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Pingyao to Beijing Train

Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station specializes in 4 high speed trains to Beijing West Railway Station. These high speed trains need 4 to 5 hours to complete the total travel distance of 606 kilometers (377 kilometers). The train ticket fare for a first class seat is CNY 293.5 or CNY 361.5 and for a second class seat is CNY 183 or CNY 225.5.

What’s more, 3 normal speed trains are also available from Pingyao to Beijing. They are all dealt by Pingyao Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station, taking 9 to 13 hours. A soft sleeper costs from CNY 263 to CNY 297 and a hard sleeper costs from CNY 174 to CNY 196. These trains are all running overnight, an economy choice for budget travelers. Among them, train K610 is most recommended due to the shortest travel time.

Pingyao to Beijing Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K610:
1Hancheng -14:20
2Hejin 15:0715:10
3Jishan 15:3315:36
4Xinjiang [Shanxi] 15:5515:58
5Houma 16:1716:22
6Xiangfen 16:5116:53
7Linfen 17:1517:21
8Hongtong 17:4017:43
9Huozhou 18:2118:24
10Lingshi 19:0019:03
11Jiexiu 19:3319:37
12Pingyao 19:5820:02
13Qixian [Shanxi] 20:1720:20
14Taigu 20:3920:42
15Yuci 21:1021:14
16Taiyuan 22:0022:31
17Shijiazhuang North 00:3000:43
18Beijing 05:03-

Running Route of Pingyao - Beijing High Speed Railway Line

Pingyao - Taiyuan High Speed Railway Line: Started to operate from July 1st, 2014, Pingyao - Taiyuan High Speed Railway Line constitutes a major section along Datong - Xi’an High Speed Railway Line, running the distance of 93 kilometers (58 miles). It connects many railway stations including Pingyao Ancient Town, Qixian East, Taigu West, Jiuzhou and Taiyuan South.
Taiyuan - Shijiazhuang High Speed Railway Line: This high speed railway line runs the overall distance of 225 kilometers (140 kilometers). It has been in service since April 1st, 2009.

Shijiazhuang - Beijing High Speed Railway Line: As an important section along Beijing - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line, Shijiazhuang - Beijing High Speed Railway Line has the length of 281 kilometers (175 miles) and was open on December 26th, 2012, connecting railway stations like Shijiazhuang Railway Station, Zhengding East, Baoding East, Zhuozhou East and Beijing West.

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Major Rail Lines from Pingyao to:

Major Rail Line from Beijing to:
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Questions & Answers on Pingyao to Beijing Train
Asked by Flynn | Jan. 16, 2020 18:43Reply
Making a transfer in Taiyuan
How much time would be sufficient to make a transfer at Taiyuan South Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ruby | Jan. 18, 2020 16:23

You need at least 30min at station for changing trains. However, if you will travel during a holiday rush, maybe 1 hour will be even better.
Asked by Beau from GREECE | Jun. 14, 2019 02:40Reply
How to get from Wang Family Compound to Pingyao Ancient Town station?
I am planning to catch a train back to Beijing after visiting. What is the most convenient way to reach the station?
Answers (1)
Answered by George from SINGAPORE | Jun. 16, 2019 18:19

If you just back to station for the train service, in fact, you can consider to use Lingshi East Station as departure station instead. There is no need to back to Pingyao first. Lingshi East station is much closer in distance, only around 6km. You can take taxi to Lingshi East Station and take D2002 at 08:23am and G616 at 13:16 to Beijing West.
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