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2020 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Marianne
  • Country: France
Jan 20,2020
First, let me express how much I enjoyed my vacation. Their planning and thoughtfulness truly made my journey to China a memorable treasure that I will often remember fondly. I especially want to thank my tour consultants for their time, hard work, dedication, expertise and kindness, which made my journey both delightful and pleasurable. Secondly, let me assure that a very important reason for me choosing TravelChinaGuide was, because they offer small group tours. I personally don't like to travel with large groups. I think this is a very strong selling point, which sets their company apart from other tour business groups and I know many people will be willing to take advantage of small group option. Also, I believe the guides finds the small groups more to their preference because, they can establish a greater, stronger customer relationship. I enjoyed my tour very much and am looking forward to my next vacation.
  • Clients: Max Garrick
  • Country: United States
Jan 18,2020
We have just returned from our journey. It was even more fantastic than we had hoped. Our thanks and appreciation. Our guides and drivers were excellent and dedicated. The vehicle was stout and strong. Hats off to our drivers. We have only praise about everything. All the accommodations were far, far better than we anticipated, and everyone was kind and gracious. No unfriendly people were ever encountered. China was fascinating, but chokingly polluted. The tour guides there and transportation were excellent, and I shall never forget a minute of the constant surprises and enchantment of the entirety of our adventure. Thank you. It was the "wow" of my life.
  • Clients: Helena Afonso
  • Country: Portugal
Jan 17,2020
Very perfect organization on our tour! The days spent in Beijing were wonderful and even an extra dinner was given to us to compensate the disappoitment time of arrival in China. We loved the capital and I was fascinated with the extraordinary great wall scenery full of people from all over the world! The food we ate after the visit, I remember a sichuanese speciality, very hot but delicious...... In Xian Celine was awaiting for us at airport. The food was first class in every restaurant, the massage center she indicated to us was also excellent and recovered our dead feet...... after so much walking around the places. The night-show with the traditional ancient chinese dances were superb, we enjoyed every minute. The last 2 days in Shanghai were also fascinating, I loved this modern city also. I feel like mention as well the perfect hotels everywhere, not only in the capitals but in Xian and Shanghai. Also the clean public surfaces, in airports, hotels, banks, shopping centers etc...were outstanding. I must copngratulate Chinese people for the extraordinary service they are offering to tourists and foreigners, I will dare to stay, this country is a poential NO.1 tourist place in the future. Many many thanks for everything you have given to me!
  • Clients: Bill Kerwin
  • Country: USA
Jan 16,2020
We would recommend TravelChina to others. Having you take care of all the planning details allowed us to focus on just having fun and enjoy China's beauty.
All of our worries disappeared the moment Kitty, our Beijing guide, greeted us at the airport. For the following three days, she and our driver showed us the many fascinating sites around Beijing including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace.
We then flew to Xian, and at the last day in Xian, we choose to travel to Huashan. The rock formations and canyons were incredible. The views were somewhat similar to Yosemite National Park in the United States. It's hard to describe in words the true beauty of the Mountain. The trails and bridges were also amazing. We must have climbed 10,000 stairs. All of the trails were made of stone. The individuals who built the trails were artist making them look like logs to match the natural environment. Unfortunately, there was a slight mix up at Guilin airport, when our guide, Jenny, accidentally picked up another couple instead of us. However another guide helped us out and we got to our hotel that evening safely. The following morning everything was cleared up and we were on our way. Jenny was very knowledgeable and her English was excellent. We enjoyed her company very much. The hotel was less desirable than the other hotels that we stayed at but, the incredible scenery definitely made up for it. Thank you so much for all of your help. We had an unforgettable holiday.
  • Clients: Margaret
  • Country: UK
Jan 16,2020
This organization was helpful to the very end of our trip. We were satisfied with all our guides. We also were very pleased with their selection of the hotels for our stay in China. The facilities were excellent and the management of the hotels were extremely helpful. They also had done a very good service in providing for our restaurant meals during our tours. The food was very good and we enjoyed the atmosphere of the places they had selected. We have traveled to a great many countries of the world and we have never received better assistance! Thanks for all of the help..
