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Apr 16,2018

We had a great time on the tour.

We were happy with every hotel that we stayed at, and the meals which were provided were exceptional. We enjoyed the restaurants as well as the home meal.

All of our guides did a very good job, Selina was very professional, Tracy was very efficient and Candy was lots of fun.

We enjoyed the trip very much and will recommend Travel China Guide to everyone.

If we were to recommend one small change, it would be a little time to shop in some of the most popular markets in each of the cities.

Louis and Kristie
Apr 4,2018
Hi Angela,

We just returned from a wonderful trip to China. The tour in Beijing went as expected. Well arranged and we learned a lot about the country. The guide was well informed and the food in the restaurant was delicious for me and my wife as vegetarians. The weather was not optimal for the day. It snowed most of the day, and the sight on The Great Wall was not clear, but it was an exceptional experience to see the wall covered by snow and other guests having a snow ball fight on the wall. We missed to see Mao’s Mausoleum as it was closed due to the Congress Assembly.

It has been a very pleasant experience to work with you. In parallel I also worked with your company on booking of train tickets. Your responses have always been timely, correct and professional and you gave me perfect updates throughout the whole ordering, booking and delivery of the service.

I can definitely recommend your services to other travelers to China.

King regards,

Bent Filipsen
Apr 2,2018
Greetings Maggie,

My apologies for the delay in responding. I am actually so pleased you asked, because I think Abbey Cheng has been just terrific to work with and I had planned to send an email to indicate this.

Abbey has been:

very responsive - always answering my emails the next day (even with the time difference); and even within a few hours once, when I needed a quick reply about some additional information for my Visa application

very thorough - always responding to all of my queries (not picking and choosing the ones she perhaps thought were more relevant, as some agents do); and providing an accommodating modification to our standard itinerary when I requested it; also actually providing useful answers to my queries (I've encountered other agents who have just said "I don't know" and I've had to go off and dig up the answers myself - Abbey has always provided me with what I need)

very patient - in my own abstract thought process I've no doubt asked her the same question in multiple emails, and she has always politely just provided the answer again, or elaborated in further detail where it was helpful

very professional - her personal manner has helped to increase my confidence that I am dealing with a reliable company (particularly when I am booking something/sending money to a company I am unfamiliar with in a different country)

We'll see how the trip works out in a few weeks; but thus far, with respect to the pre-travel arrangements, I would definitely recommend your company based upon my interactions with Abbey.


Eveline Schroth
Mar 19,2018
Sophie Yang was wonderful! We enjoyed working with her as we decided what tour we were going to take. She assisted us with our plans (at the end of the tour) and gave us directions to Shanghai Disney.

Sophie had to deal with my last name as Turner and also as Eckert and with a bit of communication back and forth she understood we were the same person. I appreciate her getting some needed information for our Visa's that only had my name on them and not my daughter, Emily's. She corrected this very quickly and we were able to get the necessary documents sent off correctly.

Sophie even responded to an email on the weekend telling me she would respond on Monday morning to all my questions.

We appreciate Sophie Yang and her attention to details and getting everything in order for us.


Gayle Eckert and Emily Turner
Dec 18,2017
Dear Ms Linda Jing,

I am very happy that I booked with Travel China Guide. The whole booking procedure and the travel consultant was very good. Due to the excellent job of the guide, whose English was very good and due to the driver, I have seen and learned so much about Beijing and the Chinese great wall. Furthermore, it was a very pleasant day. I am glad that I booked this tour with TCG and I would recommend this trip to everybody who has only one day in Beijing between the arrival in the morning and the departure in the night. Thank you

Ms. Thea Krapp from Germany
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