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Pingyao to Datong Train

Up to now, 1 high speed train runs from Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station to Datong South Railway Station. It takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes and costs CNY 189 for first class seat and CNY 118.5 for second class seat.

From Pingyao to Datong, 2 normal speed trains are in service. These trains are all handled by Pingyao Railway Station and Datong Railway Station with total travel time of 7 to 8 hours. The train ticket fare for a soft sleeper is from CNY 214 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 130.

Pingyao to Datong Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K672:
1Baoji -20:03
2Guozhen 20:1920:28
3Yangling 21:0721:09
4Xianyang 21:5222:11
5Xi'an 22:3522:46
6Weinan [Shaanxi] 23:2423:27
7Yuncheng [Shanxi] 02:3702:43
8Houma 03:5103:54
9Linfen 04:4204:50
10Huozhou 05:4105:44
11Lingshi 06:2406:26
12Jiexiu 06:5707:03
13Pingyao 07:2407:29
14Qixian [Shanxi] 07:4507:48
15Taigu 08:0808:11
16Yuci 08:3808:43
17Taiyuan South 09:0009:04
18Taiyuan 09:1509:44
19Yangqu 10:1810:20
20Xinzhou [Shanxi] 11:0411:07
21Yuanping 11:3111:34
22Xuangang 12:1712:20
23Ningwu 12:5212:56
24Shuozhou 13:2813:34
25Daiyue 14:0514:08
26Huairen 14:39-
27Datong 15:2715:27
Details of the Train D2582:
1Xi'an North -09:15
2Weinan [Shaanxi] North 09:3809:40
3Yongji North 10:1210:15
4Yuncheng North 10:3510:37
5Wenxi West 10:5110:53
6Houma West 11:0711:09
7Linfen West 11:2911:31
8Lingshi East 12:0512:07
9Pingyao Ancient Town 12:2312:25
10Qixian East 12:3812:40
11Taiyuan South 13:0513:15
12Xinzhou West 13:5013:52
13Yuanping West 14:0614:08
14Yingxian 14:5614:59
15Huairen East 15:1315:16
16Datong South 15:39-
Pingyao Ancient Town
Datong South
Details of the Train K7808:
1Yuncheng [Shanxi] -08:00
2Wenxi 08:3408:36
3Dongzhen 08:4808:50
4Houma 09:1809:26
5Linfen 10:1410:20
6Hongtong 10:3810:40
7Huozhou 11:1711:19
8Lingshi 11:5912:01
9Jiexiu 12:2712:35
10Pingyao 12:5612:59
11Taigu 13:2813:30
12Yuci 13:5614:00
13Taiyuan 14:2514:39
14Xinzhou [Shanxi] 15:5415:57
15Yuanping 16:2116:24
16Ningwu 17:3717:41
17Shuozhou 18:1418:18
18Daiyue 18:5018:52
19Huairen 19:2319:25
20Datong 20:10-
Details of the Train D5374:
1Yuncheng North -13:53
2Houma West 14:1514:17
3Linfen West 14:3714:40
4Lingshi East 15:1415:17
5Pingyao Ancient Town 15:3315:36
6Taiyuan 16:1416:28
7Xinzhou West 16:5716:59
8Yuanping West 17:1317:15
9Shanyin 17:5417:56
10Yingxian 18:1018:12
11Huairen East 18:2618:28
12Datong South 18:51-
Pingyao Ancient Town
Datong South
Details of the Train K962:
1Linfen -12:55
2Hongtong 13:1313:16
3Huozhou 13:5413:56
4Lingshi 14:3614:38
5Jiexiu 15:0815:13
6Pingyao 15:3415:39
7Qixian [Shanxi] 15:5515:58
8Taigu 16:1716:20
9Yuci 16:4816:53
10Taiyuan 17:1817:29
11Xinzhou [Shanxi] 18:4418:49
12Yuanping 19:1919:23
13Shanyin 20:1520:18
14Yingxian 20:3420:37
15Huairen East 20:5420:57
16Datong 21:4222:13
17Yanggao 22:5622:58
18Zhangjiakou 00:4200:48
19Xuanhua 01:0901:11
20Beijing 04:3204:57
21Yutianxian 06:1406:16
22Tangshan [Hebei] North 06:4206:45
23Luanxian 07:2707:29
24Qinhuangdao 09:1609:18
25Shanhaiguan 09:4109:47
26Xingcheng 10:5710:59
27Huludao 11:1611:18
28Jinzhou [Liaoning] 11:5912:03
29Dahushan 13:0713:09
30Shenyang North 14:43-

Where to Go in Pingyao

Ancient City of Pingyao is the very place where you should go if you want to experience and know the traditional folk customs and life style. The ancient town is now on the list of the world cultural heritages because of it time-honored history and well-preserved historical relics including the Ancient City Wall which is shaped like a turtle, Ancient Ming-Qing Street where you can find specialties, snacks and souvenirs, Rishengchang Former Bank where the development of ancient China’s banks are showed as well as Ancient Government Office where you may see the performance of an old trail there.

Most importantly, Qiao Family Compound should also be added to your travel schedule. The family compound layouts like the Chinese Character “囍” and shows exquisite carvings and decorations in Chinese architecture. It is regretful to travel Pingyiao without visiting Qiao Family Compound.

Where to Go in Datong

Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot
As one of the famous ‘Five Sacred Mountains (Wu Yue)’ in China, Mt. Hengshan known as “Bei Yue” embodies various natural sceneries and man-made landscapes including Tianfeng Summit and Hanging Monastery which is built on the cliff of Mt. Hengshan. With beautiful natural scenery, it should be the top 1 place to go in Datong.

Yungang Grottoes
With a history dating back to as early as Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 534), Yungang Grottoes has witnessed the tremendous social development throughout dynasties. Currently, it is one of three well-known cave clusters in China. Five status of Buddha are carved based on emperors Taizu, Taizong, Shizu, Gaozong and Gaozu and demonstrate the religious belief of that time: the emperor is the Buddha. 

Wooden Pagoda
Entitled as the oldest and highest wooden structure in China, Wooden Pagoda was built during the Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125). It looks like a five-storey building from the outside, but actually, it has nine floors with 4 hidden inside. The murals on the walls are quite vivid and the decoration outside the architecture is very exquisite.

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Major Rail Lines from Pingyao to:
Major Rail Lines from Datong to:
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Questions & Answers on Pingyao to Datong Train
Asked by Ella from CANADA | Jan. 16, 2020 18:34Reply
Is Datong South Station far from downtown area?
Answers (1)
Answered by Julius from INDONESIA | Jan. 18, 2020 16:23

Not too far, maybe around 15km. Usually you can get to business area around 30min by taxi.
Asked by Cayden from KENYA | Jun. 17, 2019 03:52Reply
Power outlet in hard sleeper cabin
As I will be traveling with little kids from Pingyao to Datong at the end of July. I want to use sleeper beds so there will be less crowded and wondering if there is power outlet can be used? Also, how can I get a lower bed for sure?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jun. 17, 2019 18:10

Thank you for your inquiry.

There is no power outlet set up inside the carriage but only a few of them in the corridor, under small tables there. As only a few power outlets in the carriage, they can be very popular among passengers. As for the lower bed, we are sorry that it cannot be choose directly but assigned by railway system. You can leave this request as a remark in our booking form. We will try our best for that but it cannot be 100% guaranteed. Hope for your kind understanding.
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