Shidu Nature Park

Situated in the southwest of Fangshan District, Beijing, Shidu Nature Park, covers an area of 300 square kilometers (74,131 acres). The spot is in the valley of the Juma River. In ancient times, as a result of the Juma River's fast-flowing water, bridges could not be built over the river, so people built a ferry at each big turning of the river. It was so named because there were ten large ferries in all. The name is still in use despite the fact that modern bridges have replaced all the ferries. Shidu Nature Park, aka Ten Ferries Scenic Spot, is the only large-scale karst landform in northern China and also the largest natural scenic spot in Beijing.

The First Ferry

The most attractive site of the first ferry is the high towering cliff which looks like a huge stone gate connecting heaven and earth.

The Second Ferry

Landscape around the second ferry in Shidu is the most magnificent. The east bank of Juma River is an open river shoal, while the west side is a huge towering cliff. The middle of the cliff is a top-down huge fissure that appears to be the masterpiece of a great sword. Across the bridge, tourists can get a clear view of the Five Fingers Mountain that was so named because of its Buddha- fingers- shape. Another attraction you should not miss is the Fairy Habitat Cave that is honored as the Fairyland. In fact, it is also an art heaven. Formed 1.6 billion years ago, over 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) in depth, the cave contains stalactites formed 300,000 years to 700,000 years ago. The sediments in the cave appear in various forms, such as stone pillars, pagodas, waterfalls, mirrors and crystal flowers.

The Third Ferry

The third ferry area inside Shidu is famous for its huge erect and pointed stone pinnacles. Across the bridge at the third ferry, you will see the Southern Grand Canyon. It is so named because of its quiet southern scenery with elegant ancient small towers and hills of special shapes. Another well-known place of interest is the Muke Fortress. Legend says that it is the fortress of Mu Guiying, a distinguished female military commander of the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127).

The Fourth Ferry

In the fourth ferry area, the narrow canyon under which only a thin strip of sky can be seen and the bathing beach is worth a visit.

The Fifith Ferry

The most distinctive site of the fifth ferry is the Fairy Peak Valley, a small crack washed out by the Juma River in the mountain. You can take a boat to cruise on the river or ride a horse on the foreshore. 

The Sixth Ferry

The sandy beach shining golden light at the site of the sixth ferry is most pleasant. It is really enjoyable to lie on the soft warm sand and sunbath after playing in the water. Here lies the largest water-entertainment center, namely the Green Wave Resort, which is said to be a heaven for swimming lovers. Its luxury yachts and barbecues are attractive features.

The Seventh Ferry

Opposite the Green Wave Resort lies the Isolated Stronghold, the most outstanding site of the seventh ferry. It has a 300-meter-long narrow valley with 100-meter-high cliff walls on the two sides, through which visitors can only look up and view a thin strip of sky. Along the riverbed, you can see various geologic wonders, such as page-shaped shale, stromatolite and homologous inclusion view and have resulted in this area being selected as a science-demonstration base by geologists.

The Eighth Ferry

The eighth ferry makes its name widely known through its breath-taking scenic spots, such as the River Park, Stalagmites Hill, Looking Buddha Temple and Kylin Mountain. There are two bungee-jumping platforms attracting many X-sports lovers.

The Ninth Ferry

The ninth ferry is definitely a must-see site for anyone who comes to the scenic spot having the largest water region, the most hotels and the richest entertainment projects. The east bank of the Juma River stands a dolomite platform with a pavilion called Looking Buddha Pavilion, for its sight of the Chinese character Fo (meaning Buddha) on the opposite Dragon Mountain. The unique attraction here is the Wanjing Fairy Valley where visitors can appreciate the beautiful mountain scenery of Penholder Hill and Yinping Hill. The Juma Park is also a huge attraction in this area. The park possesses the first bungee-jumping platform in China. In addition, visitors can also choose canyon flying, simulate glider flying and rock climbing and more. The Biying Water Playground allows visitors to personally experience the charm of the scenery of south China. There are also many other entertainment projects, such as water coaster, kayaking, duck boats and rafting.

The Tenth Ferry

Sites like Luoquan Lake, the Tashan Fairy Pool, the Stone Gate, Dragon Mountain and Tiger Mountain are at the tenth ferry.

The special feature of it, which is of considerable interest to the visitor, is the Tour of Farmer's House. Tourists can choose a farmer's house to experience farm life by living in a farm house, performing farm duties, watching agricultural activities, tasting the delicious local wild vegetables which are absolutely healthy food, and enjoying appetizing barbecues. Besides, you must not miss the following food: Valentine's Dish, Celery, Magnolia Buds, Mountain Mushrooms, Roasted Whole Lamb, Rainbow Trout, Fried Fish and Fried Pepper Buds.

In addition to these ten ferries, there are eight other ferries along the Juma River. If you have time, you can go sightseeing further afield.

Admission Fee

No charge is needed to get into the Shidu, but there are separate admission fees at many of the attractions. Besides, you can also enjoy some entertainments in Shidu, like bungee jumping, drift and galss bridge.

East Lake Port CNY95
West Lake Port CNY32
Isolated Stronghold CNY75
Glass Bridge CNY80
Bungee Jumping CNY260
Juma River Drift CNY80
Wanjing Fairy Valley Drift CNY100

Opening Hours

Shidu Nature park opens all day, but the attractions and entertainments inside mostly open from 8:00 to 17:00.

How to get to Shidu from Beijing

1. Take bus 917 at the Tianqiao Station or Guang'anmen Nei Station. The bus departs from Tianqiao from 06:00 to 17:00.
2. Train no. 6437 leaves from West Railway Station at 17:45 and arrives at Ten Ferries Station at 20:05; train no. 6438 returns at 9:58 and gets to West Railway Station at 12:29. A train ticket costs CNY 6.5 per person. Upon arrival, take Bus Fang 17/ Fang 19 to get there.

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