China Weather in August

Season: Summer

In most parts of China, the weather in August is hot with the average high temperature rising up to 30°C (86°F). Most areas also receive more rainfalls than other months. Some southeastern coastal areas may be hit by typhoons, bringing rainstorms. However, the not so pleasant climate does not lessen people’s enthusiasm for travel and August is also one of the busiest tourism months in China, especially for students who are enjoying their summer holiday.

 The coldest cities in China in August:
Harbin: 16°C (61°F), Changchun: 17°C (63°F), Yinchuan:16°C (61°F), Hohhot: 15°C (59°F)

 The hottest cities in China in August:
Sanya: 31°C (88°F), Nanjing: 32°C (90 °F), Wuhan: 33°C (91 °F), Chongqing:34°C (93 °F), Xi’an: 31°C (88 °F), Urumqi: 30°C (86°F)

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Averages for China Weather in August
High Temp
30°C (86°F)
Low Temp
20°C (68°F)
140 mm (5½ in)
05:12 ~ 05:41
18:49 ~ 19:29

The times for sunrise and sunset are based on Beijing.


China Temperatures in August

China Weather in August


What to Wear

To adapt to the hot China climate in August, put on your thin and breathable summer clothes - T-shrit, shorts, dress, skirt, short shirt, sandals…With small day-night temperature difference, usually at night you can wear the same as in the daytime. Don’t forget to wear your sunhat, sunglasses, parasol and sunblock against ultraviolet ray and protect your skin. However, when you are going to climb high mountains or go to the grasslands, a thin overcoat and a light pants are also needed. What to wear in China in August mainly depends on the area or city you actually go to.
China Clothes in August August Wear in China


August Travel Guide - Where to Go & Tips

Tourism Rate:  
Lhasa, Tibet
Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet
In such hot weather, most people prefer the cooler places or attractions. In Xinjiang, it may be hot at daytime but pretty cool at night, and you can see blooming flowers dotted in green grasslands, and have a melon and fruit feast there. It is a good time for trekking or photographing snow mountains or lakes in Tibet or Qinghai Lake. In Inner Mongolia, you can appreciate the sunset and stars as you sit on the grassland. Or be away from the heat in Changbai Mountain, Southern Gansu Province or Guizhou. The Beer Festival in the seaside city - Qingdao also falls in this month. Avoid going out between 12:00 and 14:00, which are be the hottest hours in a day.

China Regional Weather in August


Beijing & Northeast China

Major Destinations: Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Dalian, Shenyang, Inner Mongolia…
Temperatures: 20 - 30°C (68 - 86°F)
It is still hot in this region but the temperature of late August gets lower. People feel hot in daytime and you’d better avoid staying outdoors for long. At night, it turns a little cooler. Inner Mongolia with endless grassland is a good choice for travel in this month. Changbai Mountain, with much lower temperature, is also a nice destination. 

Clothing: T-shirt, shorts, dress, skirt, short shirt, sandals, sneakers…

Shanghai & East China 

Major Destinations: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Nanchang, Fujian, Shandong…
Temperatures: 25 - 32°C (77 - 90°F)
People still feel hot in East China in this month and this region gets lots of rainfall; sometimes even typhoons. On sunny days, you can seek for cool conditions in Yellow Mountain and some water towns. The Qingdao Beer Festival often falls in this month, when you can have fun and at the same time, enjoy a bath in the sea. 

Clothing: T-shirt, shorts, dress, skirt, short shirt, sandals, sneakers…

Xi'an & Central China

Major Destinations: Xi'an, Chengdu, Luoyang, Zhangjiajie, Wuhan, Yangtze River…
Temperatures: 25 - 33°C (77 - 91°F)

There will be constant high temperature in this region, including Xi’an, Chengdu and Wuhan. The heavy rain or showers may work to remit the heat. You can spend a cool holiday in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park or by boating on the Yangtze River.

