Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong Gorge (Green Dragon Gorge) stretches three miles (five kilometers) in Huaibei Town, Huairou District, 47 miles (75 kilometers) northeast of Beijing. According to a local legend, Qinglong Gorge got its name from the Qinglong (Green Dragon) Pool where there was a docile and lovely green dragon in ancient time. Since the establishment of Dashuiyu Reservoir there in 1972, the gorge has become a more and more popular destination. With pleasant temperate climate, delightful cool in summer, breathtaking natural scenery, well-equipped entertainment facilities, and especially the Great Wall relics on the surrounding mountains, Qinglong Gorge is now a stunning site for people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The whole scenic area is divided into four parts by the huge dam in the center. To the south is the shoal area; to the north is the large Longxia Lake; to the west is Mt. Qinglong with a cableway; to the east is the amusement playground.

After entering Qinglong Gorge, visitors can walk or take the sightseeing car to the southern shoal waters. With the depth of the water averaging 3.3 feet (one meter), it is the best summer resort for rowing a boat or drifting on a bamboo raft. Other aquatic entertainments like bumper boats are also available.

When you arrive at the dam, you will see a smooth stone wall in the east. It is the spillway. Every July and August, the water rises with abundant summer rainfall, and forms a spectacular waterfall with a width of 40 feet (12 meters) and a height of 165 feet (50 meters). The overflowing water roars down like a white rolling dragon dancing in the mist.

The big reservoir to the north of the dam is Longxia Lake, the major water touring area. Covering 172 acres (70 hectares) and with a depth of 165 feet (50 meters), the lake features picturesque scenery. Touring on a ship or a speed boat in a pleasant breeze, there are plenty of wonderful sites along your route, including the Fairyland in Mist, Golden Toad Watching the Moon, Stone with Six Aspects, and Immortal on the Turtle. At the end of the lake, there will be an outdoor swimming pool opening in summer, with an artificial beach.

Mt. Qinglong in the west is a must site for climbers. Standing on a higher point, you will find the mountain range is just like a winding green dragon. The Dashuiyu Pass of the Great Wall extends along the ridges. This section of the Great Wall was built from 1403 to 1424 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Connecting with Simatai Great Wall and Jiangjunguan Pass in the east, and Juyongguan Pass and Badaling Great Wall in the west, Dashuiyu Pass was a fortress with strategic position in ancient time. Now many watchtowers are well preserved among the relics. Two sides of the wall show distinct sights - the beautiful landscape of rivers and plains in the south and grand mountains in the north are all in full view.

In the mountains, there is a verdant Green Dragon Valley with the Flying Dragon Waterfall. Silver-white water spills down from a height of over 33 feet (10 meters). This spectacular scene together with powerful sound of the running water makes such a striking natural wonder. What’s more, there are many crystal springs and ponds nearby. Visitors can refresh themselves and go very close to touch the water.

The highest peak of Mt. Qinglong is Yuhuang Peak. Climb up the Great Wall, and pass a great number of interesting sites like the Couple Pines, Mother-and Baby Pine, Qianlong Cave, and Thread of Sky, you will reach the top of the mountain. Standing on Yuhuang Peak with an elevation of 1,740 feet (530 meters), visitors can get a bird’s eye view of the vast Miyun Reservoir, Mutianyu Great Wall, and even a vague outline of Beijing City. There is a cableway from the foot of Mt. Qinglong to Yuhuang Peak, which takes just twenty minutes for a round trip.

The rich amusement facilities in the east playground offer visitors a lot of fun. Some exciting and challenging activities, such as bungee jumping with a height of 230 feet (70 meters) above the water, the 82-foot (25-meter) rock climbing wall, and the prompt drop with a fall of 92 feet (28 meters) are good choices.

After a full day of sightseeing, you can have meals in restaurants near the recreational shoal area to the south of the dam. If you are not rushing to leave, the 7D cinema is also a good relaxation. 

 Admission Fee: CNY 54
Painted Pleasure Boat / Large Pleasure Boat: CNY 50 per person (The boat can take 49 to 60 people to tour around the lake in 20 minutes)
Speed Boat: CNY 60 per person (It can take 7 to 12 people to tour around the lake in 6 minutes)
Bamboo Raft: CNY 30 per person / 30 minutes
Bumper Boat: CNY 30 - 30 per person / 10 minutes
Bungee Jumping: CNY 300
Prompt Drop: CNY 80
Rock Climbing: CNY 50
Cable Car: CNY 50 for a single trip and CNY 80 for a round trip.
* Combo Ticket: CNY 95 (Admission Fee + Pleasure Boat); CNY 105 (Admission Fee + Speed Boat)

 Opening Hours:
Peak Season (April - November): 7:30-17:00
Low Season (December - March): 8:00-16:00

Take bus 936 at Dongzhimen Outside Station. The bus can reach the scenic area directly during the peak season, but it ends at Qinglong Gorge Intersection during the low season. Tourists can hire a taxi to reach the scenic area which is one mile (three kilometers) away.
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