Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake, located at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains, Huairou District, northeast suburb of Beijing, is about 37 miles (60 kilometers) from the city center. Open to the public since 1987, this lake features wonderful natural waterscape and colorful aquatic amusement facilities. It is gaining popularity among the locals and tourists and even achieved the national 4A level scenic spot in 2001.

Yanqi Lake is split into the east and west lakes. With the water surface area of 275,000 square yards (230 hectares), it has more than 12 miles (20 kilometers) of shoreline.

Embraced by rolling mountains from three sides - Jundu Mountain in the north, Hongluo Mountain in the west, and Jindeng Mountain to the east, the Yanqi Lake is just like an emerald inlaid in the verdant valley. The Hefangkou Great Wall winds up and down on the northern ridges. Its advantageous location and the perennial vegetation coverage of up to 90% endow the whole scenic area with mild and moist climate, as well as pleasant scenery. The limpid and blue lake with lush aquatic plants creates a favorable eco-environment, attracting flocks of birds like wild geese, swans and cranes in spring and autumn; thus giving rise to its name Yanqi (literally meaning the wild geese’ habitat).

The waterfront scenic area is to the northwest of the entrance of Yanqi Lake. It leads to the water surface. Hundreds of willows and poplar trees decorate the lakeside, providing a good shade to stroll around it. There’s also the Lakeview Pavilion where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the lake and at the same time, enjoy the peace and quietness as the sun sets.

For visitors who prefer mountain climbing, there is a mountain sightseeing area to the southwest of the waterfront scenic spot. In spring and summer, dense vegetation turns this area into a paradise. In autumn, the color of vegetation turns into flaming red. Visitors can see that the Hefangkou Great Wall appears indistinctly in the surrounded mountains. Green ripples, abundant flowers and fertile grasslands provide a favorable place for sketching. Moreover, plants and insects create advantageous conditions for collecting specimens.

There are two main entertainment areas to keep visitors busy and enjoy themselves. One is located to the west of the entrance that provides water-theme activities, such as speedboats, dragon boats, etc. The other area is located to the northwest of the entrance that provides some kind of adventurous and exciting amusements, such as water skiing, flume ride, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Other supporting facilities can be found at the west part of the lake. There is the international conference center on the western bank and it is the venue for the APEC 2014 meeting. The restaurants of Yanqi Lake provide various Chinese cuisines, hot pot and barbecue. 

 Opening Time: 08:00-18:30

 Admission Fee: CNY 34/ Person   (The following entertainment activities are not included.)

Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare
Sightseeing By Boat 60 CNY/Person Speedboat 50 CNY/Person Kangaroo Jump 30
Sliding Down the Lake 45 CNY/Person Sports Car Entertainment 30  CNY/Two Laps Pirate Ship 35
Forge ahead against  swift current 40 CNY/Person Flying Boat 35 CNY/Person Self-Drive
Speed Boat
Entertainment Mermaid 25  CNY/Person Bumper Car 25  CNY/Person Paddle/Battery Boats Price start at 80 or 100 CNY/Hour

There are also two kinds of combo tickets.
Type 1: 
CNY 118 including the admission fee and five items chosen from the following eight: 
Forge ahead against swift current, sightseeing boat, entertainment mermaid, speedboat, pirate ship, bumper car, sliding down the lake, and sports car entertainment.
Type 2:
CNY 98 including the admission fee and three items chosen from the following six:
Forge ahead against a swift current, sightseeing boat, speedboat, pirate ship, bumper car, and sliding down the lake.

1. Take public buses 936 or 936 (Qinglong George Route) at Outside Dongzhimen Station and get off at Yanqi Lake Station.
2. Take public bus 916 or 916 (express) at Dongzhimen junction and get off at Yangjiayuan Station. Walk to Yujiayuan Station. Then take public bus H11 and get off at Yanqi Lake Station.
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