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  • Clients: Brad & Suzanne Crompton
  • Country: Australia
Dec 28,2019
We have just returned from our amazing holiday arranged through Travel China Guide. We can highly recommend TCG to anyone wanting to visit China.

From our first communication with Emily right through to our personalised experience in Beijing with Kitty and Xi'an with Susan - any questions or queries we had were answered the same day - often within hours! Our tour was personalised to suit our family (2 Adults & 6 year old daughter). We were able to arrange additional activities directly with our guides in each city & there were no factory visits or hard sell shopping stops. Both of our guides (Kitty & Susan) were amazing with our daughter - in addition to their tour guide skills and their English could not be faulted!

Everything was arranged for us from the Visa Invitations through to the train tickets and our personal driver made the whole trip seamless. The hotels (incl. breakfasts) were of a high standard.

We highly recommend Travel China Guide and will definitely use this company again.
  • Clients: Carol Pakula
  • Country: Australia
Dec 28,2019
Thank you for a great journey. We had a wonderful time. All the arrangements worked out great. We would like to thank the local guides as they put in a lot of time and effort to make sure we were well taken care of. We loved the configurable group sizes you work with. Our group was a great and we were continually reminded how difficult it could have been to journey with a large group, by some of the other tours we bumped into through out China. For those of you reading this to try to decide if you should take a tour with Travel China Guide, I would highly recommend it. The arrangements were flawless. I arranged our trip completely over e-mail and only met Lexi when we visited Xian.
  • Clients: Eric & Ellen Vath
  • Country: USA
Dec 25,2019
Not only was the trip well planned, it was implemented flawlessly. From the moment we were met by our guide and driver in Beijing, everything proceeded like clockwork. Every flight took off on time or nearly so, every guide was there waiting for us at our next destination with a cheeerful smile on his or her face, and every hotel had booked our reservations as outlined in our itinerary. Our guides made sure we were properly ticketed and escorted us to the security check-in at every airport, and they made sure we had excellent seats for each of the shows that were included in the tour. We could not have been more pleased at how well things were handled.
Our guides and drivers were all very good. While their English was less than perfect, for the most part, they understood us and we understood them. Every one of them –3 in all during our 8 day trip- was very knowledgeable and eager to answer my many questions. They all had cheerful personalities. We were particularly fond of La Mu who was our guide for 2 days in Shanghai.
With regard to meals, Ellen and I are generally easy to please. We very much enjoyed the opportunity to taste many of the items which are not that common in our country, such as eel, tree fungus, yak, etc. I'm not sure you will find very many westerners as willing to experiment with different foods as we are. Our Peking duck in Beijing were excellent, the dumpling banquet in Xian was tasty, and the buffet breakfasts were all outstanding. Overall, however, I'd say we probably enjoyed our Cantonese food in Xian the most. Our only concern was that we were always given too much to eat.
Now for the hotels. In general, we are quite satisfied with five star facilities. Thank you both very much for your efforts.
  • Clients: Daniel R. K. & Christiane U. H.
  • Country: USA
Dec 23,2019
We enjoyed our trip very much and the service was good. Our guide in Beijing (Kevin) was excellent and went out of his way to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. Our guide Dorgee Tse Ring and driver Bemba in Tibet were excellent too. They took really good care of us and made sure we were comfortable and well fed. They gave us the understanding that only a native can give (Dorgee knew of an out-of-the-way place that makes incense from wood, using diverted river water -- even the driver with his 20 years of experience had never been there). We were given a Chinese guide initially, and although he was nice enough, we requested a Tibetan guide for his cultural understanding. By his own admission, the Chinese guide spoke better English than Tibetan and we really felt we needed someone who had grown up in the Tibetan culture and language. We thank the Chinese guide and his travel agencys manager for being flexible and getting us a Tibetan guide. Both Kevin and Dorgee spoke good English and were very accommodating, allowing us to spend time doing what we enjoyed (spending several hours climbing the Great Wall in the snow; spending an unscheduled afternoon in a tea-house, tasting teas we plan to import for our tea business, taking countless pictures, watching 1000 year old monastic scriptures being brought out for the first time in 300 years, dusted off and re-bound, take a cruise along Huangpu River). One note regarding food: the Peking Duck dinner in Beijing was outstanding. We found the Tibetan restaurants to be much better than the "scheduled" Chinese restaurants in Tibet. Maybe some Tibetan meals should be incorporated into a trip to Tibet. All the guides gave us recommendations for excellent restaurants for dinners on our own. Again overall our stay was pleasant and this company's ability to accommodate and make changes is much appreciated. Also we like to thank Angela for her working with us to make this an unforgettable experience. Thank you again and we are looking forward to further trips.
