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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Larry Young & Anne Murphy
  • Country: United States of America
Nov 10,2019
I would be happy to provide feedback. The meal we had in Beijing was excellent - very unique, very delicious, very China. The restaurant was very classy and stylish. I would recommend it to all. Our guide in Chongqing was OUTSTANDING. Very conscientious, took great care of us, spoke perfect English. We tried to tip her but she refused!!!!! And all of our guides spoke perfect English. Our driver from Chongqing airport to the boat was very nice, very professional. Same for the car - very clean, very nice. Unfortunately though he smoked and the car smelled like cigarettes. He did not smoke while driving us though - only during the bathroom stops. I would recommend this travel company to anyone. They responded to all of my emails in a very timely and professional manner, and helped arrange a trip my husband and I will never forget. Traveling in a foreign country like China where neither myself nor my husband speak or read the language can be very unsettling. the local guides were always waiting for us at each of our travel destinations, they took us to local restaurants and where time, local sites. They were always professional and courteous, and spoke perfect English. I would like to thank TCG for the truly amazing quality of service we received. Thank you Travel China Guide!
  • Clients: Suzanne Pham
  • Country: USA
Nov 09,2019
In general, we enjoyed our trip very much. It included most of the important historic and cultural points we'd like to visit. I'd like to share our feeling about the tour.

1. Meals: Hotel in Beijing provides the best selections and service for breakfast. It is very thoughtful of our guides to introduce the local cuisines to us wherever we happened to be. It is a matter of taste that make a difference in individual cases. In our case, the Peking duck in Beijing and the buffet breakfast at hotel in Shanghai were very good.

2. Guides: Most of the guides are very professional and spoke very good English. We did not have any language difficulties with the guides the team provided. All guides were very pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. In particular, I'd like to mention Sissy in Shanghai who went out of the way to help us find our way around Shanghai on our free time. She even wrote down Chinese characters for certain food so we could order our own meals. She helped us get the map, circled where we were and places we wanted to see. She also helped with translation on some personal transactions we did. She made our stay in Shanghai a lot more enjoyable.

3. Cars: All cars were very clean and comfortable. All drivers were very helpful and respectful. We are very pleased with them.

All in all, our trip was very enjoyable. The shows were excellent. The team asked about what we'd put in a space in the testimonial column after the trip, I'd say the aspect that stands out in our trip is that it was very very well organized. Thank you for organizing a very memorable trip for us. We will definitely recommend this team to our friends and relatives who wish to visit China. And of course, if we have a chance for another visit, we will no doubt contact them again.
  • Clients: Robin and Michael Glancy
  • Country: United States
Nov 09,2019
Thanks for a wonderful China trip. I have taken a moment to share the comments with all of you. All of the meals were fantastic! We thought we would enjoy the occasional opportunity to order on our own, however, it was very relaxing to have all of the food selected as part of the tour. We really enjoyed the Peking Duck. As my father and I were travelling with just the two of us, we actually would have enjoyed eating with our guide and driver, though we understand that there were rules which required them to eat together and seperate from us. This might be a nice question to ask people, if they'd like to eat with their guide for further cultural exchange. The guides were impressive, and we NEVER had any trouble understanding them. Each of them had a wide depth of information, and we were always pleasantly surprised by their informative and entertaining explanations at each of the sites. All of our guides were FANTASTIC and exceeded our expectations in every way...In fact, the entire China travel experience from researching via the web, to fine tuning our itinerary and booking, to payment and pre-departure advice, and finally meeting our guides at the airport and enjoying every moment of our week in China, this has been a smooth and enjoyable experience. I would recommend Travel ChinaGuide to any and all of my friends and family, and have been already! My family is already talking about looking to visiting Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tibet with our trusted guides from your company...Thank you for all the wonderful memories!
  • Clients: Herve Gentile
  • Country: United States
Nov 09,2019
One of my best travel experiences ever. Everything was arranged perfectly. I took my wife and my teenager son and arranged for a private tour in several cities. We flew non-stop on business with Air China and must confess the food and the service was better than most airlines.
The tour guides and drivers were amazing. The drivers were very skillful and the tour guides were quite erudite with good mastering of the english language which was better than expected. This trip changed our thoughts on China. Our other thought was why did we wait so long to visit China?...I am grateful to the plastic surgeons who invited me and therefore contributed to this unique experience. Both my family and I would highly recommend Travel China Guide.
HG, Plastic Surgeon
  • Clients: Graham Mcpherson
  • Country: Australia
Nov 08,2019
My main purpose to travel to China this trip was to attend a Fair in Beijing. The real China is unknown to the outside world and the tree lined roads, magnificient Buildings modern and old, Museums to be the envy of the outside world, oil paintings by the most interesting artists, particularly the Gallery in Fengtai. District South Fourth Ring dahongmen Nishi Jimei Furniture City Beijing, and the area known as M50 in Shanghai. The cars were clean, good drivers and skillful with traffic. The meals provided were excellent allowing for plenty and a variety of tastes to introduce me to the local food of China and the differences in various regions. The Guides were punctual, personal, flexible to suit me, and had an everlasting flow of interesting knowledge of their area. English language was no problem and they showed an interest in where I came from and the differences in culture. The Guides, Kitty in Beijing, JJ in Shanghai, and Rita in Xian were as professional as any Guide, elsewhere in the world where I have travelled and more genuinely friendly than most. China was a very warlike country and their armour and methods would be of interest. The Bund in Shanghai is well known throughout the world and when the changes have been made I will travel to Shanghai to see the real Bund. I have started to investigate the potential courses of my next Trip and look forward to being surprised by the enterprise, history and culture of an amazing country.
  • Clients: Sharon E
  • Country: Australia
Nov 08,2019
TCG not only offers an excellent service during the preparation of a trip, but also ensures that the daily supervision is of equally high standard. The excursions with the local guides are informative and well planned and their care of daily needs is comprehensive.
All of the guides were excellent at their job and we appreciated each for this and their personal qualities. Candy gave us a perfect start in Beijing, informing us of Chinese culture that would remain helpful throughout and Ian delivered us promptly to the airport. We were grateful to David for delivering us to the boat and he was informative in the short length of time that we were with him. Judy really used her initiative and sorted out both the best way for us to see Chongquing in the few hours, and how to cope with a change of schedule. Linda was outstanding (Chengdu). Not only did she manage the itinerary adjustments but went out of her way to fulfill our requests, showing us many aspects of Chengdu and the recognition of my birthday with a cake must be one of the most memorable highlights of the trip. Her enthusiasm and that of the driver too, greeting us on our return at the airport and in the surprise with the cake was typical of her delightful manner which made her engaging company. Michael was a perfect host and we enjoyed every moment of being with him and the choices of his meals. Helen was efficient and informative but ensured that we saw the best and used the timings well. Micheal completed our trip with finesse and ensured that it was brilliant right to the end. His dedication in waiting with us until the computer left at the hotel reached us safely at the airport was greatly appreciated.
Overall we wish to thank you for a wonderful trip, an excellent selection of places to visit and the opportunity to see so many traditional shows around China. We appreciate the superb service that the company has given us.
  • Clients: Thomas Butler
  • Country: Ireland
Nov 08,2019
The best holiday in a long time.
Everything went very smoothly the hotel's that were booked for us where top class, the travel arrangements by high speed rail and by air went without a hitch. The tour that Kelly our travel guide advised us hit all the major destinations in the 13 days that we had available such as Guilin, Chengdu, Xian and Shanghai. The tour guides where very knowledgeable and spoke good English and looked after us very well they also advised us as to what to see in the cities at night.
The drivers used for bringing us around where pleasant and kept their car's very clean.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Travel China Guide for organising a trip to China.
  • Clients: Roshan
  • Country: United Kingdon
Nov 07,2019
If you are in Beijing for a very short period of time and want to discover the main and very best highlight of the city, then please just go right ahead and book yourself on this tour. The price makes perfect sense, if not worth every penny. As promised very small group (only 7 in our group). Comfortable van for transport. Our guide, Kevin, was brilliant throughout. He was very thorough and patient also a very good photo skills. Thank you very much Kevin for the great experience, and also Thanks to Travel China Guide.
  • Clients: Oxonboy
  • Country: UK
Nov 07,2019
Travel China Guide (TCG) organised a 16 night private tour for us to Shanghai-Beijing-Pingyao-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin and Yangshuo in October 2019. They arranged for internal travel by high speed train, booked hotels and various guided activities. We arranged our own flights to/from China and extensions to the tour to Hong Kong and Singapore. TCG were good value for money when compared with other Chinese travel agencies and about 40% less than I was quoted by well known UK travel companies for the same itinerary. I would have no hesitation recommending them.

