Guanganmen Food Street

Guanganmen Food Street is one of the most famous food streets located in the southern area of Beijing City. It is famous for the spicy flavors like Sichuan style hot pot and Ma Po TofuSome time-honored brands and Muslim restaurants are also popular among people. Various dishes from all over China including Sichuan Cuisines, Shangdong Cuisines, Xinjiang Cuisines, Shanxi Cuisines and so on can be found here. Guanganmen is bustling with a lot of people at dinner time. You'd better head there early, or you might not find a table, especially during the summer.

Top Spicy Foods on Guanganmen Food Street

Most restaurants on Guanganmen Food Street are dominated by spicy flavors, and the number one should be Sichuan style hot pot. Various hot pot restaurants are scattered there such as Yuzhun Hot Pot, Kuanbandeng Hot Pot, Duliang Hot Pot and Spicy Temptation Restaurant. Pour the broth into a large pot, then add Sichuan-specific dry peppers and various spices to boil. The diners need to put the raw beef slices, lamb slices, fish balls and other materials into the pot to cook them. These meat slices with strong spicy flavor is the charm of Hot Pot. 

Other spicy flavors like Ma Po Tofu, Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce (Fu Qi Fei Pian), Boiled Sliced Pork in Chili Sauce (Shui Zhu Rou Pian), and Fish with Pickled Vegetables (Suan Cai Yu) can be found in various Sichuan cuisines restaurants around the area, such as Chuanxiang Garden Restaurant, Chongqing Family Restaurant, and Old Sichuan Restaurant.

Best Restaurants to Taste Muslim Cuisines on Guanganmen Food Street

Halal Turpan Restaurant is the most popular Muslim Restaurant in the street. It takes the lead in combining the Xinjiang Muslim Cuisines with Beijing Muslim dishes, allowing local people to accept Xinjiang cuisine and fall in love with Xinjiang dishes. The restaurant is famous for Mutton Shashlik. The roasted marinated lamb, with special sauces is tender and juicy. 

Donglaishun, an ancient hot pot restaurant, is famous for mutton slices. Customers need to pick up the mutton slices then dip them in boiling water to cook it, where tourists can taste high quality mutton with special sauces. 

Other Muslim Cuisines such as Roast Whole Lamb, Roast Lamb Skewers, and Pilaf can be found in Salahua-Western Cuisine Restaurant. It’s also a great choice to taste roast beef and mutton in Houweiju Restaurant. 

Time Honored Brands on Guang’ anmen Food Street

Dongxinglou with over 100 years’ history is the best Shangdong Cuisines Restaurant in China, where tourists can taste authentic Shangdong flavor. The restaurant has strict standards for the materials, cooking process, cooking time, appearance and taste of each dish. The most worthwhile dishes in this restaurant are Roast Duck, Fired Meatballs, Sea Cucumbers, Hibiscus Chicken, and Diced Chicken in Bean Sauce.

Traditional Beijing cheese, was once only offered for the nobility in palace until the Cheese Wei Restaurant appeared. After more than 100 years’ inheritance, the flavor of cheese has been innovated based on the traditional taste. Tourists here can taste the Traditional Cheese, Fried Butter Cake, Almond Tofu and so on.

Jingyang Restaurant is the earliest Shanxi restaurant in Beijing, famous for various noodles, buns, and meat. Crispy Fried Duck is the most popular dish. Different from the Beijing Roast Duck, the Crispy Fired Duck is steamed then fried, so it is tender with a crispy crust.

How to Get to the Guanganmen Food Street

1. Take Subway Line 7 to Guanganmennei Station to get to Guanganmen Street.
2. Take Subway Line 4 to Caishikou Station to get there.
3. Take Bus Line 133, 19, 381, 40, 50, 5, 676, 76, 78, 109, 832, 835, 838, 895, 917 to Guanganmennei Station to get there.

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Questions & Answers on Guanganmen Food Street
Asked by Johnson from SINGAPORE | Aug. 04, 2019 02:40Reply
Is Beijing Guang'anmen Snack Street still there?
I couldn't find the food street when I was in the city. I heard it was replaced by a hospital.
Answers (1)
Answered by Adi from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 07, 2019 02:15

Hi, Johnson, as I know, this snack street is still there.
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