Nanning - Kunming High Speed Train

Around 20 pairs of Nanning - Kunming high speed trains are in service now. They have cut the rail travel time between the two cities from 12 hours to 4.5 hours. Ticket price is around CNY270 for a second class seat. 

Basic Facts

 Running distance: 441 miles (710 km)
 Designed speed: 155 mph (250 km/h)
In operation, the top speed will remain between 130 mph (210 km/h) and 155 mph (250 km/h).
 Duration: 4.5 to 5 hours
 Stations along the way:  Nanning East, Nanning, Nanning West, Long'an East, Pingguo, Tiandong North, Tianyang, Baise, Funing, Guangnanxian, Puzhehei, Mile, Shilin West, Kunming South.

Nanning to Kunming High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D393307:28 - 11:524h24m
D393708:03 - 12:504h47m
D392309:34 - 13:554h21m
D394109:48 - 14:334h45m
D390310:25 - 14:314h6m
D380310:43 - 15:234h40m
D380711:09 - 15:053h56m
D394911:24 - 16:044h40m
D381111:30 - 16:294h59m
D381912:36 - 16:534h17m
D395712:42 - 17:314h49m
D396112:53 - 17:424h49m
D382313:12 - 17:254h13m
D382713:45 - 17:443h59m
D390514:01 - 17:593h58m
D383114:17 - 18:133h56m
D383914:45 - 18:474h2m
D384315:20 - 19:394h19m
D384715:37 - 19:514h14m
D385116:18 - 20:384h20m
D385917:58 - 21:513h53m
D386319:28 - 23:013h33m
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Kunming to Nanning Bullet Train Timetable

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)

Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D380407:40 - 11:393h59m
D381208:55 - 13:134h18m
D381609:23 - 13:354h12m
D390409:57 - 14:094h12m
D382010:09 - 14:144h5m
D382410:42 - 14:343h52m
D382811:02 - 14:453h43m
D383211:31 - 15:354h4m
D393411:31 - 16:094h38m
D393811:59 - 16:494h50m
D384012:15 - 16:264h11m
D384412:43 - 17:134h30m
D394213:03 - 17:184h15m
D394613:35 - 17:504h15m
D385213:47 - 18:004h13m
D385614:12 - 18:324h20m
D390615:04 - 18:583h54m
D386015:31 - 19:113h40m
D392815:53 - 20:264h33m
D395816:29 - 20:504h21m
D396217:41 - 22:044h23m
D391018:30 - 22:404h10m
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Note: The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Ticket Fare of Nanning - Kunming High Speed Trains

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)
First Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 420 - 436.5
USD 60 - 62
CNY 262.5 - 273
USD 38 - 39

Nanning - Kunming Railway Map
Nanning - Kunming Railway Map

Running Route

 Nanning-Baise: This section has been in service since December 11, 2015, greatly shortening the duration from 3 hours to 1.5 hours. Currently, there are 20 more pairs of D trains shuttling on it every day. Ticket price for a second class seat is CNY82.5 and for a first class seat is CNY132.

 Baise-Kunming: This section, measuring 296 mi (476 km) long, has started serving passengers on December 28, 2016. The travel time in trail operation is around 3 hours, nearly 7 hours shorter than non-bullet trains.

A High Speed Railway Connecting Yunnan with Pearl River Delta

This high speed railway, also called Yunnan-Guangxi High Speed Railway, not only connects Kunming and Nanning, but also Kunming and Guangzhou via the Nanning-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, hence linking Southwest China with Pearl River Delta. In the future, when international railways between Kunming and Southeast Asia are opened, it will even link southwest China and Southeast Asia together.

Nanning - Kunming Normal/ Overnight Sleeper Trains

They are running along the conventional railway between Nanning Railway Station and Kunming Railway Station. Running at a top speed of 75 mph-99 mph (120-160 km/h), they take longer time compared with high speed ones. But they are popular among budget travelers, especially the overnight sleeper trains like T381/T382, K231/K232 and K983, because they not only save one-night hotel cost but also daytime for traveling around. Travelers interested in overnight sleepers are recommended to book the ticket in advance as they are usually in great demand.

