2015 China Train Reviews

  • Clients: Mr.Maunier P.
  • Country: France
Oct. 21, 2015
First of all, thanks for all the assistance during the booking, your replies were really fast and clear, very professional.
We managed to get the tickets from Shenzhen North station although there was a lot of people (Golden week) and we could feel people were a bit pushy. There are no english signs or english speaking people at the station, so it is better to know a few words of Chinese before going there.
The train trip was perfect, even better than what I have seen in France. We were in second class first, then first class for the return trip. First class is a great deal as the price difference between 2nd and 1st is very small, the seats are really big and comfortable with a lot of room for the feet. I would recommend to everybody to choose first class. Second class is also very good, seats are a bit less large, but it is as expected for a 2nd class ticket. The train trip from Shenzhen to Guilin is nice, beautiful scenery, and the car was very quiet. Overall, I would say we had a great experience from the booking to the train trip, so thanks again to the travelchinaguide:)
  • Clients: Mrs.Nancy L.
  • Country: United States of America (America)
Oct. 18, 2015
We are home in the US after 12 days in China with 6 students and 3 teachers. It was a fabulous trip and we owe all of the smooth transportation from one place to the next to you and Travel China Guide. Every flight, train ride, and van transport that you arrange for us was perfect. The kids loved the high speed train from Beijing to Zhuzhou and had a great time getting to know other travelers on the train trip from Zhuzhou to Zhangjiajie. Our van to the Great Wall in Mutainyu was right on time, comfortable, and gave us plenty of time to explore. I have used other travel companies in China, but will always only use TCG from now on. The scheduling, payment, and delivery service was flawless. Knowing that I have you to depend on will make planning our next student trip a great pleasure. I've attached a couple of train photos for you to share. Thank you so much.
  • Clients: Mrs.Victoria
  • Country: Mexico
Oct. 12, 2015
This is the first time I used your services and I was very pleased Larissa Cheng was very helpful and always respond quickly also she gave me very good suggestions when I need to make a change in my reservations. Thank you so much Larissa for everything! and TravelChinaGuide you are trully a great travel agency.
The train Journeys where better than what I expected. They are in time, everything is in order and clean and that really surprised me because with so many people boarding and going it can be an easy task to keep everything clean. The trains are very comfortable and have plenty of room.
Since you go trough security and checking your ticket is fast, very polite and easy going, the waiting rooms are easy to find and when you are ready to board is goes smooth it s really a great way to travel there is almost no waiting and the train journey are awesome!
I would highly recommend TravelChinaGuide, I booked my train Journeys with them and where very helpful and had no problem with any of my journeys. They answer all of your questions fast and with real solutions.
  • Clients: Mr.Craig G.
  • Country: United States of America
Sep. 22, 2015
There were twelve passengers traveling on the high speed train from Taiyuan South to Beijing West train station. I was thoroughly impressed at the efficiency of TravelChinaGuide and the helpfulness of their staff, especially Larissa Cheng! The online booking was so simple and easy! She was very thorough with her making sure we were ready and had all the information we needed. The check in process was so easy and the waiting area was very big with many shops and restaurants. My team and I really enjoyed our travel, we traveled in VIP and it was so comfortable and relaxing. Actually in retrospect, I would have preferred to travel to Taiyuan via high speed train rather than the airline that we took. If we come back to China, I will definitely be using TravelChinaGuide. Thank you very much.
  • Clients: Mr.Roserens F.
  • Country: Switzerland
Sep. 21, 2015
Our travel in China was very beautiful. Your service was really perfect and very easy to organize our travel in China. The travel with the train in China was a great experience, the train was really clean and very modern. It was easy to find the train station, the platform and the place number in a train. It was the best choice for our trip in China (easy and fast).
  • Clients: Mr.JULIO D.
  • Country: Argentina
Sep. 08, 2015
Dear Monica, I have just returned to my country after a wonderful trip to China. My train and plane journeys have been smooth and pleasant, as with your kind assistance it was very easy to get the tickets and made all the arrangements. Trains have improved a lot in China in recent years. Long trips take fewer time than ever, and more useful facilities are offered. As expected, lots of people are travelling in China, and english is not spoke everywhere, so at first sight it seems difficult to have transport arrangements in a non-organized trip. But all have been made easy with your help. Sure I will request your services again.
  • Clients: Mr.Leonforte A.
  • Country: Italy
Aug. 28, 2015
We highly recommend to tourists to take fast trains in China because it is a fun and easy way to reach your destination.
For non-Chinese speakers it is necessary to book in advance your train tickets as it can be very difficult to buy them at the train stations. In this respect, we had a great experience with Travel China Guide because their website is precise and easy to understand, they delivered our tickets directly at our first hotel in China and sent us frequent feedback emails in English.We highly recommend them!
  • Clients: Ms.Jackson
  • Country: Australia
Aug. 27, 2015
We were very happy with the bookings and the way in which they were handled by your staff online. All the bookings were correct and we were able to retrieve the tickets at the stations easily through the pick up numbers.
It was suggested that we get all of our tickets at our first port of call, which we attempted to do however due to lack of Chinese on our part it was not easy to convey and was only partially successful. As feedback if one is wanting to do that be aware that there is a 10 yuan fee for each ticket from other stations.
What we found was the best was to go immediately to the ticket office when we arrived at a destination to get the next ticket out, this usually had very short queues and didn't incur the extra costs
The trains were overall excellent and mostly on time, we had only one train very late at the destination. The checking in was very efficient and it was easy to find allocated seats. The bullet train was superb and for sleepers the soft sleeper is the way to go.
The hard seat areas tend to get very crowded as many standing passengers are allowed in those compartments but for short journeys they are ok albeit very noisy.
  • Clients: Mrs.LECLAIR O.
  • Country: France
Jul. 23, 2015
We had a great time, and we did appreciate a lot your service. Very quick answer, very reactive, help to change the tickets twice. We are very satisfied and I would recommend your service to other people. The train was fun and nice, we were with a Chinese family, we had a lot of fun with kids playing together.
  • Clients: Ms.PALABRICA N.
  • Country: Philippines
Jul. 13, 2015
Thanks for the help in booking my train tickets. I had no problems picking them up from Shanghai South Train Station and I did not have to pay extra fees even though I picked up my other tickets for the other cities as well. With regards to the checking in and out procedures, I think you covered everything in the email you sent me with the pickup numbers. I was really happy I booked with you because it made it easy for me and I had no issues. I guess what I can share with other passengers are as follows: when you guys booked me my tickets, I got the middle bunk for hard sleeper and the lower bunk for the soft sleeper. I actually prefer the middle bunk in the hard sleeper area because travellers in China seem to consider the lower bunk a common area when it is not yet evening so they tend to sit on the lower bunk even though they do not own it. They only go to their own bunks when it's time to sleep.
The good thing with the lower bunk in soft sleeper is that the owner of the lower bunk has access to the electric socket the whole time. Other bunks may of course use the socket but having it near you is a plus. From what I have seen, I will never try booking the highest bunk in the hard sleeper area because head room is almost non-existent.
All in all, I'm happy with the spaces booked for me. For next time, I should remember packing my own food because even though there is food on the train, the sellers pass by so quickly and even if they walk slow, you have limited options.