Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Resort is the most popular ski resort in Beijing. It is in Miyun District, about 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from city center. It is also currently the largest, most advanced and most complete ski resort in North China, covering an area of more than 4,000 acres. Nanshan Ski Resort is committed to creating safe and professional skiing grounds for skiers. It provides elementary trails, intermediate trails, advanced trails, teaching trails and entertainment ski trails, totally 25 trails. In addition, the ski equipment hall contains all kinds of ski equipment. Coaches, restaurants and hotels are also equipped to better serve ski lovers.

Skiing and Snowboarding Skiing Teaching Area

Nanshan Ski Resort is the only ski resort in China that has a primary teaching area for both snowboarding and skiing. The skiing teaching area is divided into two wide and flat areas on the east side of the ski resort and is equipped with a conveyer belt for skiing and two drag lifts. The average slope is 8 degrees. Beginners can easily ski and learn skiing skills quickly. 2 Snowboarding skiing teaching areas are equipped with drag lifts and conveyer belt, and the average slope is also 8 degrees.

Elementary Ski Trails

There are 3 primary ski trails in Nanshan Ski Resort, namely: primary straight trail, primary small S trail and primary large S trail. The primary straight is equipped with two drag lifts, and on the primary small S trail the four-person ski lifts or two-person ski lifts can take customers to the top. The complex and interesting terrain has made many beginners fall in love with skiing.

Intermediate Ski Trail and Intermediate Mogul Ski Trail

Nanshan Ski Resort has 3 intermediate trails with a slope of 17 - 18 degrees. All the ski trails are equipped with four-person or two-person ski lifts. The intermediate mogul ski trails are made up of many irregular small moguls. Each is 160 meters in length and 18 degrees in slope and is equipped with an exclusive drag lift.

Advanced Black Devil Ski Trail

Advanced Black Devil Ski Trail is the most different trail. The slope reaches 32 degrees and it is also covered with moguls.

Coach Services

There are approximately 180 coaches, who are retired athletes focusing on alpine skiing and professional coaches from Institutes of Physical Education. The price of snowboard and ski instructor service is about 180 ~ 290 CNY / per person.

Where to Rent Ski Equipment - Three Ski Equipment Halls

You can rent skin suits in three ski equipment halls:
1. The Snowboarding and Freestyle Mogul Skiing Equipment Renting Hall is located in the Xialai Square, providing Mogul Ski boards, snowboards, snow suits, ski glasses, helmets, and gloves.
2. Nanshan Skiing Service Center Ski Equipment Renting Hall is on the main channel of the resort, providing ski boards, kinder ski boards, snow suits, ski glasses, helmet, and gloves.
3. VIP Ski Equipment Renting Hall owns snowboards, ski boards, kinder ski boards, snow suits, ski glasses and gloves.

Rental Fee of Ski Equipment

Snow Wear CNY 40 / per suit
Only ski top or pants: CNY 25
Toboggan CNY 80 / per run including uphill lift
Canada Snow Sledding CNY 20 / per run
CNY 100 for half an hour
CNY 160 for an hour
Children Sledding CNY 90 for 2 hours
Self-carried Sledding: CNY 100
Locker CNY 10 / each
Ski glasses, Helmets and Gloves Goggles: CNY 25 / per pair
Helmet: CNY 20 / each
Gloves: CNY 5 / per pair


Ski Cost at Nanshan Ski Resort 2024 (CNY)

Time Weekdays
Weekdays Morning skiing 160
4-hour daytime skiing 190
One-day daytime skiing 210
One-day daytime skiing
(ski gear included)
Afternoon and nightime skiing 215
Weekends Morning skiing 270
4-hour daytime skiing 305
One-day daytime skiing 350
One-day daytime skiing
(ski gear included)
Afternoon and nighttime skiing on Saturdays 320
Afternoon and nighttime skiingon Sundays 310
Holidays 4-hour daytime skiing 330
One-day daytime skiing 380
One-day daytime skiing
(ski gear included)
Afternoon and Nighttime skiing 340
Nightime Weekdays & Sundays 145
Saturday & holidays 165

The ski gear includes a snow suit, a helmet, a pair of snow goggles and  a pair of gloves.

Opening Hours

It is open in snow season from the late of Nov. or the beginning of Dec. to the middle of Mar. 

Daytime: 09:00 - 17:00
Nightime: 18:30 - 22:00

1. On Feb. 9 and 10, the resort is open during daytime due to the China Spring Festival.
2. The morning time skiing ticket is only available before 13:00, and the afternoon + nightime skiing tickets is effective after 14:30.

Where to Dine

Alps Coffee Corner: freshly ground coffee, hot drinks, Western pastries and light meals

Tailusi Diet Bar: Self-service western food

Nanshan Dining Hall: Chinese fast food, convenient and affordable menus and table meals

Northeastern Restaurant: Northeastern food like Braised Fish with Soybean Paste, Stewed Fish in Iron Pan
Price: CNY 800 for the set meal for 10 people, CNY 1200 for the set meal for 10-12 people, CNY 1500 for the set meal for 10-12 people.

Outdoor Snacks Plaza: various snacks like Korean barbecue, Japanese Oden, Xinjiang mutton skewers, Yunnan rice noodles, etc.

Lavender Tearoom: coffee, various Chinese teas, hot drinks, cold drinks and desserts.

Where to Live

Xuedun Wooden House: Equipped with a living room and fireplace, the house offers a comfortable home for a family’s skiing holiday.
2 Norway Villas: Each villa is equipped with 6 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen, providing a comfortable home for a ski holiday.

How to Get to Nanshan Ski Resort from Beijing

From Beijing to Nanshan Ski Resort, passengers can take direct shuttle bus at Shaoyaoju station from 8:15 am, Sanyuanqiao and Wudaokou stations from 8:30 am. The whole journey takes about 45-60 minutes. It costs CNY 30 for a single journey and CNY 58 for a round trip.

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Questions & Answers on Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort
Asked by Evita Sukmawati from INDONESIA | May. 13, 2024 06:25Reply I can book the suttle bus to go to Nanshan Ski?
Answers (1)
Answered by Marcy | May. 13, 2024 20:46

The shuttle bus from Miyun Railway Station to the resort is free. As from the shuttle bus from Beijing city center, you can book it through their WeChat official account 南山滑雪滑水度假村.
Asked by Wendy from SG | Apr. 23, 2024 22:13Reply
How to book Xuedun Wooden House stay for 2 Nights?
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith | Apr. 24, 2024 19:48

You can book on the official website of the resort:
Asked by jiayan from SINGAPORE | Dec. 04, 2023 06:23Reply
tickets booking
how do i pre-book my ski tickets?
Answers (2)
Answered by Daisy | Dec. 05, 2023 23:48

You can book tickets on its official WeChat Account.
Answered by Jiayan Teo | Dec. 06, 2023 21:59

However, I can’t open up the page at WeChat. Is there a person I can chat via WeChat?

Thank you
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