  • Clients: Dr. Kalman
  • Country: US
Jan 14,2020
I just returned from my China trip 3 days ago. After I finished the tour, I went to Putuoshan on my own. I had a marvelous time in Putuoshan. It is fascinating, the food is good and the trip is not very difficult. Also, the hotels are quite nice. I had 3 guides on my trip. My guide in Shanghai was a delightful young lady named Si-Si ( not her real name, but the name I called her). She was extremely knowledgable and very friendly. The lunch was just adequate. Dinner was very good and in fine restaurants. There was only one problem- I had to eat alone. The hotel in Xian was fine. The rooms were beautiful, large and the view from my room -1501 was pectacular! The location at Renaissance Shanghai was so convenient! By the way, I ran into a neighbor and his family from Glendale, California while in Yu Yuan Garden: it truly is a small world!
  • Clients: Jones
  • Country: Australia
Jan 12,2020
We would highly recommend TCG Tours to any of our friends and will definitely use TCG Tours when we return to China. We were treated with complete honesty and fairness in all dealings, and they made our trip into China very easy. In fact, we waited until the last minute to book the tour due to the failing health of my wife's 99 year old Father which resulted in us being unable to get the economy air fare to Beijing. Instead we had to buy the business class fare which was more money. Then, a few days later and to our surprise, TCG emailed us to let us know that 2 economy seats had come available and we could save money by switching from business class to economy! How many times will a tour operator do something like that? TCG showed their integrity by allowing us to switch. However, we did NOT switch and were glad we paid more as the business class seats on the right side of the airplane gave us a better view. It is scary to go into a foreign country with only some electronic tickets and the promise that a travel agency will have hotel rooms, guides, tours, cars, airline tickets, etc., all waiting for you. TCG did just that. The scariest moment was when we arrived in Beijing with 25,000 Chinese crowding all the walkways and exits and trying to find our guide. However, as soon as we walked out of the station there was our guide ready to take our hand, another seamless transition thanks to TCG. We give TCG our highest recommendation.
  • Clients: Ling Ling
  • Country: Singapore
Jan 11,2020
Here are the feedback on our journey.

On our itinerary, we have requested not to have meals arranged so that we could have more flexibility with our dining choices. All the guides have given us good suggestions on where to eat and what local delicacies to try. We are happy with all the meals we had. All the guides were very professional and obliging. All the guides could converse in English well. The drivers were very experienced and most diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of their cars. Thanks to them, we were able to ride safely and comfortably throughout the journey. (1)Tracy at Xi'an. On our 2nd day in Xi'an, one of our friends could not continue his trip and had to return home immediately due to an urgent family matter. Our tour guide, Tracy, was exceedingly helpful in arranging for my friend to return home at the earliest possible time. Thanks to her initiatives and coordination, my friend flew home on the same evening. At the same time, the rest of us could continue our journey without much disruptions. (2) Linda at Beijing. Linda was always thoughtful and attentive to our needs throughout the 3 days we spent together. She surprised us by arranging a cake for my friend, Louise, as soon as she knew it was her birtrhday on 22 Dec. We were very touched by her kind gesture (and that of the agency) and it meant so much to us that our dear friend's birthday was celebrated as a "grand affair" even when we are so far away from home. (3) Li Xia at Shanghai. Li Xia was absolutely fun to be with. She was more like a friend than a tour guide to us, not only briefing us on the background and history of places we visit but also sharing her experience growing up in Shanghai and working as a tour guide. Whenever the bus ride was long, she would keep us occupied by pointing out interesting sites along the way so that we would not feel bored. Her organisational skills were excellent as she could accomodate our various requests most of the time and she was especially considerate with our photography requirements, finding us the most scenic spots for the best photographs. Thank you very much to you and your colleagues for the wonderful arrangements.
