2013 China Train Reviews

  • Clients: Ms.Kristina Laurenne Froese
  • Country: Canada
Jun. 07, 2013
thank you for your service. We came in at the international cruise port of Tianjin and took a taxi to the train station.
It was good to have your ticket reservation in Chinese and English letters available. At the train stations, everybody was very friendly and helpful.
our experience:
1. We wanted to use the VIP class , because it is offered in the internet. - but we would not recommend that, because it is a small cabin only, and due to the tinted class wall to the drivers cabin, you can not look straight ahead. The seats are turned to the direction the train is driving. But, if you have seat 6 or 7, then you are seating in front of a electrical cabinet and beside you, there is no window! First class or even second class would be better than.
2. My recommendation for the backup tickets would be another class instead another train time.
3. The taxi cost around 80 ... 90 RMB from Tanggu (main) railways station to the new cruising port. We were able to use a "normal minded taxi" back from train station Tanggu to the ship.
4. There are "taxi-costs maximiser" at the port, who wanted to collect 200RMB for two persons and 300RMB for three persons one way. We did not have any chance at the beginning to avoid, but negotiated them to 200 RMB for 3 persons. - okay, but they drove us to an outside metro station only, although we have had a copy in Chinese of Tanggu station. We got help there by the train station personal and could use the metro to an Tanggu station (2 RMB /person). - but this was not the main railway station, and due to the time they lead us to the taxi stand and explained where he should bring us.
5. In Beijing it is recommendable to use the metro to reach near your destination, because there is so much traffic that the taxi is standing most of the time. Also it is not always clear, where the taxis are allowed to stop and take passengers or not.
Overall it was a wonderful visit for us, most of the people were very friendly and helpful and we have had a lot of fun. And with the train it is a much better way to travel than by bus. We heard from other tourists of the ship, that they need about 4 hours more to Beijing and great wall than planned. (Chinese public holiday)