Stone Flower Cave (Shihua Cave)

Stone Flower Cave, Beijing
Stone Flower Cave

Located in Fangshan District, it is a national famous scenic spot and geological park which is noted for the unique Karst cave sightseeing and a valuable informational bank on geological research.

Originally it was called Qianzhen or Shifo Cave, names given it by the wanderer monk Yuan Guang during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). it thus became famous from then on. Covering an area of about 1.8 Hectares, it is a multilayer Karst cave with seven clearly distributed layers. The first to the sixth layers are the scenery area and the seventh layer is the underground river. There are twelve huge "halls" which are interconnected with countless narrow passages, sixteen "chambers" and 71 "branch caves" in many sizes and shapes.

The inside is a fairyland on earth. You will be amazed at nature's creativity. All of the features are made of stone: fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and, flowers. Everywhere is full of the sound of water dripping "Di Di Da" which is composed into delightful music. Stalactites and stalagmites are growing until one day they meet. The milk white stone "Yue Nai Shi" is a wonder in it and a national treasure. It comes in many shapes such as stone lotus and mushroom.Stone Flower Cave

What's more, the Silver Fox Cave is worth visiting. It was discovered and developed in 1991. Composed of eight halls and over 40 scenic sights, it is an amazing gallery presenting changeable scenery. There is a rare stone regarded as national treasure. It is in the shape of snow leopard's head and silver fox's body. The whole body of it 'grows' snow-white sharp hairs, crystal clear and glittering. The miniature landscapes in it are full of variety.

It keeps a constant 55.4F temperature in all four seasons. The cool and gentle breeze in it bring fresh air to visitors. It is a great place for sightseeing and refreshing the mind.  

Admission Fee: CNY 70
Bus Route: 1. Tourism Bus at Xuanwumen (Tourism Hub) available at weekends and holidays from April to October
2. Also available at weekends and holidays from early June to early October, there is a shuttle bus every day at 09:00 in Pingguoyuan Station of Subway Line 1, and get back at 14:00. Single bus trip costs CNY10.
3. Bus 832 at Tianqiao Long-distance Bus Station to Liangxiang Beiguan Station. Then take Bus 833 runing to Hebeizhuang, and get off at Shihuadong Daokou Station. Then change to Fangshan Bus 43 to Shihuadong Station or hire a local mini van to it.
4. Take bus 836 from Tianqiao Bus Station to Liangxiang Ximen Station and then change to Fangshan Bus 43.
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