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Chengdu - Pingyao Train

At present, no direct trains run between Chengdu and Pingyao. For passengers who want to go to Pingyao from Chengdu, it is advisable to make a transfer at Xi’an North Railway Station. By this transfer option, the overall travel time is around 7 to 8.5 hours and the total price for the second class seat is CNY 413.

Basic Facts of Chengdu - Pingyao Train

Operated at: Chengdu East Railway Station, Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station
Transfer at: Xi'an North Railway Station
Travel time: around 7 - 8.5 hours
Distance: 1,144 kilometers (711 miles)
Top speed: 300km/h (186 mph)
Major stations along the way: Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Hanzhong, Xi'an North, Weinan North, Yuncheng North, Houma West, Linfen West, Hongdong West and Lingshi East

Chengdu to Xi'an to Pingyao Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Chengdu East to Xi'an North

Xi'an North to Pingyao Ancient Town
Overall Travel Time Ticket fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G350 07:00 - 10:12 D2566 11:56 - 14:56 7H56M CNY 263 + CNY 150 = CNY 413
D1914 07:45 - 10:05 7H11M
D1912 07:28 - 11:34 D2518 12:50 - 15:48 8H20M
G2204 08:08 - 12:01 7H40M
D1904 07:55 - 12:12 D2520 13:25 - 16:25 8H30M
G2232 08:28 - 12:36 7H57M
D1918 09:00 - 12:23 7H25M
D1922 10:13 - 14:30 D1960 15:30 - 18:29 8H16M
G308 10:42 - 14:37 7H47M
G2216 12:54 - 16:57 D1964 17:58 - 20:40 7H46M
D1932 13:51 - 17:58 D2564 18:50 - 21:49 7H58M
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Pingyao to Xi'an to Chengdu Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Pingyao Ancient Town to Xi'an North
Xi'an North to Chengdu East
Overall Travel Time Ticket fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
D2505 08:40 - 11:50 D1933 12:58 - 17:07 8H27M CNY 150 + CNY 263 = CNY 413
D2561 10:08 - 13:01 D1937 14:00 - 17:43 7H35M
D1959 10:42 - 13:41 D1975 14:42 - 18:27 7H45M
D2511 11:08 - 14:15 G571 15:09 - 19:08 8H
D2563 12:55 - 15:50 G1835 17:00 - 20:47 7H52M
D2569 14:14 - 17:23 D1951 18:47 - 22:45 8H31M
D2562 15:43 - 18:29 D1905 19:36 - 23:20 7H37M
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 Note: The information is for reference only, please check real-time schedule by the search box on page top.

How to Get to Chengdu East Railway Station

 By metro: Both metro line 2 and 7 have a stop at the east railway station. Passengers can take either of them to reach the train station.

 By bus: Passengers can take city bus 2, 4, 40, 47, 71, 91, 101, 136, 137, 147, 504, 857, Night 1, Night 2 and Night 6 to get to Chengdu East Train Station.

How to Get to Ancient City of Pingyao from Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station

Passengers can take city bus Pingyao 108 to get there directly. Or take a taxi to get there directly, which may take 15 minutes and cost CNY 25.

Travel Advice of Pingyao

Constructed a thousand years ago, Pingyao features Ancient Government Office, Rishengchang Former Bank, Temple of the City God, Qiao Family, Zhengguo Temple, Shuanglin Temple and more attractions. Wheat based food is the main local staple and the popular snacks such as Wantuo and Kao Laolao are worthy trying.

Major Rail Lines from Chengdu to:
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Questions & Answers on Chengdu - Pingyao Train
Asked by Finn | Sep. 26, 2019 23:56Reply
Are these trains from Chengdu to Xi'an always on time?
What would happen to our ticket Xi'an/Pingyao if our first trip reached Xi'an too late?
Answers (1)
Answered by Carlos | Sep. 28, 2019 20:09

Bullet trains are usually on time, but surely it still happens occasionally. In case, it happened and you missed the connection train, you can ask for free change to later trains or a full refund of second ticket at station
Asked by Fulton from LATVIA | Apr. 17, 2019 04:21Reply
Is it convenient to change trains at Xi'an North Station?
I will have one case and one carry-on bag.
Answers (1)
Answered by Tankard | Apr. 17, 2019 18:20

It is not hard to make a transfer if you hold a connection tickets. Now, many high speed stations has transfer service for connection tickets holders who will depart within 30min. You may see some signs like "transfer" on platform. You can follow these signs to get back to waiting room directly on second floor and then checkin for the second trip.
Asked by Sarah from CANADA | Dec. 10, 2018 17:54Reply
I plan to visit Xi'an for half day for Terra Cotta Warriors and then to Pingyao.
Do you think the time is enough for visiting?
Answers (1)
Answered by Simmons from USA | Dec. 11, 2018 17:25

It is possible if you take the first ride to Xi'an and the second ride to Pingyao. You would have about 3 hours for visiting in Terra Cotta Warriors. I heard there is shuttle bus from the station to the Terra Cotta Warriors. Or you may book a half day tour for convenience.
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