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Beijing to Foshan Train

Presently, there is only 1 Beijing to Foshan train, which is handled by Beijing West Railway Station and Foshan Railway Station. The overall travel time is about 22.5 hours. And the ticket price of a soft sleeper is CNY 795 and of a hard sleeper is CNY 471.

If the tickets are sold out or the direct train schedule does not meet your travel plan, travelers can choose to make a transfer in Guangzhou South Railway Station. Or one can take Beijing to Guangzhou flight and then continue to Foshan by high speed train.

Beijing to Foshan Train Tickets Booking


Other Transportation Options

Transfer at Guangzhou South Railway Station by Trains

Beijing West to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Foshan  West Overall Travel Time Ticket Fare
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G71 07:27 - 17:13 D3634 18:04 - 18:25 10h58m CNY 862 + CNY 10 =
CNY 872
G79 10:00 - 18:01 D3642 18:51 - 19:10 9h10m
G65 10:33 - 20:16 D7266 21:09 - 21:30 10h57m

Beijing to Guangzhou Flight + Guangzhou to Foshan Train

 Beijing to Guangzhou Flight
From Beijing to Guangzhou, 34 flights scheduled from 06:30 to 21:30 are in service, taking about 3 hours. The air fare is CNY 700 to CNY 1,600.

 Guangzhou to Foshan Train
Nearly 90 high speed trains are shuttling from Guangzhou/ Guanghzou South Railway Station to Foshan West Railway Station. The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 16 or CNY 20 and for a second class seat is CNY 10 to CNY 20.

Hard Sleepers VS. Soft Sleepers VS. Deluxe Soft Sleepers

Hard Sleepers

In a hard sleeper cabin, there are six berths, three on each side. No doors are installed between the cabin and the corridor where also has seats for passengers. Owning to the limited height in each sleeper, travelers in a top or middle berth have problems of sitting straight. As a result, the bottom berth is the best choice for those who wants to book a hard sleeper.

Soft Sleepers

In the soft sleeper cabin of Beijing to Foshan train, four sleeper berths are set together with a door installed. The door makes the cabin a completely separated small room, which can keep passengers from the noise in the corridor. The space of each soft sleeper berth is big enough for people to sit straight during the night, so either of the top or bottom berth is suggested. 

Deluxe Soft Sleepers

Except for the door between the cabin and the aisle, a deluxe sleeper cabin has more facilities for passengers such as a sofa, a washing room and a cabinet, making the cabin more like a moving hotel room. Two passengers share one deluxe sleeper cabin.

Foshan to Beijing Train 

Only 1 Foshan to Beijing train is scheduled at 07:21, and it takes about 23h30m. It is also a overnight train; thus, a sleeper is your best choice. 

 See detailed Beijing Train Schedule & Foshan Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:
Major Rail Lines from Foshan to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Foshan Train
Asked by Nicholas | Mar. 30, 2020 01:47Reply
I heard local supplier says that there is subway from Guangzhou to Foshan?
Where can I take the subway? Should I book ticket in advance?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Mar. 30, 2020 17:14

Thank you for your inquiry.

There is indeed a Guangzhou-Foshan metro line which connected two cities. This metro lines starts from Lijiao in Guangzhou to Xinchengdong in Foshan. You can check the closest station to your destination. You can find station information on our local transportation of city guide page. Hope this information can help you.
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