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2003 Customer Reviews

  • Clients: The Cogen Family
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
Dec 23,2003
Mr. Chen and Dragon were most accommodating. We always felt very safe and comfortable in the van. They were always prompt and cheerful. We asked to make a stop at the Motorcycle City and they arranged the visit easily. Dragon had many extra stories to tell us to help made the history come to life!

All in all, our trip to China was quite wonderful! Thank you!
  • Clients: Ms. Inmaculada Ruiz
  • Country: Spain
Dec 17,2003
This is Inmaculada Ruiz writing in the name of the six people that traveled to Xian last weekend with the spanish-speaking guide, just to thank you and congratulate you for the perfect trip that you organized for us. We would like to specially congratulate the guide for the great job she made.
  • Clients: Mr. Nelson Tharp & Ms. Ellen Estelle Tharp
  • Country: United States
Dec 11,2003
Thank you for your holiday greeting message. We did not go to Beijing but did take the Yangtze River trip and enjoyed it very much. The boat only had 21 passengers on this trip so we had plenty of service.

We greatly appreciated your efforts to make all the arrangements. The guides you provided in Chongqing(John Lu) and in Wuhan (I forgot his name) were both very good and made the visit interesting.

Best wishes for the coming year.
  • Clients: Mr. Thomas Jude Tewey & Mr. Stephanna M Tewey
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
Nov 26,2003
We highly recommend Travel China Guide for visiting China. Our guide Miss Zhao was a very good teacher. We will be very glad to share our experiences with anyone who wants to take a China trip.

Dear Miss Zhao,

Thanks you for your excellent tour of Xian. We learned a lot about the history of China, even though we read books. Your explorations helped us to understand what we were seeing. You have a very pleasant way of being a guide which we greatly appreciated. We really enjoyed he museum and visiting the Terracotta Warriors. Xian truly presents a world wonder. All in all, we like all the arrangements your agent made for us.

Xie Xie!
Stephanna & Tom Tewey
  • Clients: Mr. Roger David Bancroft
  • Country: Australia
  • Email:
Nov 22,2003
I arrived home last night, and as promised am responding to your request, relating to my tour with your company.

I will start with a most sincere thank you. I found my dealings with your company excellent, and would have no hesitation recommending your company most highly to any one and everyone who would wish to know.

The only very minor points, I could suggest to improve my journey would have been:
1. The English speaking guide in Wuhan was less than perfect, communication was a little difficult, but we got by OK.
2. Chongqing was a lost day. No ones fault, but an earlier flight out would have been better.

These comments are offerred in good faith. I am very impressed with your company, and would rate you 99/100. I will happily use you again.

Thank you for your wonderful service.
  • Clients: Mr. Gerald Kimata
  • Country: United States
Nov 17,2003
I am back home safely with no problems, and I want to thank you for the assistance and follow up you did in letting me know about the airline schedule changes, and of course the tickets which were temporarily lost at the Beijing Hotel. Once I talked to the assistant manager and he found the Express Mail entry, I was sure the tickets would be found before we had to leave Beijing, so I did not worry very much. It also helped to have you dealing directly with the hotels management Im sure.

This event also confirmed my belief that you are very thorough and you want to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied with the arrangements made. And, I was completely satisfied with your arrangements, and we had a wonderful time in your country. China has advanced so far from eight years ago when my brother visited, that I will have to tell him how much better prepared China is for visitors.

Thank you again, and I will be contacting you early next year, for my next visit in connection with the Mongolia trip.
  • Clients: Dr. and Mrs. Robert Krone
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
Nov 8,2003
We were very pleased and impressed with the 4-Day Yangtse River Tour, 9-12 Nov 03. Travel China Guide from the first contact was very effective and efficient in planning the details, in communicating to us, and in insuring that we were met by agents in Chongqing, Yichang and Wuhan. The Staff of the East King did an excellent job in all respects. We would be happy to provide our positive views to any prospective customer and are sending this to our Travel Agent, Carol Harper, in Arizona, California.
  • Clients: Mr. Alan Phillip Booker
  • Country: British
Nov 8,2003
Many apologies for taking so long to reply. I had a lot to catch up with when I got back home!!! First of all I would like to say thank you very much for all your help in setting up the trip, answering all my questions so promptly. It was very good service, and the trip was very enjoyable. All the arrangements went very smoothly. I would certainly recommend your services to anybody wishing to visit China. Some comments to make: The size of the group was just right. Small groups are best. The fact that you can do different things is also a very interesting way to organize thing, for example some of us went to Tibet, some went to Guilin. It was very nice to meet back up again and exchange stories about our different trips. The standard of hotels was very good. I always prefer a hotel to be in the centre of a city, so I would have preferred a more central hotel in Shanghai and Xian, but the quality was very good. All the facilities in Lhasa hotel, guide etc were a little lower quality than in other cities, but it was ok. They are clearly the best that Lhasa has to offer. It may just be a good idea to warn people to expect lower quality in this part of a trip. For example, a 4-star hotel in Lhasa is not the same as a 4-star hotel in Shanghai. The guide did not speak such good English as the other guides, but again he seemed to be as good as or better than any other we saw in Lhasa. We gave him top marks in his survey, but would say he was not as good as the guides in the other cities. Talking of meals, this was the one small disappointment for me from the trip. I would also like to have been able to choose what I eat, rather than having a set selection of food provided? We never got to choose from menu. On our last night in Xian Echo took us to a different restaurant near the hotel, which was not on the plan I dont think? That was very good of her and it was a very good meal. I would have liked to do this more often. Overall it was a great trip. Finally I cannot go without saying something about Ms. Zhao in Xian. All of our guides were good, were very knowledgeable and helped us a lot. But she was the best and is the best guide I have had on any trip! Her English was fantastic and she was able to describe so much, not just about the sites we were visiting, it really made things so much better and her jokes were good too! You are very lucky to have her working for you. Once again many thanks for providing me with an excellent, enjoyable and smooth trip. I hope to speak to you again in future if I get the opportunity to visit China again, which I certainly want to do.
  • Clients: Mr. Mark Ian Williams, Mr. Ian and Daphne Williams & Ms. Daphne Ethel Williams
  • Country: Australia
  • Email:
Nov 7,2003
I was going to send you feedback on our trip to Sichuan, which my parents and I found wonderful.

From start to finish the trip ran very smoothly. Every point of organization was satisfactory or more than satisfactory. Our guide worked very hard to meet our needs and was knowledgeable about all the things and places we visited. The driver supplied was of the very highest caliber, which was a great comfort, since the road we travelled was sometimes fairly dangerous.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we thank you for your efficient, professional and economical organization which helped us to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Jiuzhaigou and other parts of Sichuan. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Travel China Guide to anybody who wants to see China!
  • Clients: Mrs. Dorit Duzman & Mr. Efraim Duzman
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
Nov 5,2003
It was good to meet with you, Winnie, finally. The tour that you arranged for my husband and myself was very well organized. First, it was very nice to come to a new place, and to find that there was always a guide waiting for us with a sign. All the guides were on time, so we immediately could get in the car and drive to the city. I also think that starting from the north, which is the coldest place, Beijing, at this time of the year, and continue to the south was a very smart idea. In addition, we enjoyed having the Yangtze river cruise in the middle of the trip, which gave us a little of resting time was very thoughtful. I think that for a first time visit in China we saw most of the important and interesting sights in your beautiful country, and we were fascinated by the sceneries, people, art, rich history and culture. Overall it was an unforgettable experience, and I thank you very much for making it so memorable for myself and for my husband. I hope to be in touch with you in the future.