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2020 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Josette Bosqued
  • Country: France
Mar 2,2020
During our trip we have been very surprised by the low number of french tourists visiting China, and especially of individual tourists. All our guides noticed that and were very worried about this situation. Also, as we would be very glad to share our experience with anyone (french-speaking) who wants to visit China through the TCG help!

Back to France after our 2-week wonderful tour in this marvelous country, we would like to thank you for your excellent and really professional organization and services. We are really glad you arranged so perfectly our individual tour, directly in China. Our first and most sincere acknowledgments are for Ms. Wendy Lee (TCG staff in XiAn) who organized so friendly and perfectly our tour. We would like also to transmit our best regards to the TCG staff members who received us (on Sunday!) in their office during our visit in XiAn.

All of our guides were French-speaking guides and we would like to thank TCG for providing so thoughtful attention to us, French tourists. We add all of them were perfect and so kind, very fluent in French, really efficient and we learned a lot of interesting information or anecdotal insights about dynasties paving the complex imperial China history. We are grateful to them, Ms. FanFan in Beijing, Mrs. Zhang in XiAn, Brigitte in Shanghai, and Mr. Qu on the cruise. We thank Mr. Hu in Chongqing and Mrs. Qu in Yichang for their ability to manage short transfers and changes in the program induced by delayed flights (or boat) in Chonqing and Yichang. We add a special mention for Zhang in XiAn: we really appreciated her comments during the Terracotta Warriors, Forest of Stone Steles, Great Mosque and museum visits. She enlivened our car transfers with anecdotes about the life of Empress Wu ZeTian. Our guides have done a wonderful job, they love France and French culture, and we hope more French tourists will visit China and highlight their competence.

All the cars (or minivans) were in perfect state, and all our drivers were perfectly courteous and professional and, in spite of a charged traffic, everywhere skillfully drove us in secure conditions.

Our Yangtze River cruise on the very comfortable New Century boat was outstanding and will remain an unforgettable souvenir. We were the unique French among 14 individual foreign travelers (on a total of 50 non-Chinese passengers), but we received all during the cruise a personal, courteous and delightful attention from all the ship staff. Excursions, specially the Shennong Stream cruise and the visit to the Pharaonic 3-Gorge dam, were very enjoyable.

We make some minor comments concerning the detailed organization. The chosen hotels were all very comfortable and breakfast buffets were great. We especially enjoyed two evening events, the performance of Kungfu in Beijing and Acrobatic Show in Shanghai, but less the too tourist Dynasty show in XiAn, except the great Pans pipes player. We also enjoyed most of the restaurants, even if most of the lunch meals were served in "tourist" restaurants, fortunately not overcrowded at that time.

We would certainly recommend tcg's reputed services to anyone wishing to visit this beautiful country.
  • Clients: Melanie
  • Country: United States
Mar 25,2020
My feedback on my China tour (Beijing, Xian, Yangtze, Shanghai):

I felt the meals were quite lavish, and food was always plentiful. I noticed that others preferred non-chinese food, after our second day on tour, but I enjoyed the meals throughout the tour. I enjoyed trying each region's cuisine from the Beijing KaoYa in the pancake, to the dumpling dinner in Xian. Unfortunately, we didn't fire our tongues with Chongqing Hot Pot which I've heard is fantastic!

Our tour guides were very helpful and knowledgeable about the history and current events of the places we visited. Our Beijing tour guide was conscientious about keeping us altogether. Our Xian tour guide was very informative about China's history. More importantly, I enjoyed asking our guides how China's current economic growth has impacted their lives. Their candid responses were fascinating and helped me understand the value of open communication and dialogue among people from different cultures. Thank you!

The drivers were excellent, and conscientious about cleanliness and safety. After leaving wallet and camera in the bus, the guide suggested I return to the bus to retrieve those valuable items. She phoned the driver from atop the Wall, while I ran down to get my things. The driver remotely opened the door, allowed me to get my bag, then closed the door behind me. I felt my belongings were safe in the bus, but I appreciate the effort the guide and driver went through to accommodate me. In my own country, thieves can break into tour buses and take personal belongings.It's a poor example for other tourists wanting to come to Hawaii. I really appreciate the safer environment in China.

