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Jinan to Guilin Train

1 Jinan to Guilin normal speed train is operated from Jinan Railway Station to Guilin North Railway Station.

Passengers need to spend about 30 hours for a single trip, and travel 2,033 kilometers (1,263 miles) totally.

It costs CNY 416 for a hard sleeper, CNY 658 for a soft sleeper and CNY 229 for a hard seat.

Jinan to Guilin Train Ticket Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Arrival Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train K1137:
1Qingdao -17:40
2Weifang 19:2719:29
3Zibo 21:0121:04
4Jinan 22:1222:18
5Yanzhou 00:1300:44
6Jining [Shandong] 01:0701:10
7Heze 02:2102:30
8Shangqiu South 03:4003:44
9Bozhou 04:2504:30
10Fuyang 05:3905:59
11Hengchuan 07:3407:48
12Guangshan 08:0308:06
13Xinxian 08:3108:34
14Macheng 09:1409:20
15Huangzhou 10:0010:02
16Qichun 10:4310:46
17Jiujiang 11:5812:02
18Nanchang 13:3613:59
19Xiangtang 14:2014:24
20Xingan [Jiangxi] 15:3415:38
21Jian [Jiangxi] 16:3316:37
22Jinggangshan 17:4617:52
23Longshi 18:1718:21
24Yanling 18:4218:46
25Chaling South 19:2119:24
26Anren 19:5319:57
27Yongzhou 01:5202:13
28Guilin North 04:2504:39
29Liuzhou 06:2506:41
30Litang 08:2208:26
31Nanning 10:32-
Guilin North
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat

Running Route of Jinan to Guilin High Speed Train

Jinan to Xuzhou High Speed Railway Line: It’s a part of Beijing – Shanghai High Speed Railway, stopping at stations like Jinan West, Taian [Shandong], Qufu East and Zaozhuang.

Xuzhou to Zhengzhou High Speed Railway Line: Being a part of Xuzhou to Lanzhou High Speed Railway, this line is 360 kilometers (224 miles) and links several stations including Xiaoxian North, Yongcheng North, Dangshan [Anhui] South, Shangqiu, Kaifeng North, and Zhengzhou East,

Zhengzhou to Hengyang High Speed Railway Line: Constituting a section of Beijing to Guangzhou High Speed Railway, this line covers several major stations, such as Wuhan, Changsha South, and Hengyang East.

Hengyang to Guilin High Speed Railway Line: Many stations are connected in this line, for example, Liuzhou Railway Station, Laibin North Railway Station, and Binyang Railway Station.

Jinan to Guilin Flight

If you have a hurry trip, taking a flight will be preferable for you. And nowadays, 4 Jinan – Guilin flights are in service, taking about 2.5 hours at least, departing from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. Passengers can get a fluctuating discount depend on different dates.

Where to go in Guilin

“Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin”. Belonging to the Pearl Rivers and originating from the Cat Mountains, its most outstanding scenery is among about 20-kilometer (12.43 miles) waterway from Yangdi to Xingping. Visitors can take bamboo rafts along the river, appreciating the beautiful scenery, clear water, and mountain reflection. And many classic spots are covered, for example, Nine Horses Mountain scenic spot, Elephant Trunk Hill, and Crown Cave, etc.
 Being rich in high peaks and natural rocks in great numbers, Yangshuo is regarded as a sanctuary by many rock climbers. And the annual Yangshuo Climbing Festival attracts people from all over the world to have fun of rock climbing. Besides, Yangshuo West Street add has a lot of bars, hotels and shops in a row, and the street is more beautiful at night.

Guilin to Jinan Train

1 Guilin to Jinan high speed train is running between the two cities, taking around 10.5 hours. The second class seat cost CNY 825.5 from Guilin North Railway Station to Jinan East Railway Station. Besides, 1 normal speed train is available costing CNY 416 for a hard sleeper.

See detailed Jinan Train Schedule & Guilin Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Jinan to: 

Major Rail Lines from Guilin to:
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