Clothing: T-shirt, shorts, dress, skirt, short shirt, sandals, sneakers…

South China

Major Destinations: Guilin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan…
Temperatures:26 - 33°C (79 - 91°F)
South China temperature is usually at its highest in August. During this month, you can consider taking a bamboo raft on the Li River with relatively cooler weather and beautiful karst hill and water landscape along the way. Secondly, Yunnan and Guizhou are also nice choices with pleasant weather due to the high altitude. 

Clothing: T-shrit, shorts, dress, skirt, short shirt, sandals, sneakers…
A Miao Ethnic Village in Guizhou
A Miao Ethnic Village in Guizhou
Labrang Monastery in Xiahe of Gansu
Labrang Monastery in Southern Gansu

West China

Major Destinations: Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai…
Temperatures: 11 - 23°C (52 - 73°F)
As one of the most popular summer resorts, Tibet has a lower temperature and more comfortable weather in August due to the high altitude; Shoton Festival takes place in this month. It is also a good time to travel along the ancient Silk Road to learn the ancient Chinese trade culture and see the historic sites.
Clothing: T-shirts, shirts, shorts, jeans, light coat and pants, sneakers, hat, sunglasses…

August Weather of Major Chinese Cities

Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
30°C / 86°F 21°C / 70°F 05:12 / 19:29 77
Changsha 33°C / 91°F 25°C / 77°F 05:50 / 19:18 80
Chengdu     30°C / 86°F 22°C / 72°F 06:21 / 19:59 78
Chongqing 34°C / 93°F 25°C / 77°F 06:13 / 19:47 73
Guangzhou 33°C / 91°F 25°C / 77°F 05:58 / 19:09 82
Guilin 33°C / 91°F 25°C / 77°F 06:19 / 19:24 78
Guiyang 33°C / 91°F 23°C / 73°F 06:18 / 19:41 75
Hangzhou   32°C / 90°F 25°C / 77°F 05:18 / 18:53 79
26°C / 79°F 16°C / 61°F 04:16 / 19:02 78
Hohhot 26°C / 79°F 15°C / 59°F 05:29 / 19:49 66
Hong Kong 31°C / 88°F 26°C / 79°F 05:55 / 19:04 80
Huangshan 20°C / 68°F 15°C / 59°F 05:25 / 19:01 92
Kunming   24°C / 75°F 16°C / 61°F 06:37 / 19:54 82
Lhasa   21°C / 70°F 10°C / 50°F 07:15 / 20:48 66
Lijiang 23°C / 73°F 14°C / 57°F 06:43 / 20:07 82
Luoyang 31°C / 88°F 22 °C / 72°F 05:40 / 19:33 /
Nanjing 32°C / 90°F 24°C / 75°F 05:19 / 19:02 81
Pingyao 28°C / 32°F 17°C / 63°F 05:35 / 19:39 73
Qingdao 28°C / 82°F 23°C / 73°F 05:05 / 19:04 82
Sanya 31°C / 88°F 26°C / 79° 06:19 / 19:16 /
Shanghai   32°C / 90°F 25°C / 77°F 05:11 / 18:50 81
Shenzhen 32°C / 90°F 26°C / 79°F 05:55 / 19:05 80
Suzhou 32°C / 90°F 25°C / 77°F 05:14 / 18:53 77
Tianjin 30°C / 86°F 22°C / 72°F 05:11 / 19:23 41
Urumqi 30°C / 86°F 17°C / 63°F 06:58 / 21:33 /
Wuhan  33°C / 91°F 25°C / 77°F 05:41 / 19:17 79
Xiamen 32°C / 90°F 25°C / 77°F 05:36 / 18:51 82
Xi'an 31°C / 88°F 21°C / 70°F 05:55 / 19:46 75
Zhangjiajie 33°C / 91°F 23°C / 73°F 05:59 / 19:30 76
Zhengzhou 31°C / 88°F 22°C / 72°F 05:35 / 19:28 81
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