Winter in China – Weather & Tour Tips

When is the winter in China?

The winter in China is generally from December to February of next year, lasting around three months. In some southern areas, it is shorter while in the north, it is longer. 

What is the weather like in China in winter?

China winter temperature is the lowest around the whole year. In the north, it can be chilly cold and dry with some snow and windy days. In the south, it is humid and cold. 

Average Low Temperature: -1°C / 30°F
Average High Temperature: 8°C / 46°F
Average Rainfall: 95mm
Average Rainy Days: 8 Days
The coldest cities in China in winter: Harbin: -24°C (-11°F)
The hottest cities in China in winter: Sanya: 27°C (81°F) 

Winter Temperatures of Major Chinese Cities

December January February
Beijing -6 - 4°C / 21 - 39°F -9 - 2°C / 16 - 36°F - 6 - 5°C / 21 - 41°F
Xi'an -3 - 6°C / 27 - 43°F -4 - 5°C / 25 - 41°F -1 - 8°C / 30 - 46°F
Shanghai 2 - 11°C / 36 - 52°F 1 - 8°C / 34 - 46°F 2 - 8°C / 36 - 46°F
Guilin 7 - 15°C / 45 - 59°F 5 - 12°C / 41 - 54°F 7 - 13°C / 45 - 55°F
Guangzhou 11 - 21°C / 52 - 70°F 10 - 18°C / 50 - 64°F 12 - 19°C / 54 - 66°F
Hong Kong 15 - 21°C / 59 - 70°F 14 - 19°C / 57 - 66°F 14 - 19°C / 57 - 66°F
Chengdu 5 - 11°C / 41 - 52°F 3 - 9°C / 37 - 48°F 5 - 11°C / 41 - 52°F
Hangzhou 4 - 11°C / 39 - 52°F 1 - 8°C / 34 - 46°F 3 - 10°C / 37 - 50°F
Suzhou 2 - 11°C / 36 - 52°F 1 - 8°C / 34 - 46°F 2 - 9°C / 36 - 48°F
Lhasa -8 - 8°C / 18 - 46°F - 9 - 7°C / 16 - 45°F - 6 - 9°C / 21 - 48°F

What should I wear?

Based on China winter weather, wearing thick and warm clothes and accessories is necessary when joining in outdoor activities, including downcoats, padded overcoats, wool sweaters, winter pants, snow boots, mouth-muffles, scarves, gloves... Generally speaking, there are central heating and air-conditioners inside hotels, restaurants and shopping malls during winter season in China. Therefore, you can take off the coats timely. Because of the different climate between Northern China and Southern China, you’d better notice the weather forecast before packing the luggage. 
China Clothes in Winter Winter Wear in China

Where can I go & what can I do? – Top Winter Destinations

If you plan to have a winter holiday in China, you can enjoy the white world covered by white snow in Northern China. You can join the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, which starts in early January, one of the winter months of China, to appreciate the ice and snow sculptures, and enjoy skiing. To escape from the cold weather, you can go to the cities in Southern China like Sanya to enjoy warm sunshine at the soft beaches. Yellow Mountain is also a good destination to admire the winter scenery including snow covered pines, sea of clouds and rimes. After, you can enjoy a bath in the hot springs to warm up. During your winter vacation in China, especially around the Christmas, you can go to Hong Kong for shopping and various celebrations. The scenery of Great Wall of China in winter is also impressive after snowing.
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Why Travel to China in Winter

Although China weather in winter is cold, there are still many advantages to travel. First of all, winter isn’t the peak tourist season in the whole year. Thus, there are fewer tourists at popular scenic areas and you can have a better sightseeing experience. Meanwhile, the travel expense is much lower because the prices of flight / train tickets, attraction entrance tickets and hotel will be on discounts. In addition, you can join in interesting ice and snow activities during this period of time.

China Winter Travel Tips & Special Precautions

 The Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) occurs in winter in China when crowds of Chinese travel from their work places to homes, or just travel for sightseeing in one of the two longest holidays of China, leading to busy transportation tools, scenic spots and hotels, etc. You are suggested to avoid travelling during this period of time. Or you need to book the transportation, accommodation and scenic area entrance tickets in advance.
 Those who plan to travel to North China or appreciate snow scenery should prepare well to keep warm and prevent frostbite.
 If necessary, please prepare some masks because the air quality of some Northern cities is not good enough.
 Take some moisturizing skin care products and drink enough water to prevent dryness during winter time in China.
  Due to China cold weather, it is easy to get a cold or fever. So preparing some common medicines is necessary.
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