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Chengdu to Nanning Train

Chengdu East Railway Station currently has 4 high speed trains to Nanning East Railway Station. 9.5 to 10 hours are needed for these Chengdu to Nanning bullet trains to complete the overall travel distance of 1,441 kilometers (895 miles) or 1,641 kilometers (1,020 miles). One needs to pay CNY 810 to CNY 888.5 for a first class seat and CNY 506 to CNY 556 for a second class seat.

In addition, 1 normal speed train is provided for passenger to travel from Chengdu Railway Station to Nanning Railway Station, requiring 18.5 hours to finish the journey. The train ticket fare for a soft sleeper is CNY 533.5 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 354.

Chengdu to Nanning Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train D1781:
1Chengdu East -07:10
2Ziyang [Sichuan] North 07:3907:41
3Yongchuan East 08:2608:29
4Bishan 08:4108:51
5Chongqing West 09:0909:15
6Qijiang East 09:4209:44
7Tongzi East 10:2210:24
8Zunyi 10:4610:48
9Xifeng 11:1511:17
10Guiyang East 11:4211:46
11Duyun East 12:2312:25
12Guilin West 13:5814:00
13Guilin North 14:0914:16
14Guilin 14:2714:29
15Yongfu South 14:5214:54
16Luzhai North 15:1715:19
17Liuzhou 15:4815:52
18Laibin North 16:1816:20
19Nanning East 17:03-
Chengdu East
Nanning East
Details of the Train D1779:
1Mianyang -06:50
2Deyang 07:0707:09
3Xindu East 07:2507:27
4Chengdu East 07:3907:45
5Ziyang [Sichuan] North 08:1408:16
6Neijiang North 08:3808:40
7Bishan 09:1609:18
8Chongqing West 09:3509:47
9Zunyi 11:0511:07
10Guiyang East 11:5612:00
11Guidingxian 12:2512:27
12Sanjiang South 13:4113:43
13Guilin West 14:1614:19
14Guilin North 14:2814:32
15Guilin 14:4314:46
16Luzhai North 15:2815:30
17Liuzhou 15:5916:03
18Nanning East 17:1017:33
19Qinzhou East 18:1518:17
20Hepu 18:4418:46
21Beihai 19:00-
Chengdu East
Nanning East
Details of the Train G2855:
1Xi'an North -08:09
2Huyi 08:2608:28
3Yangxian West 09:1209:14
4Hanzhong 09:3209:34
5Guangyuan 10:1610:20
6Mianyang 11:1211:14
7Deyang 11:3111:33
8Chengdu East 11:5712:16
9Chongqing West 13:3313:43
10Zunyi South 15:1015:13
11Guiyang East 15:5315:57
12Duyun East 16:3516:37
13Rongjiang 17:0917:11
14Sanjiang South 17:4717:49
15Guilin North 18:2618:30
16Liuzhou 19:4319:46
17Laibin North 20:1220:14
18Nanning East 20:57-
Chengdu East
Nanning East
Details of the Train D1785:
1Chengdu East -12:00
2Shuangliuxi 12:1712:19
3Meishan East 12:3712:39
4Leshan 12:5813:00
5Qianwei [Sichuan] 13:1713:19
6Bijie 14:5414:58
7Guiyang East 15:4515:50
8Duyun East 16:2816:30
9Congjiang 17:1817:20
10Guilin North 18:1318:17
11Guilin 18:2818:41
12Liuzhou 19:4819:51
13Laibin North 20:1720:19
14Nanning East 21:02-
Chengdu East
Nanning East
Details of the Train K144:
1Chengdu -14:00
2Suining 15:3115:34
3Chongqing West 17:4017:54
4Guiyang 21:5122:23
5Mawei 01:2401:30
6Jinchengjiang 03:0503:12
7Yizhou 04:0004:05
8Liuzhou 05:1705:38
9Laibin 06:3006:34
10Nanning 09:11-

Another Transportation Option: Chengdu - Nanning Flight

If the train tickets are not available, Chengdu - Nanning flight is also a wise choice. For passengers who want to go to Nanning from Chengdu, they can choose one out of 5 flights which are scheduled from 08:05 to 22:30. The duration is around 2 hours and the air fare is from CNY 500 to CNY 850.

Where to Go in Nanning

Green trees and beautiful flowers grow all over the mountain. Here, you can see cycas which has been living for thousands of years, different orchids growing between trees and also a garden full of peach blossom. Moreover, when you ramble in the mountain, you can find some ancient architectures like Longxiang Tower and some temples.
 Nanhu Lake Park is the landmark of Nanning City. Local people often get relax there. In the park, tourists can go fishing, paddle a boat or just scroll in different gardens including Herbal Garden and Orchid Garden. Besides, on the night of every Friday, one can watch a water screen movie. If you have the chance to watch, don’t miss it!

Yangmei Ancient Town

Yangmei Ancient Town is full of ancient architectures from Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1911 AD). Scenic spots in the town are far away from each other. So if you want to see all the attractions, you can just sit in a bullock cart. As the cart moves slowly, you can have more time to appreciate the beauty and charm of every tree, every tile and every building in the town.

Nanning to Chengdu Train

4 Nanning to Chengdu high speed trains are in service, taking 9 to 11 hours.
1 normal speed train also runs from Nanning to Chengdu, taking about 19 hours.

See detailed Chengdu Train ScheduleNanning Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Chengdu to:
Major Rail Lines from Nanning to:
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Questions & Answers on Chengdu to Nanning Train
Asked by Abrams | Apr. 07, 2020 17:33Reply
Can you advise a city for changing trains as no ticket available on direct one?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 08, 2020 17:08

Thank you for your inquiry.

If no tickets available on direct train, you may consider to make a transfer in Kunming. However, this route is longer in distance, so it takes more time or also higher in price. Hope for your advanced notice.
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