2017 China Train Reviews

  • Clients: Claire
  • Country: Canada
Dec. 28, 2017
The service that I received from TravelChinaGuide was fantastic. I was kept up to date on the status of my ticket via email the whole time and it was waiting for me at the hotel when I arrived. The entire process was very straightforward and I will definitely use it again when I need to in future.
My only piece of advice to any other travellers who are doing the journey from Guangzhou to Hong Kong on their own is that although the train does depart from the upper floors of the station, the train may not appear on the ‘international’ trains board. This threw me at first but then I did spot the train on the board on the ground floor of the station. Once I got up to the level where the train departs from though everything was very straightforward and easy.
  • Clients: Mr.LAKSHMANAN
  • Country: India
Dec. 26, 2017
The journey was very comfortable. The sad part was, the journey was only for an hour. It would have been better if the trip was longer. We were able to get the ticket at the counter smoothly by showing the passport. Enjoyed the trip and customer experience. Just like airlines, if we can use the paper ticket received in email, can be used for boarding, it would be great. This will increase the customer experience.
  • Clients: Mr.MIRANDA
  • Country: United States of America (America)
Dec. 25, 2017
Booking services with TravelChinaGuide was prompt, informative, and very easy. Our booking took no time at all, we felt safe paying for our trip, and knew that any changes to our trip would be notified to us promptly. Specifically, the email response time was extremely fast! When we wanted to add a day tour onto our trip we had it added, with hotel and tour and a new quote within 36 hours! I was very impressed with the knowledge of booking services and our consultant Selina was easy to work with.
Train booking/riding in China. We booked our Bullet Train tickets with TravelChinaGuide for Shanghai to Beijing at the end of our trip. It was a fantastic experience! Booking took no time at all online and we received a confirmation right away. When we got to China our tour guide took us to the train station to pick up the tickets (because it's all in Chinese and difficult by yourself) this was BEYOND helpful as others in our group had difficulty doing this by themselves. I would highly recommend booking tickets through the company! The train itself was FANTASTIC, after riding in cramped planes the train was spacious and SO quiet for going 211mph, you hardly knew you were moving! The train station was easy to navigate once there, the waiting room was packed but we found seats and waited, then boarding was extremely easy too! Make sure you buy food to bring with on the train, we're sure glad we did as choices are limited and expensive once on! Would recommend the bullet train for anyone who is thinking about it!
If you would like any more evaluations we would be happy to send some.
We had an AMAZING trip and experience in China and would go back with this company if ever there's another chance.
  • Clients: Mr.MARCO
  • Country: Italy
Dec. 21, 2017
Very satisfied with the booking and consultants. Everything went well and the instructions were clear and we collected tickets as indicated. Train ride was very smooth and fast. Even though it was recommended to be at the station 1 hr before, we found that arriving 30 min before would have been OK, but not knowing we played on the safe side.
  • Clients: Mr.Melendez
  • Country: Panama
Dec. 20, 2017
Everything was fine. It was very easy to recall the tickets. The staff was very helpful and the train ride was amazing. Congratulations for the great service.
  • Clients: Mr.LOPEZ
  • Country: United States of America (America)
Dec. 18, 2017
I very much enjoyed the services your company offered. I purchased my tickets online before I traveled to China. I had questions about train stations and your online chat system was very helpful. I got all of my questions answered in a timely manner.
Picking up my tickets was very easy as well.. The printed confirmation was very convenient.
The train ride itself was very pleasant. The seats were quite comfortable and the train ride itself was very smooth. I also took advantage of the Business class lounge while at the Hongqiao train station. It was a nice feature to have.
Thank you again for your services and professionalism with everything
  • Clients: Mr.Albert
  • Country: Singapore
Dec. 14, 2017
It was a breeze to get hold of all the three train tickets for my connecting journey. The trains are all quite new and comfortable to ride on and we were much impressed with services provided by the China rail. The checking is very orderly with very clear signs and annoucement.
Thank you for the excellent service and looking forward to utilise your service again in the near future.
  • Clients: Mr.ANNIE
  • Country: United States of America (America)
Dec. 11, 2017
The overall booking process is great. Ivy went out of her way to help me when my booking plans went array. She arranged another train and even helped me get to the different rail station to catch the train.
I loved the sleeper rail as I choose it again but when I arrived at the station, there were no more sleepers. I had to ride overnight in a hard chair and the coach was very filthy. In addition to the smoking area was close to my seat so it was very uncomfortable .? I was not able to sleep and i had to work the following morning I, from here on out i will? book with this company ahead of time.
  • Clients: Mr.Jaklovsky
  • Country: Czech
Dec. 09, 2017
Dear Larissa Cheng,

I would like to thank you for this experience, because without you it would be very difficult for me to buy the train tickets. The delivery to the hotel was a really good choice. Only thing I had to do was to simply find the gate at the train station and wait for the train. With the ticket I could not get through the standard turnstile, I needed the guard to let me through. But in the end that was no issue.

I will share my experience also with my colleagues, so I expect they could use your services in the near future.
  • Clients: Mr.Richard
  • Country: Australia
Dec. 04, 2017
My first time using your train system and booking procedure, I found it excellent. My fear was that booking from Australia and having my tickets sent to a hotel some distance from the actual Railway station that there would have been some problems. To my delight upon my arrival to the hotel, my tickets were presented to me without any problems. This is a credit to you and your work colleagues as you guided me through the process and I thank you personally for that. I will always use this service again, next time I am in China.
My only discomfort was there was little English on the electrical banner on the train indicating the next stop, but apart from this small matter I was able to easily get off at my stop. Thank you for a trouble free journey.