.
4. CNY 190, includes the entrance ticket and mud moxibustion.
5. CNY 58 for Turkish fish.
6. CNY 88 for mud moxibustion.

How to Get There

1. Take bus no.984, and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.
2. Take subway Changping line, and get off at Nanshao Station. Then, take bus Chang 51 and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.

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