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Shanghai to Dongguan Train

On every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 1 overnight high speed train runs from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Dongguan Humen Railway Station. The Shanghai to Dongguan high speed train takes about 11 hours to finish the journey as long as 1,675 kilometers (1,041 miles). The train ticket price for a new soft sleeper is CNY 930 and for a second class seat is CNY 502.5.

In addition, Shanghai South Railway Station supports 2 normal speed trains to Dongguan East Railway Station. These trains take about 18 hours to finish the journey. A soft sleeper costs CNY 619 and a hard sleeper costs CNY 392.

Shanghai to Dongguan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train T211:
1Shanghai South -11:41
2Jiashan [Zhejiang] 12:1712:21
3Haining 12:5112:54
4Hangzhou South 13:4713:52
5Yiwu 14:4214:46
6Jinhua 15:2515:33
7Quzhou 16:2416:28
8Shangrao 17:4217:45
9Yingtan 18:4518:51
10Jian [Jiangxi] 21:4421:48
11Ganzhou 23:3423:58
12Longchuan [Guangdong] 02:5203:06
13Heyuan 03:5804:01
14Huizhou 04:5404:57
15Dongguan East 05:3905:44
16Shenzhen 06:22-
Shanghai South
Dongguan East
Details of the Train T101:
1Shanghai South -13:13
2Jiashan [Zhejiang] 13:4913:53
3Hangzhou South 15:1615:22
4Yiwu 16:2116:26
5Jinhua 17:0917:19
6Jiangshan 18:2218:27
7Shangrao 19:2219:26
8Yingtan 20:2720:33
9Longchuan [Guangdong] 04:3204:38
10Huizhou 06:19-
11Dongguan East 07:0307:07
12Shenzhen 07:4707:47
Shanghai South
Dongguan East

Running Route of Shanghai to Dongguan Train

Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Railway Line: Running the distance of 159 kilometers (99 miles), Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Railway Line links railway stations of Songjiang, Jinshan, Haining and etc.

Hangzhou - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line: As along as 1,464 kilometers (910 miles), Hangzhou - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line connects railway stations like Nningbo, Wenzhou, Luoyang, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

Shenzhen - Humen High Speed Railway Line: As part of Beijing - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line, Shenzhen - Humen High Speed Railway Line runs the distance of 52 Kilometers (32 miles), mainly connecting Shenzhen North Railway Station, Guangmingcheng Railway Station and Dongguan Humen Railway Station.

Other Transportation Options

Transfer at Guangzhou South Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Dongguan Humen Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat (New Soft Sleeper)/ Second Class Seat
G85 08:00 - 14:51 G6251 15:41 - 15:58 7h58m CNY 793 + CNY 34.5 = CNY 827.5
G1301 10:23 - 19:03 G1311 19:49 - 20:06 9h43m 
D941 19:55 - 07:05+1 G6209 08:00 - 08:17 12h22m CNY 930 + CNY 34.5 = CNY 964.5
D931 20:00 - 07:12+1 12h17m
1. “+1”means the train arrives on the second day.
2. The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Shanghai to Shenzhen Flight + Shenzhen to Dongguan Train

 Shanghai to Shenzhen Flight
From Shanghai to Shenzhen, about 60 flights are in service, taking about 2.5 hours. Their schedule is from 06:30 to 22:15. The air fare is from CNY 500 to CNY 1,200.

 Shenzhen to Dongguan Train
More than 80 high speed trains are available from Shenzhen Railway Station to Dongguan Railway Station, taking about 1 hour. The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 58.5 and for a second class seat is CNY 53.5.

 How to Get from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport to Shenzhen Railway Station
From Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, passengers can take airport shuttle bus to get to Shenzhen Railway Station directly. The travel time is about 1 hour and the ticket price is CNY 20 per person.

Moreover, one can take metro line 1 Luobao Route to get to Shenzhen Railway Station.

Dongguan to Shanghai Train

1 Dongguan to Shanghai overnight bullet train is available on every Fri., Sat., Sun. and Mon., taking about 11 hours.
2 normal speed trains run daily from Dongguan to Shanghai, taking about 18 hours.

See detailed Shanghai Train Schedule  & Dongguan Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:
Major Rail Lines from Dongguan to:
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