Nanning to Kunming Train Schedule

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K120506:14 - 21:1214h58m
T38118:26 - 08:13+13h47m
K23119:55 - 10:07+14h12m
K98321:00 - 09:49+12h49m
K36522:08 - 11:08+13h00m

Kunming to Nanning Train Timetable

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K36607:50 - 20:0312h13m
K120608:53 - 21:3112h38m
K98410:55 - 23:1812h23m
K23216:52 - 06:39+13h47m
T38221:14 - 09:02+11h48m
1.  "+" indicates the second day.
2. Note: The timetable here is just for reference. Please refer to the search tool on page top for the real time schedule.

Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Nov 7, 2019)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 297 - 346
USD 42 - 49
CNY 196 - 208
USD 28 - 30
CNY 105 - 112
USD 15 - 16


What to see along the way

Honored as "one of the most beautiful high speed railways", this high speed rail Line passes by not only charming lakes and picturesque mountains, but also villages of minority nationalities like Miao and Zhuang. From plains to plateau, passengers will be able to appreciate a gradual scenery change along the way. Below are top travel destinations along the way:

 Baise: Baise is a city covered by both natural scenery and historical relics. What's more, it is also the domicile of many ethnic minority groups where various cultures melt harmoniously. Popular attractions around the city include Chuandong Heavenly Pit, Daweishi Heavenly Pit, Chengbi Lake etc.

 Puzhehei: This will be a good station for travelers to Puzhehei Scenic Area. It is famed with karst landscape and there are over 70 lakes scattered around. Once the high speed rail line is in service, it will be easier for travelers to visit this "unique pastoral scene in China".

 Shilin West: The station is the closest high speed railway station to Stone Forest, about 18.5 miles (30 km) away. The tourist bus facilities are under construction. Once put into service, travelers can transfer between the station and Stone Forest directly by tourist bus.
Major Rail Lines from Nanning to:
Major Rail Lines from Kunming to:
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Questions & Answers on Nanning - Kunming High Speed Train
Asked by Tiff from VIETNAM | Sep. 29, 2019 23:13Reply
Transfer time
I'll take train from Hanoi, Vietnam to Nanning. They said that I will arrive around 10:10. So if I book high speed train on 11:09 to Kunming, Is that enough time for me to collecting the paper ticket and boarding process?

Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Nickolas | Sep. 30, 2019 03:03

One hour is a little bit rush if the international train delays. If I were you, I will prepare around 2 hour to be safer.
Asked by Louis from USA | Aug. 30, 2019 01:21Reply
I want to ask if we book tickets on Oct 02 and choose the delivery to hotel
When will you deliver the tickets out?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Sep. 01, 2019 17:32

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will arrange delivery according to your hotel checkin date. Usually the express will reach your hotel around 2 or 3 days before your hotel checkin date. You can collect the express from hotel once you reach there. Once the tickets were send out, we will inform you by email without delay.
Asked by Hailey from CANADA | Mar. 26, 2019 17:39Reply
from Nanning Marriott Hotel to railway station for Kunming
How many hours should I prepare to take the train to Kunming?
Answers (1)
Answered by Inmaculada | Mar. 27, 2019 00:21

It tales around 30min by subway line 1 from the hotel to station. You need extra 40min for boarding process. If you will collect the paper ticket at station too, 1.5 hours would be recommended.
Asked by Romell from SOUTH AFRICA | Nov. 19, 2018 01:47Reply
Is it better to use Kunming Railway Station or the South Station?
When I check online it seems there are two stations in service? So which one should I choose?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jerry | Nov. 19, 2018 18:59

There are rides from both stations to Nanning. You can choose the station based on your hotel location etc. The main station is closer to city center area, the South Station is a little far but there are more rides a day offered there.
Asked by Stephen Pointing from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 01, 2017 14:05Reply
Are there child prices for Nanning-Kunming route?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr. Stanley from CROATIA | Apr. 02, 2017 01:52

Child could enjoy half price for seat class.
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