  • Clients: Helen Laitinen
  • Country: USA
Dec 22,2019
First, let me say that this was a wonderful experience!! This was everything we had hoped it would be . . . and more.
The meals were all very good. The breakfast buffets in the hotels were extensive . . . everything you can imagine. The food was fresh, well-prepared, plentiful, and with many choices. The local restaurants for lunch were all very good. The restaurants were clean and comfortable, and the food was fresh, well-prepared, and plentiful. At every meal there were many different kinds of foods so that we were able to taste much of the local food. The shows (Tang music/dance, and Shanghai Acrobats) were very enjoyable . . . and we had the best seats!!
All of our guides spoke very good English. There was never a problem in communication. All of the guides were very knowledgeable. My husband and I have travelled extensively, and my husband was a History teacher. We asked many questions . . . and the guides were able to answer all questions. In each location, the guide gave us an introduction to the area, and gave us a great deal of information about the places we visited. Each and every guide made us feel special. Each was knowledgeable and was personable and friendly. Each guide also went out of his or her way to make sure our China visit was a special experience. Our guides are very special people! They are wonderful embassadors for China. We learned a lot on our visit, and saw many places. China is a beautiful country, and the Chinese people are warm and friendly.
We would be pleased to suggest your travel agency to anyone planning to visit China.
  • Clients: Joan
Dec 22,2019
The tour was amazing. We are pleased to offer a specific feedback to all of you who want to take this tour.
We had very professional local tour guides in each city. All seven guides were extremely helpful and conscientious to a high degree. Each guide was fluent in English; Carol (Xi’an) was remarkably so. All the guides were very knowledgeable, and each contributed to our understanding of China in different ways. Carol, for example, has a deep knowledge of the history of the entire region, and of China, and her presentation at each site was thorough and detailed. In Beijing, Tina was similarly knowledgeable about the cultural aspects of ancient China. Our Chengdu guide was very outgoing, personable, and easy to engage in conversation. He was less focused on history, and much more “up” on current events, in China and on a wider scale. In Xi’an, we did not feel that the driver was as friendly as others were. Driving in Xi’an was a wild ride! There appear to be no ‘rules of the road’, and if there are, people simply ignore them. but fortunately there were no accidents. Our driver in Shanghai was very cheerful and friendly; he seemed to enjoy being with us. Our driver in Chengdu was somewhat less so, but perfectly acceptable, and always prompt and ready for us when we needed to move on. The cars were acceptable. Water was always available. I commend all the guides for doing a really remarkable job. We were on a very tight schedule, yet we never felt rushed or pressed for time, and we lingered wherever we found things that we wanted to absorb more fully. They escorted us with good cheer, and despite the number of times each guide must have visited each of our tourist stops, they were enthusiastic and full of spirit. We enjoyed their company.
The restaurant in Beijing was quite good, and the restaurant in Chengdu was excellent, on all counts. All the dishes served were delicious, the waitstaff were helpful and friendly, and the dining room was attractive. We cannot say enough about the excellent dinner and show at the Tang Dynasty Theater, however, which was a treat from first to last. Excellent food accompanied by lovely music, and beautifully gowned musicians, followed by a wonderful show made that an unforgettable evening. Breakfast in every instance was the best meal of the day; each hotel provided a substantial breakfast buffet with a number of options for Asian and Western dishes. If we had to choose, eliminate lunch and dinner. Keep the breakfast meal. It is a good way to start a long day of sightseeing.
