8 Things to See in Xi’an in Summer

The summer of Xi’an lasting from June to August is hot and humid. In spite of the high temperature at noon, visitors can have fun visiting some indoor sights like Shaanxi History Museum and Qujiang Polar Ocean Park. In addition, cool mountains and forest parks in and around the city are also wonderful places for escaping the summer heat. Below are the 8 recommended things to see in Xi’an in summer.


Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum is definitely one of best things to see in summer thanks to the powerful air-conditioning system. You can wander around this sea of knowledge in a cool and conformable way. The dedicate exhibits from different dynasties will provide a feast for your eyes. One of the best parts is that the museum does not charge entrance fee for regular exhibitions. However, you need to collect a paper ticket at the entrance. Therefore, please go there early in the morning to avoid queuing under the scorching sun.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the best things to see in Xi’an in the evening when the temperature drops down to some extent. Unlike the busy outer world, you can find quietness in the pagoda. The Buddhist scriptures and figures will make you feel the inner peace. After a short visit, you can climb to the top floor to watch the rosy sunglows in the distant sky, a very romantic scene. At night, you can take a walk around the north square of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, where you can enjoy the largest music fountain in the Asia. The fountain is energetic and cool, so you can have a great experience to dance with the water.

Mount Huashan

Climbing the Mount Huashan in summer is always a good idea for its lower temperature compared with the downtown of Xi’an. Though the temperature is not high during daytime, it’s advised to climb the mountain at night to avoid being exposed in the sun for a long time. Plus, arriving before dawn, you can watch the sunrise on the east peak to highlight this trip. If you want to enjoy the sea of clouds on Mount Huashan, you had better go there after rainy days for a bigger chance, while on sunny days you can take in all the sceneries below clearly standing on the mountain top. Due to few shelters and the intense ultraviolet rays, you should take care of your skin and apply some sunscreen in advance or wear a hat.

Qujiang Polar Ocean Park

When talking about things to see in Xi’an in summer, you can always see Qujiang Polar Ocean Park on the list. This indoor park, dominated by the color of blue and white, will make you feel cool as soon as you get in. There is a wide range of marine creatures, such as fishes of different species, sea lions, seals, jellyfishes, dolphins, and sharks. Besides, you can see lovely animals from the polar region, like Arctic wolves, penguins, and polar bears. The animal performances in the different zones will surely amuse you. If you are travelling together with your children, do not miss Qujiang Polar Ocean Park – a paradise for kids.

Qujiang Pool Park

Qujiang Pool Park is an imperial garden in the Tang Dynasty (618 -907). With a large area of water, it’s one of the best things to see in Xi’an in summer. You can stroll along the lakeside sideway after supper to feel the cool breeze. On the way, you may find all kinds of sculptures showing the life in the Tang Dynasty. After the walk, you can take a break at the lakeside Qujiang Pavilion and admire the fancy carps swimming cheerfully. As it’s very cool, locals usually take some entertainment activities in the pavilion. If you are lucky, you can see them perform the Qinqiang Opera. Taking a boat on the lake to pass by the vast area of the lotuses will leave you an impression that you were in a water town.

Bell Tower & Drum Tower

The Bell Tower and Drum Tower standing close to each other at the city center of Xi’an are also wonderful places to go in summer, especially in the evening and night. You can either wander around the foot of the two towers to appreciate them from a distance or climb to the top to explore the interior layouts. There is a museum displaying bells and clocks on the Bell Tower, and correspondingly a drum museum on the Drum Tower. You will be amazed by the large number of exquisite antiques. At night, when the lights are on, the two towers look more splendid, attracting lots of tourists to take photos here. Vendors selling locally branded ice creams can be seen every now and then near the Bell Tower. You can have a taste of it. At the square before the Drum Tower, kite vendors fly colorful kites high into the sky. All these truly present the locals’ life in front of your eyes.

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Muslim Quarter

After spending a hot day travelling, you may want to go to the Muslim Quarter in the evening for a casual walk and rich supper. Though it’s now more like a tourist attraction, locals go there as well to kill time or enjoy a good meal. At night, the food stalls are especially busy with endless stream of diners. Sitting beside a table at the night market, savoring the delicious snacks, and drinking the locally produced Ice Peak soda water, you will feel cool from head to toe.

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Zhuque National Forest Park

Zhuque National Forest Park can be regarded as one of the best things to see in Xi’an in summer because it’s a natural oxygen bar as well as an excellent summer resort. The temperature is about 10 ℃ (50 ℉) lower than the urban area. Even in July, the hottest month of summer, the highest temperature in Zhuque National Forest Park is not above 27 ℃ (81 ℉). It’s about 37 kilometers (23 miles) from the downtown area, far from the noisy environment. You will see flowers blossom and birds chirping in the vast luxuriant forest, which makes you can’t help thinking about the harmony between the nature and human.

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