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  • Clients: Mr. Anthony McNally & Ms. Marian McNally
  • Country: Ireland
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: Best of China (8 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai)
Apr 20,2017
Hi Sophie,

First I would like to thank you personally for all your help in arranging our trip. We were very impressed with your efficiency and the speed of your response to all our queries and requests. The additional flight you arranged for us after the trip worked fine and boarding cards were available at check in for us when we arrived at Check In. We were delighted to meet you in person in Xian and have the chance to say thank you.

Like many of the other members of the group we were anxious before the trip and reluctant to send money to a company we knew little about. The China tour reviews of Travel China Guide online were very helpful in assuaging our fears and the rapid acknowledgement of payment also eased our concerns. Marian and I had never taken a 'group tour' before and were also concerned about a rigid itinerary that might not suit our expectations. However, the group we joined were absolutely fabulous. We gelled from the outset and everybody got on well together. This was helped in no small measure by the wonderful guides we had, Sara, Carol and Fae Fae. I can honestly say that we did things we would never have done if we were left to our own devices. Apart from visits to the major sites (Forbidden City; Great Wall; Terracotta Warriors; Shanghai markets) I especially enjoyed the rickshaw ride and visits to local homes. The guides gave us so much useful information and a real insight into Chinese culture and society. All of them had a real passion for their jobs and certainly went the extra mile to enhance our experience. The guides did provide feedback forms to all and were careful to respect our privacy and the confidentiality of our replies.

The travel arrangements were super. I don't envy the drivers in their task of negotiating the heavy traffic and keeping to schedule but they made it seem effortless. The coaches were very clean and comfortable and water was available as required. The meals were a wonderful treat - great variety and super abundant helpings. Again, we would not have managed such an experience if on our own.

You certainly tries hard to satisfy its customers and I will definitely recommend it to anyone visiting this huge country. We have just arrived home and I still have to review the many photos we took. If there are any that might be suitable I will forward later.

Many thanks for the great experience. By the way we visited Shenzhen and Hong Kong to complete our trip and also enjoyed these locations although we missed your guides and the company of the other group members.

Best Regards

Tony and Marian McNally
  • Clients: Mr. Brett Harris
  • Country: United States
  • Itinerary: Beijing Xian Essentials (7 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian)
Apr 17,2017
Thanks for the tour it was the best operated one I have ever been on, so I would like to share my reviews of TCG - the best China tour company in my view. 

Our guide in Beijing, Sarah was the best. She always went above and beyond to make our trip as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Both guides were always asking us for our opinions and comments on the accommodations, food and transportation.

I only have one suggestion and that is when you have a single traveler to keep that in mind when pairing for activities etc. Most things worked out well for me. But there was one night at Kung Fu show (which was excellent by the way) where I was seated far from rest of group. This didn't make sense to me since there were plenty of open seats with the rest of group. Kind of made me feel excluded from rest of the group.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Brett Harris
  • Clients: Mr. Gregory Elliot
  • Country: Australia
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: Best of China (8 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai)
Mar 28,2017
Hi Sophie,

China tour review below.

I am writing to thank TravelChinaGuide for their excellent tour.

The itinerary was a very busy one and excellent value for money!

Our guides in Beijing Sara, Xi'an Celine and Shanghai Leon, were extremely informative, passionate and possessed a good sense of humour! (Even if they did find some of the Aussie sayings hard to understand!!)

The company was very accommodating and flexible, as I travelled by train (not plane) and they sent a representative to meet me at the station and take me to the hotel, which I was grateful for.

Hotel accommodation was of a very good standard also.

Overall the trip was very good blend of the major sites, combined with some museum visits, theatre shows and also home visits/cooking as well as many other attractions.

I would recommend your company (with many travel options) to anyone wishing to see your country!


  • Clients: Ms. Robin Baron & Mr. John Baron
  • Country: South Africa
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: Beijing Shanghai Express (7 Days Small Group Beijing - Shanghai - Beijing)
Mar 22,2017
Hi Kelly,

My husband and I would not have coped without Travel China Guide. Everything worked like clockwork from arrival to departure. Without Sara in Beijing and Rachel in Shanghai, we would have been lost. The drivers of all our cars and the bus were excellent. They drove carefully and did not exceed the speed limit. We arrived in time at all our destinations and did not miss a train, meal or visit. In Shanghai Rachel managed to squeeze in a visit to the Shanghai Tower at our request as we were not with a big group.

The Holiday Inn in Central Plaza for the first three nights was quite acceptable but after our visit to Shanghai we were accommodated in Room 681 which was very run down. The Shanghai Pullman was excellent. Breakfast at both hotels was generous and varied. 

I would strongly recommend your company and hope our China small group tour reviews could be useful. 


  • Clients: Ms. Jane Haddon
  • Country: UK
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: Best of China (8 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai)
Feb 21,2017
Hi abbey,

I am very happy to say I had the most wonderful time with your company. I found the guides all very professional in their own ways. Candi was thoughtful caring and very organised. She has a lovely nature. And can manage people in her role. The great Wall was magic snow and all. Celine was mature well organised and informative our visit to terracotta army was made easy and unforgettable by her. William was different slightly not prepared and not as informative but this not bother me as some times the guides give too much information for me. William was funny and cute and I loved him as he gave us more shopping time in shanghai. I think that a little more free time should be given in the Forbidden City like the great Wall. Also less time in pearl factory silk shop although loved the shop. I adored the theatre and trip to Hutong district and guide Victor and visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jang house.

Our meal in local house where we met you was fantastic too. The whole experience was fantastic hotels of high standard all food and restaurants to high standard. I truly loved all the food. The group was small and friendly welcome all got on really well and had lots of laughs. I liked it was only 8 then 12 I felt really safe with your company being an independent lone traveler. I thank you once again for a most memorable holiday in China.

Love Jane haddon
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