What to See in Xi’an in Autumn - 9 Best Destinations

Autumn from September to November is often considered as the best time to visit Xi’an. During this time, the sunshine is abundant with only occasional rain. After a long and hot summer, the temperatures became very pleasant. Travelling in Xi’an in this season, you will have an unforgettable experience for its stunning beauty, especially in the sea of colorful autumn foliage. What to see in Xi’an in autumn? Here are the 9 best destinations for your reference.


Xi’an City Wall

When you think of Xi’an City Wall, you may always have the impression that it is grey and old. However, autumn seems to bring vitality to the age-old wall. Cycling on the City Wall, you will feel the gentle autumn breeze touching your cheeks. Strolling along the wall in a slow style, you will find the City Wall Park below has been decorated by the bright golden gingko leaves. The surrounding archaized buildings partially hidden in this golden sea look more charming, giving a sense of peace and quietness.

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Terracotta Army

If you ask a native what to see in Xi’an in autumn, it will surely tell you to go to the Terracotta Army. Located in the east outskirt of Xi’an, the Terracotta Army is about one-hour driving distance from the downtown area. Though a little far, most visitors will go there to have a look at this awesome underground army. They are actually the funerary objects of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. The facial expressions of these warriors are lifelike though after being buried underground for 2,200 years. As it receives a great many tourists during the China summer vacation in July and August, the number of tourists will be less in autumn, so it won’t be very crowded. However, be careful not go to the Terracotta Army during the golden week from October 1 to 7 to avoid the crowds.

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Han Yang Ling - Yangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty

Han Yang Ling is a museum constructed on the basis of the mausoleum of Emperor Liu Qi and his wife in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC – 24AD). Autumn is the best season to go there because you can not only learn something about Han Dynasty’s funeral conception, but also can enjoy the vast area of golden and red leaves around. There is a gingko forest in the scenic area, covering nearly 7 hectares (16.5 acres). When autumn falls, the gingko leaves gradually turn golden, forming a splendid painting together with the green and red leaves on the nearby mountains. The best time to visit the gingko forest in Han Yang Ling is from late October to mid-November.

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Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

What to see in Xi’an in autumn? Well, it’s highly advised to go the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda to find the autumn beauty of Xi’an. Situated in the Da Ci’en Temple, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a seven-storey brick and wood structure dating back over 1,300 years ago. Climbing to the top floor on a sunny day, you can have a clear view of the surrounding autumn colors. In the nearby Tang Ci'en Temple Site Park, where many gingko trees grow, you can have a feast for your eyes. On sunny days, the sun shines through the golden leaves, adding a layer of warm golden hue to the ground. Walking in the park in the warm afternoon or evening along the slate path is a good way to kill time.

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Famen Temple

Famen Temple, about 120 km (75 mi) from Xi’an is a nice place go in autumn. You can enjoy a peaceful tour there. It’s said that the Buddha’s finger bone is stored in the Namaste Dagoba inside this temple, so quite a many of Buddhist disciples go there every year. In front of the Temple gate and alongside the Foguang Avenue, dozens of gingko trees are planted. In autumn, the yellow gingko leaves blanket the ground, paving a soft road. Stepping on it, you can hear the rustling sound. The falling golden leaves in the wind will remind you of the coming of late autumn. When the sun reflects on the leaves, the scene is even more beautiful.

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Tang Paradise

Locals always say that the autumn in Xi’an is short. If you want to capture its beauty, you must go to the Tang Paradise at least once. Aimed to demonstrate the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) culture, the garden houses a large Tang style architecture complex. You will be amazed by the exquisite craftsmanship on the towers, bridges, pavilions and sculptures. In the fine weather of autumn, the buildings are magnificent with the background of blue sky and white clouds. On rainy days, a walk in the garden with an umbrella is also very romantic. There are many plants in the park, so that you can admire colorful leaves in autumn.

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Qujiang Pool Park

In Qujiang Pool Park, you can encounter with the earliest autumn by touching the fallen leaves. Walking along the bank of the pool, you will smell the fragrant scent of Osmanthus. The golden sunflowers are still in blossom in this season, which will lighten your heart like warm sunshine. Sculptures showing the life of Tang Dynasty are scattered around the park, bringing more happy surprises for your tour. Besides, you have a chance to see some of the best handicrafts of Xi’an, like the papercuts and mud sculptures, and performances like Shaanxi Opera and shadow puppets play. On rainy days, the park is shrouded by thin mists, as if in a fairyland.

Taiping National Forest Park

On the list of “What to see in Xi’an in autumn”, red leaves should never be missed. In autumn, the Taiping National Forest Park in the southeast suburb of Xi’an is just like the palette of oil painters. Among all the scenic areas in Xi’an, this park is particularly famous for its crimson red leaves in autumn. On the mountain slopes, you can see a large area of red leaves much resembling to flaming rosy clouds from a distance. Besides, you can have fun near the waterfalls and streams. The highest Rainbow Waterfall having a drop of over 160 meters (525 feet) is a sight you can’t miss. It’s said that you can see a beautiful rainbow here on sunny days around 12 o’clock at noon. Note that mid-November is the best time to appreciate the red leaves in Taiping National Forest Park.

Xingqinggong Park

If you want to see red leaves in the downtown area of Xi’an in autumn, then Xingqinggong Park should be the best choice. As the largest municipal park in Xi’an, it is a place for locals to take exercise and relax. The park was built on the ruins of the Xingqing Palace in the Tang Dynasty, boasting a number of ancient structures and abundant plants. In autumn, the ancient towers and pavilions will partially hide behind the red leaves, making them mysterious but charming. In addition, you can enjoy the golden gingko leaves along the bank of the Xingqing Pool – the core attraction in the park. In September and October, chrysanthemum shows are frequently held in the Xingqinggong Park, attracting lots of tourists.

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