Their guides were friendly, helpful and generally knowledgable. Most spoke and understood good English. Some went beyond the agreed itinerary and arranged additional activities for us.

Our travel consultant was Kelly Wang who was first class. I first contacted Kelly in September 2018 with a fairly detailed itinerary and worked with her by email on six iterations of the itinerary before paying a deposit in mid November 2018 for a tour that started in mid October 2019. She was always responsive, no more so than when I had to call her when we were in China to re-arrange our tour when we had a problem at one of the hotels we'd chosen.

Highlights of our tour were Beijing (Forbidden City, Tianamen Sq) and the Great Wall, Xian (Terracotta Army) and Chengdu (Panda Research Station). They all exceeded our expectations. If i was planning the trip again I'd skip Pingyao (ancient walled city but touristy) and the River LI Cruise we did from Guilin to Yangshuo and spend more time in Shanghai and Beijing.

I'd also think carefully about staying in anything less than 4* hotels and be cautious about anything described as 'boutique, character or historic'.

A few other tips. Do use the high speed rail network to get around. It's world beating. Travel first class as its more comfortable (many of the trains we travelled on were very busy) and the extra cost is small by western standards. Watch out for the battery powered scooters in cities. There everywhere and you don't hear them coming, even on the footpaths! Take some cash but don't be surprised to have use your plastic more than you might think. Electronic payment using mobile phones is very widespread, much more than in Europe, even in markets. I've seen reports of Amex and other western credit cards being linked to WeChat Pay soon which will be a real boon. The TCG website is great source of useful information that I used to supplement my research with guides such s the Lonely Planet Guide.

Finally, do go and visit China. You won't regret it.
  • Clients: Kris
  • Country: UK
Nov 06,2019
First, Yori was an absolute delight to deal with! - as well as Jessica! I have ordered high valued tickets and my primary concern was: are the names on the tickets are spelled correctly, will it arrived to my hotel safely? Jessica did check (by asking passport details), this gave me peace of mind, and she updated me constantly as well. Thank you! After that, I asked her if I could book some tours, she then referred me to Yori, who was an absolute delight to deal with. He ensured all my needs were met!

I booked two tours, one to go to Great Wall and the other one to Terracotta Army. The vehicles were clean and comfortable. The drivers were always polite. Jonathan was eager to help, he was the tour guide to the Great Wall, while Lily - or i called her auntie Lily because of her warm approach and her command of information - so confident. I have exchanged WeChat (download it, it is helpful) with them. Until the day we are living Xi’an, Lily was messaging us to ensure all in order! As I said, like an Aunt.

Over all the money you paid is worth it.
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