Chengdu - Lanzhou Train: Overnight Sleepers' Tickets & Schedule
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Chengdu - Lanzhou Train

There are 7 or so pairs of overnight sleeper trains running between Chengdu Railway Station and Lanzhou Railway Station. Generally, it takes about 11 to 22 hours for a single trip, which has a large difference because of different running routes and speeds. The fare of a hard sleeper ticket costs CNY 208 or CNY 272.5.

No bullet trains are operated between Chengdu and Lanzhou at present; however, transfer in Xian makes high speed train ride between the two cities possible. The direct high speed trains can be expected in 2018.

Chengdu to Lanzhou Train Timetable

 (Last update on July 30, 2018)
Chengdu Schedule
Nos. Departure Time  Arrival Time   Duration
K 856, K986, K452… 7 departures    14:50 - 21:47  03:47+1 - 09:26+1 11h31m - 12h57m

Lanzhou to Chengdu Train Schedule

(Last update on July 30, 2018)
Lanzhou Schedule
Nos. Departure Time  Arrival Time   Duration
K454, K1060, K988… 7 departures  00:04 - 23:03  11:05 - 11:45+1 11h1m - 21h 47m
1. The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.
2. “+1” means you will arrive in second day.

Chengdu - Lanzhou Train Ticket Fare

Soft Sleeper   Hard Sleeper   Hard Seat
CNY 415.5/CNY 315  CNY 272.5/CNY 208  CNY 148.8/CNY 112

Running Route

K856 / K858: The major stations along the way include Deyang, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Guangyuan,Yangpingguan, Lueyang, Liangdang, Baoji, Tianshui, Gangu, Wushan, Longxi, Dingxi. They are not recommended because they run the distance of 1,172 kilometers (728 miles), which takes nearly 8 hours more than others.
The others: The intermediate stations include Deyang, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Guangyuan, Longnan, Hadapu, Zhangxian, Weiyuan. They run with the distance of 828 kilometers (515 miles).

Transfer in Xian North for High Speed Trains

No through bullet trains are traveling between Chengdu and Lanzhou. If you want to travel by them, a transfer at Xian North Station is recommended.
Route High Speed Schedule  Duration Ticket Fare
Chengdu East - Xian North   Around 38 pairs departures 3.5h - 4.5h  CNY 263 for second class seat
Xian North - Lanzhou West  About 40 pairs departures 2.5h - 3.5h  CNY174.5 for second class seat
Total - 6.5h - 8h   CNY 437.5 for second class seat
Note: The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Chengdu - Lanzhou High Speed Train

Chengdu - Lanzhou Railway has been constructed for several years and it is predicted to complete in 2019. Although not a high speed railway, it is able to carry high speed trains, by which the travel time between the two cities will be cut down to 4 hours. This is really a piece of good news for tourists.

Other Transportation Option: Chengdu - Lanzhou Flight

More than five pairs of flights are available between the two cities with the duration of 1.5 hours for a single trip. The fare of an economy class seat costs from CNY 400 to CNY 1,000 according to different periods.

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