Finally, I appreciated the “lecture” with the guide in Xian. Her explanation was informative and factual, and she did not try to paint a rosy picture of China's history. Her experiences in China and the US made her facinating to listen to and observe. I would have enjoyed spending more time with her, It provided all of us with a better understanding of China's people, its history and values and hopes for the future.
  • Clients: Adrian and Iveta Ouvry
  • Country: UK
Mar 23,2020
Here are our comments on the private tour of Beijing, Lhasa, Xian and Shanghai:

Briefly, here are the highlights and disappointments of each place: BEIJING: Forbidden City amazing, also the parks and lakes north of the Forbidden City were very nice. The Great Wall at Mutianyu was not much too full of tourists -possible to appreciate. LHASA: wonderful, the highlight of our China trip, I wish we had had more time to spend there. The only problem was the altitude - we were sick for the first 24 hours - bring paracetemol or other pain killer when you go, otherwise first night is no sleep! XIAN: also very fascinating place, much much better than Beijing, we liked it here. National museum, terracotta army, wild goose pagodas, City walls, all very interesting. SHANGHAI: a big disappointment, we did not like Shanghai at all. Very little character or history left, all modern buildings and construction, extremely boring. We wish we had not come there and spent more time in the other places instead (Tibet and Xian). The Shanghai Acrobats were spectacular, and there were some nice exhibitions at the central Museum and art galleries, but not enough to keep us occupied for three days.

Meals were in general fine, especially the Beijing Duck and pork dishes and the dumplings in Xian. One criticism was that we do not like to be in the kind of restaurant where you are left on your own in a separate room (some Chinese restaurants are like this) - this is very boring, so the best restaurants were always the ones where we were sitting outside or together with other people.

There were no complaints about any of the guides, though some were better than others. Carol (in Xian) and Lobsang (in Lhasa) were the best - very outstanding guides, and Rebecca (Shanghai) was also very nice. The best was when they were able to take the initiative to adapt the program slightly to be flexible. This is very important, because like many independent tourists, we wanted to see extra things sometimes, or to take more or less time at different places. For example in Lhasa, there was one extra monastery that we wanted to see which was not on the itinerary, and in Xian we wanted to see some examples of peasant art (also not in the plan). So when Lobsang and Carol were able to accommodate our wishes, this was very nice.

We had 4 drivers in the different locations we were visiting. They were all friendly enough and the car was clean, however the most friendly and helpful of all was the driver in Xian (sorry, can't remember his name!)

Carol and Lobsang were both very nice people and excellent guides. They showed real interest in what we wanted to do and in us in general, so we quickly felt we could trust them. It seemed that this was more than just a job for them, they really cared about the places that they were showing us, and also looked after us very carefully. In many ways they were the highlight of our holiday and I would highly recommend them to any other visitors looking for tour guides.

Thank you for helping arrange such a wonderful China trip for us.
  • Clients: Krystine K
  • Country: Australia
Mar 14,2020
Firstly let me say that without our English speaking guides we would not have been able to enjoy it as much as we did. They were great. Our guide in Xian was in our mind, the most knowledgeable but that is because he had a Masters degree, and his thesis was on the Tang Dynasty and his University major was Anthropology. He was amazing. He had so much knowledge. We also found that our guide in Shanghai, Stella, was so amiable and seemed to go out of her way to make our visit so interesting and memorable. She was a really lovely girl. In fact, I think a female can sometimes do a better job than a male. They seem to have a sixth sense about the comfort and requirements of their clients. We did however, like all our male guides and cannot say anything negative about them but somehow I think Stella was my favorite. Rahman in Chengdu was such a gentleman. We found he spoke very good English and was very easy to communicate with.

We found that in each city the guide who met us gave us information about the city we were visiting which we liked and then when we visited sites they were all very knowledgeable about them offering lots of information. We also found them very willing to answer our questions offering much knowledge and information which we liked very much. Every guide had a wealth of knowledge about each place we visited. All were different but all were very good. We were able to communicate with every guide quite well and without them we would not have enjoyed our trip as much as we did.

We enjoyed the local food they organized for us very much because as foreigners we would not know what to order. They were very tasty. The environment and service at the restaurants was very good. We really enjoyed the Tang Dynasty Dinner in Xian very much.

