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Guizhou - Guiyang Hiking Tours

Take pictures of the ancient town with thousands of years’ history, stroll along the typical old alley and experience a wonderful drift along the way. All the amusing travel taste can be found in this itinerary.
There are many places fitting hiking in Guiyang, if you prefer a short excursion around the hills or old towns there, this itinerary may be cater for your interest.
Get everything in good order and set off at once. In this route, you will enjoy the natural views and the life style of ethnic minority people. The excellent natural and historical backgrounds as well as the local dance show are really impressive for foreign tourists.
If you have a strong physical energy and would like to fully enjoy the wonderful sights, you are advised to take this hiking route. There you can have a fresh view of the fantastic and spectacular hills and more surprise will await you as you explore further.
To know more about the ethnic groups in Guiyang, please take this route as your reference. It includes mountain hiking, old town, local opera and mysterious cave areas.
Guiyang06: Anshun City
Although it is famous for the Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Palace, Anshun has a number of attractions in the city area, particularly the Wenmiao Confucians Temple.
Guiyang07: North Suburbs
Travel to Xianghuoyan Valley and Nanjiang Canyon in the north suburbs of Guiyang let tourists have opportunities to fully enjoy the masterpieces of nature.
Guiyang08: West Trip
Enjoy nature’s raw beauty! This short excursion will get tourist to the ocean of Azaleas in Qianxi, the tranquil Zhijin old town and the marvelous Zhijin Karst Cave.
Guiyang09: Kaili City
With its unique natural scenery and minority culture [three quarters of its population are minorities], Kaili enjoys a peculiar advantage to be the tourism center in eastern area of Guizhou.
The highlight of this ecological route lies in the zigzagging Nine-dragon Cave and the grotesque peaks on Mt. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve.
Guiyang11: Duyun City
Having the beautiful Jianjiang River runnig across the city and the graceful Doupeng Mountain standing along the riverside, Duyun is noted as the city of bridges.
Rich in natural beauty and unique in its ethnic minorities, Guiyang has been attracting tourists' attention for a long time now. The Qianling Park, Jiaxiu Tower, Fufeng Mountain and Tianhe Pool are all easily accessible from the city center.
Hiking in Other Destinations of Guizhou: Anshun, Kaili
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