Our sincere thanks for all your efforts, leading to what has to be the most exciting trip we have ever enjoyed.
  • Clients: Mary-Jane & Oliver Atkinson
  • Country: UK
Dec 21,2019
Many thanks to Vera who was our private tour consultant. We have lots of happy memories of our holiday in China! The restaurants we were taken to were excellent. The food was delicious and our guides explained what the different dishes were and the order they should be eaten in! The meals on the Yangtze cruise boat were also excellent and particularly good value for money (considering the cost of the river cruise as a whole). My only slight criticism would be that non-Chinese people may find 3 or 4 days of Chinese food is a little too much especially as it is very different from the food they are used to eating at home. Some simple non-Chinese food on offer would be welcome for either lunch or dinner. The guides were first-class. Their English language skills were better than many English people, they spoke fluently with wide ranging vocabulary and were highly knowledgeable. The guide in Yichang also kindly assisted us at the railway station which was much appreciated. We highly appreciated the bottled water provided on each tour. The minibuses were clean with full air-conditioning and the drivers were friendly and helpful. I would pay special tribute to our guides in Chongqing and Yichang. Any tourist who is fortunate enough to have them as guides will enjoy a very fulfilling tour. I would also pay tribute to Vera and all the staff at Travel China Guide. 'Friendly,' 'helpful' and 'efficient' are the 3 best words to describe this company and its staff. Before booking our tours, every e-mail query was answered fully most often within 24 hours. No problem, question or task was too much trouble for them. During our holiday in China, all the arrangements made by the company worked out with prompt delivery of train tickets, meeting guides etc. It was a great pleasure to be able to meet Vera during our stay in Xian. If we travel to China again, I would certainly make the arrangements with Travel China Guide and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
  • Clients: Susan Wilson
  • Country: Australia
Dec 20,2019
I am very impressed with Kelly Wang - responsive, attentive to detail and ensures that there is an answer to each question I have asked or she has clearly confirmed a change I have requested. She is always happy to offer further service if needed and after a recent telephone conversation after an email not being received for unknown reasons - I found her so easy to talk to and was really pleased that she took the initiative to contact me directly. This was all very reassuring given that our tour commences in 1 week. Thank you sooo much Kelly!

We chose Travel China Tour because of all the reasons I have ticked below.
The website is extremely useful and a one stop shop to weather and information regarding each city.
Trip Advisor rates Travel China Guide very highly and thus I felt a great sense of reassurance to book.
The prices were competitive with another tour company I was looking at but the tipping point was that the initial itinerary Kelly sent me was more comprehensive and Kelly was very helpful in responding to some questions.
  • Clients: Bruce Lo
  • Country: United States
Dec 19,2019
I am very impressed with TravelChina guide in the professional ways that they handled the entire planning and execution of our tour. In particular I wish to thank the TCG travel consultants, Abbey Cheng and Lexi Yang, in being helpful and responsive to my requests. They were clear and explicit with their information, and if I had questions, they were patient to explain the details to me. We have 16 people in our group coming from the US and Australia, with different arrival and departure dates. They were able accommodate them all. They designed an itinerary tailored to our specific requirements. During the tour, there were occasions where we need to change our travel plan. They were helpful in assisting us to achieve the desired result. On another occasion, severe weather delayed our flight from Xi’an to Shanghai. I was particularly impressed that Ms Abbey Cheng stayed late at office to work with us to ensure that we were able to get back to Shanghai on time. TCG’s customer-centric approach to tour planning and execution is something that has won my respect. Thank you, TCG!
  • Clients: Pat Sullivan
  • Country: United States
Dec 18,2019
I have to say that overall, I cannot have been more pleased with your services. Your guides were always there when we arrived at a new destination, were completely helpful in getting us to check in, and I loved each of the tours at each spot that we had decided upon. It was quick travel, a certain "Taste of China" that was dictated by our time frame, but I would love to have spent more time. The hotels were generally very good...... The local people exercising--it was inspiring to see everyone of such diverse ages working so hard together. The toilets were generally something to be endured. I also appreciated the generous bottled water. In summary, I would TOTALLY recommend tcg to others.
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