The hotels were of a 'good' standard. The breakfast which was buffet style certainly offered a huge variety of food, Asian and Western so we were able to find some food which we could enjoy. The Guilin Grand Bravo Hotel was the highlight of all of our hotels. We would recommend it 100% to all travelers especially foreign travelers. We have already recommended it to our son who lives in Beijing; we were so impressed with it. It is a beautiful hotel. We found that if we had a complaint such as in Xian where we requested a room change due to the strong unpleasant smell in the room, they were very obliging and moved us to another room. The hotel service was also very good, especially when they consider that areas we were traveling in are not so often frequented by foreigners. The rooms were clean, the sheets were white and clean and we understand that were the best standard available in those cities.

Our visit to the Great Wall was so interesting because we interacted with so many of the local people there. The visit to panda base was great as well, not to mention the Terra Cotta Warriors. They were all so interesting.

Highly recommend this tour!!
  • Clients: Marino Visinko
  • Country: Australia
Mar 11,2020
Having traveled to many different places and regions, we found China very special. With our friendly and helpful tourguides and the interesting historical sites, we could just enjoy. The knowledge, patience, expertise of both tour guides and tour operators were deeply appreciated. We had not traveled in China prior so we very much appreciated having their assistance which made the entire tour a most memorable experience. Having a feeling of complete safety, that we were getting expert information about the fantastic museums and other tour inclusions, and being informed of a great optional extra - the performance after the Dumpling Dinner in Xian is something worth recommending to others. We have two other things to recommend to other travelers: 1) get TravelChinaGuide to organize flights - we arranged our own only to discover our flights via Beijing to Xian were not actual transfers which caused us confusion and time wasted, and 2) try to have a tour that is longer than 8 days to have some free time incorporated, but as we did not have the luxury of more time the 8 days was our choice this time. Our sincere thank to TCG for making this tour something we can keep in our hearts and minds forever.
  • Clients: Corrie
Mar 10,2020
Everything about our China trip was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting Emily in Xian very much. The Beijing peking duck restaurant was an outstanding event and very enjoyable. I also very much enjoyed the lunch at the "auspicious restaurant"--the restaurant was beautiful and the food was wonderful. I also enjoyed the food very much at the small sichuan restaurant where we ate just before leaving Chengdu. I enjoyed the food very much and the intimate atmosphere of the small restaurant gave me the impression that I was actually in Chengdu rather than an onlooker. So for me it is a tie between the auspicious and the sichuan restaurant for my favorite. I think that for a tour group of just the two of us, we often had way more food than we could possibly eat-- a menu that must have been designed for 4-6 people.

Changfugong Hotel in Beijing is absolutely a great choice. I was very impressed with their facilities. Eating breakfast there every morning was so much fun -- we got to try so many Asian breakfast foods presented so appetizingly and still could fall back on our own western cuisine when we needed to have something familiar. It is an excellent hotel.

All of our guides were wonderful. Their English and knowledge of the areas being toured were excellent. I can say very nice things about all of them. Candy and Mr.kong were helpful, flexible, and stalwart against the Beijing traffic. Lily and Mr. wong were really good. Again they were flexible and enjoyable to be with. Lily's English is excellent and her knowledge of Xian made our visit there better than if we had been there on our own. Ting Ting and Mr. lu gave us a great short tour of Shanghai and then drove us out to Wuzen for the day. It was a lovely outing and Ting Ting shared with us what treats to buy for families to celebrate spring. We got to try things we would not have eaten on our own. Ting Ting helped me ship some souvenirs home at the post office and got me to the museum and dinner and to the portman acrobatic show all on time. Paul and Mr. liang showed us a marvelous time in Chengdu. I could not have asked for a better guide. He was very willing to discuss subjects that interest me like the Chinese and English languages, food, and culture. We felt very comfortable and in good hands in Paul's company. We were very sad to say goodbye to both Paul and Liang when it was time to get on the airplane for Hongkong. Everyone of our tour guides English was excellent. We had no problem communicating with them and with their help anyone else in china. I know that each of our guides enhanced our experience of the places we saw.

