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5 Days of Lijiang - Jin'an Bridge - Zili - Yong'an - Yonghua - Xiumei - Anjing - Jiahe - Taiji - Qina - Yongsheng - Lijiang
Zili Old Town, Yunnan Province
On the first day, take a bus from Lijiang to Yongsheng at the Lijiang Bus Station. There is a bus for Yongsheng every 30 minutes. After about 1.5 hours, get off the bus midway at Jin'an Bridge, about 50 km from Lijiang. Turn south at the east end of the bridge. There you will find a simple road along the Jinsha River. Hike for about 5 km along this road to get to Gaomei Village at an altitude of 1620 meters. Rest for a short while here before continuing on to Zili Town at an altitude of 1850 meters. Zili is about 5 km from Gaomei Village. Have lunch here and visit the old town. On Mondays and Saturdays, there will be a big bazaar in the town. You can plan your tour tour date to coincide with it. It is worth a visit. After a rest at Zili, continue hiking for about 7 km (about 1.5 hours) to Yong'an Village. There is a store here where you can buy some food and drink and rest for a half hour. Your next destination will be Yonghua Village which is another 7 km away and takes about 2 hours of hiking. Pay to stay at a local family for overnight in Yonghua Village.
On the morning of the second day, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the villages in the mountains. Start the hike to Xiumei Village. After about 3 hour, passing Laomadian Village, a valley, Aluodian Village and a hill, you will arrive at Xiumei Village (2350 meters). Have lunch in the village. In the afternoon, passing Taojia Village, Luojiao Village,Dapingzi Village and Beimianzi Village, you will arrive at Anjing Village (1880 meters) in Banqiao Township after a 7-hour hike. Stay overnight in the village.
Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Jinsha River
On the third day, begin hiking to Jiangdong Village (about 4 hours). You can have lunch and a short rest here. Continue hiking for about 4 hours and you will reach Jiahe Village in Taiji Township. Stay overnight in the village.

On day 4, begin hiking for 14km to reach Taiji. Today, visit Taiji and have a good rest here. The unique scenery in Taiji is its special landform. Standing on the hillside on the east end of the village, you can see the winding "s"shaped Jinsha River. The river and the village together looks like the Chinese Tai Chi diagram.

On the fifth day, leave Taiji Village on a bus. Along Jinsha River, the most important sight is the spectacular gold-digging site. Three hours later, you will arrive at Qina Town. Then take another bus for 2 hours to Yongsheng. From Yongsheng, you can finally take a bus for the 3-hour trip back to Lijiang.

Tip: This is a hiking route along Jinsha River. On the way, you can see the landscapes of the valley, such as the walnut forests, the banana trees and the olive gardens. Villages like Yong'an, Xiumei, Banqiao and Jiahe are places where the Naxi Minority,  Bai Minority, Yi Minority, Lisu Minority, Miao Minority and Han people lived together. You can experience the simple and special customs here. The climate of the valley is very hot. There are many mosquitoes in the villages. Please bring appropriate sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
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5 Days of Lijiang - Jin'an Bridge - Zili - Yong'an - Yonghua - Xiumei - Anjing - Jiahe - Taiji - Qina - Yongsheng - Lijiang Lijiang04
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