2018 China Train Reviews

  • Clients: Ms. SICHLER
  • Country: Germany
Dec. 31, 2018
Thank you so much for the organisation. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed the trip to China a lot.The train ride and flight was very comfortable and without any problems.
I wanted to thank you for your help and your quick replies to all of my questions. Next time we will definitely book with you again.
  • Clients: Mr.GAIL
  • Country: Canada
Dec. 31, 2018
Our train ride was fantastic! There was so much leg room and places to hang bags, plug in devices and recline to enjoy the fabulous views and we sped northward. There was nothing more we needed on the ride. Thanks for an experience that we look forward to repeating.
  • Clients: Mr.KEVIN
  • Country: Mauritius
Dec. 31, 2018
The ticketing service and information was really good. The service at HKG station as well as the service inside the VIP was great as well. However at the GHZ station, non registered taxis are allowed inside which should not be the case and their prices are very very expensive. Also the waiting room and service at the GHZ station is far less better than that of HKG.
It was a pleasure to deal with you and I would like to send you a BIG THANK.
  • Clients: Mr.Nelson
  • Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Dec. 31, 2018
I have used you service for several years for internal travel around China. My travel in usually for business so unfortunately I do not have any pictures to share. Since I have been using your company, I cannot fault the service that is provided. The system is easy to use, get a fast response and tickets are issues fast and efficiently. If I have ever had problems you help in a very professional manner. I am very happy with what you provide for me and I will continue to use your services for all future travel in China.
  • Clients: Ms. NOOR
  • Country: Malaysia
Dec. 31, 2018
We really enjoy and thank you for the excellent service you have given...we will definitely will come back for more...you are now like the most important china's guide to us...n your website is so informative...I developed my itinerary from the information in your website...we had no problem during our China trip...it was so unbelievably smooth!
  • Clients: Anne N.
  • Country: Australia
Dec. 31, 2018
I just want to thank you for your exceptional service when we were organising our journey from Tianjin to Beijing. You couldn't have been more helpful and you certainly took the stress out of booking something where the systems and language were just unknown to us.
Check in was relatively easy as we had a note written in Chinese saying we needed to pick up tickets from Box Office - without this note I'm not sure how easy the whole process would have been. Maybe not difficult, but then again - it might have been very hard. Anyhow, with the note we were easily directed to where we needed to go to collect tickets. The rest of the process was very easy.
Waiting room was comfortable and clean as were the toilet facilities. The station was very modern.
The bullet train was fantastic! We loved this journey - just wish it had been longer than 1/2 hour or so. Rather than booking economy we decided to book Business Class (for not a lot more) and were blown away by the comfort of our seats. We had capsule, bed seats and we were delighted. By the way, the economy seats looked very comfortable and would have made for a very comfortable journey anyhow - but we were glad of the choice we had made.
  • Clients: Mr.ERIC
  • Country:
Dec. 31, 2018
The booking procedure was straightforward and there was constant communication and status updates provided by the agents.
Additionally, the details provided about the train station and boarding procedure were very helpful and made for a relatively easy journey. I would highly recommend them for those traveling by train in China for the first time. The train was clean, comfortable and VERY prompt.
  • Clients: Mr.Stephen
  • Country: Australia
Dec. 30, 2018
Thank you for all your help with our train bookings. The train journey was smooth and comfortable and everyone helped us with finding the right platform.
  • Clients: Ms.DANNY
  • Country: France
Dec. 30, 2018
I am very satisfied of your booking service. It was easy, clear and you were very reactive. Thank you again for this great service.
  • Clients: Mr.MIRIAM
  • Country: Mexico
Dec. 30, 2018
It was much easier than we thought. To find the waiting room was easy and your service first class. Thank you!