  • Clients: Hugh C. Daly
  • Country: US
Jan 10,2020
I am writing this to praise and thank all of the people of TravelGuideChina who were so helpful to my daughter and to me during our recent trip to China and my hospitalization with a severe and sudden illness. Our tour guide, Candy and our driver, Colin during our tour of Beijing and my hospitalization did their best to help me. They became our friends just a few minutes after they welcomed us upon our arrival at the Beijing Airport. They really wanted us to enjoy our visit to Beijing and they certainly succeeded. It was like visiting the historic places of the city with young friends who wanted to be with us and to be helpful in every way. I am 88 years old and Candy took very special care of me as we walked through the historic sites. She said I reminded her of her grandfather and I thought of her as a granddaughter who really cared about me. We enjoyed telling both Candy and Colin of our life in the United States and of learning something of their lives in China. When I became seriously ill in my hotel room just before living for Xian, Colin came to my room and provided necessary assistance to my daughter, who was seeking to have me transported to the hospital. We were both very grateful for his help at a critical time. Throughout my hospital stay both Candy and Colin remained in close touch with my daughter and were very helpful to her. Candy even stayed in the city so that she could be with my daughter in the evening when she otherwise would be alone. Both Candy and Colin were friends when she needed some assistance. We hope that we can remain in touch with these two young people and I would be very pleased if they could visit my home, that is a short distance from Washington, DC. Candy also assisted my daughter in making arrangement for her continue stay at the hotel while I was hospitalized and she was there to help in any way when we were leaving the hotel for the airport. Colin drove us to the airport and when we arrived at the very busy terminal we were immediately greeted by one of your people who had a porter waiting to take us to the proper area, that avoided some very long lines. That was an impressive experience for both my daughter and me. You were so helpful and efficient. I highly recommend your company.
  • Clients: George & Kathleen B.
  • Country: Canada
Jan 07,2020
Full evaluation follows.

1. Maggie (tour guide) in Beijing was better than excellent. She was knowledgeable about nearly every topic and her attitude was a perfect 10. We loved her and would like to bring her to Canada to work at our business. She is everything you could hope for in a tour guide (or any other job). She always looked out for us whether we were in the car, in a crowd, at a site, or dining. Great English. Attractive and fashionably dressed. Always on time. Great attitude and always positive. She is simply the best. The car and driver were also very good. In Tibet we were very happy with Bamba as he was almost as good as Maggie although that would be next to impossible. Bamba would be given a 9.9 rating as we reserve a perfect 10 for Maggie. Bamba was also everything we could hope for in a guide. He had excellent knowledge of every topic, was always courteous and helpful, and made us feel very safe and at home in Lhasa. Our tour of the Potala Palace was fantastic and he did an exceptional job of pacing us on the many stairs so we were never winded, and he worked us through the crowds so we always felt like we had time to see everything. The hotel was excellent. The hallways are full of museum pieces, the lobby has beautiful works of art and locals playing musical instruments, the staff is first class, the room was very good although they need to put in 100 watt bulbs instead of 40 watt bulbs so you could actually see at night, and the food was very good. We really liked the hotel (especially the great attitude of the staff) and would highly recommend it although it is not as close to the city center as other hotels. The first night both my wife and I got ill from the altitude change and used the hotel Dr. to help us. He did a fine job of assisting us and personally brought us an oxygen tank to our room and helped us get it hooked up. We believe it did help us get over our severe headaches and by the next morning we were nearly back to normal although we did continue to have a slight headache the 2nd day.

2. Meals were fine although the one in Xi’an was just OK. The meals with Sophie in Shanghai were very good, but it may have been because we enjoyed being with Sophie which made the food seem better;

3. Cars: Cars in Beijing & Shanghai were very good; car in Tibet was OK but a little worn out; car in Xi’an made us feel unsafe as it appeared the shock absorbers were worn out and we were a little concerned for our safety and we would not use that car again.
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