The cars we drove in were immaculate at all times. There was always a nice bottle of water for us morning and afternoon. I must say I enjoyed riding in the "red flag" sedan in Xian because it is a Chinese car and one I had never seen before. However familiar the other cars and vans were, they were perfect for their jobs and I always felt secure in them. The drivers have great skills -- I went to China looking forward to amazing traffic and I was not disappointed!
  • Clients: Janice
  • Country: USA
Mar 3,2020
We are here pleased to give our comments on our recent China travel by offering some tour details. Generally, we were satisfied with this tour organization, for example, food, hotels, tour guides etc. Overall we very much enjoyed the meals provided, the most enjoyed was the Dumpling Dinner on day 5, although Chinese food was not to our western taste. We found the Dumpling Dinner not only delicious but our waitress explained the meal and pointed out the humorous shapes of the dumplings. We had our guides, John, Susan, Helen and Ryan. They were so knowledgeable about the history of their country and offered us valuable information in a timely, professional manner. Helen in Guilin was especially very helpful in relation to my slight disability and both her and the driver, Mr Chen, ensured my safety when getting in and out of the vehicle. Our Shanghai guide Ocean's knowledge of the English language and pronunciation was easy for us to understand, and where there was slight difficulty Ocean would repeat with patience so that we did understand. The drivers are very safe, patient and experienced driver. The traffic in China is more chaotic than we are used to, but we never felt unsafe in their hands. The cars were clean at all times and there was more than sufficient bottled water provided. The hotels we stayed at is worth mentioning as they were very comfortable and clean, with lots of choices for breakfasts (and other meals). We have traveled extensively and have a lot to compare this tour with and TravelChinaGuide should be pleased to have John, Susan, Helen and Ryan on board.
  • Clients: Kersti
Mar 2,2020
Now that I am back home, this trip was absolutely great! Everything about it more than met all my expectations. The stay in Chengdu before getting to Shanghai was a highlight of the tour for me as Lewis (who took care of the stranded group) took us to visit the Panda Preserve! The small size of the groups is really a plus. In our case, we were even more fortunate in that the 13 of us really got along great. And the mix of nationalities made it interesting. The hotels were outstanding. And the guides Candy in Beijing, Carol in Xian, Lewis in Chengdu, and the guide in Shanghai not only spoke English very well but were also all very informative, personable, and accommodating. As an example, when leaving Xian, our bus broke down about 1/2 mile from the airport and Carol got us to the airport by flagging down taxis (including some with passengers already in them!). Instead of a bad moment, it became another one of those great stories to tell about our visit! It was great to actually meet Wendy, as we have enjoyed our E-Mail contacts with her over the past 8 months. This company does a great job of keeping us informed! Thanks so much for a very memorable time! This trip to China will always be one of my favorite journeys!
  • Clients: Wayne
  • Country: United States
Mar 1,2020
It has been about 2 months since we returned, and we can finally offer some comments for you if you are considering to take this tour.
In the tour, the lunches and the dinner we had at restaurants were of excellent quality. The best of these was the farewell lunch at Shanghai, with both an extensive selection and high quality. In general, we found the quantity of food offered at these meals was far too much! We were always disappointed that so much food was left. As the trip progressed, we told the guides that we would order one or two dishes fewer than we could have ordered. The dumpling banquet in Xian was excellent, but the quantity of food was overwhelming! There was enough to feed a platoon of PRC soldiers! Regarding the hotel breakfast buffets, the quality slowly deteriorated as the tour progressed. The hotel in Beijing had a great buffet. By the end of the trip, we found the buffet at the hotel in Shanghai was not very good, with a small selection and disorganized staff (but a very good room).
All the guides had English language skills that ranged from good to excellent.
All the drivers were excellent and their cars were clean and in excellent condition.
As it turned out, we had some extra time before leaving Shanghai. It was a rainy morning, and Linda had recommended some good places to us for that extra time. We found a few great, unusual souveniers of our self trip.
We were deeply touched by the prompt and passionate work of our guides, drivers as well as other staff who made their efforts to serve us in China. 5 stars marks for TravelChinaGuide!
  • Clients: Glenn
  • Country: Canada
Feb 28,2020
I have just came back from China. Would we recommend this tour? Certainly, yes. There were many surprises along the way. We came with certain ideas about China and the people, and were pleasantly surprised that many of them were wrong. We came to see for ourselves. Even in 16 days, it was more than we could see and fully understand. It took us a couple of weeks after we returned home to really appreciate and understand all we had seen. At some future time, we would like to return to China again. Thanks, travelChinaguide.
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