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Yunnan - Lijiang Hiking Tours

As famous as the mountain, Lugu Lake, which is about 184 kilometers (about 114 miles) to the northeast of Lijiang City, is a must for visitors. The Mosuo People there who still maintain a matriarchal clan society today will introduce you to another one of the Chinese minority cultures.
For this 6 days' hiking route, there is one highlight site in each day respectively, namely Yufeng Temple, Lashi Lake, the Stone Drum Town, the First Bend of Yangtze River, Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a holy mountain in the heart of Naxi Minority. Take the Yak Meadow cable car to the Yak Meadow. On the Yak Meadow, you can enjoy the scenery of alp snowfield, the stream of Black Water River, the natural and peace virgin forest.
This is a hiking route along the Jinsha River. On the way, you can see the landscape of the valley, such as the walnut forest, the banana tree and the olive garden. The villages like Yong'an, Xiumei, Banqiao and Jiahe are the places where the Naxi Minority, the Bai Minority, the Yi Minority, the Lisu Minority, the Miao Minority and Han people lived together.
Shuhe Ancient Town is your first destination on the first day. On your second day, take a coach to Yongsheng County. On the morning of the third day, stroll along the lake to enjoy the patches of terrace and villages. On the fourth day, go through a dense mountain village.
The Laojun Mountain scenic area is an important part of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area. You are recommended to visit the Laojun Mountain in May when the azaleas bloom.
On your first day, go to the Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park where you can find various types of tropical plants and fruit trees. Someone once likened Xishuangbanna to a green peacock and the Olive Dam was its tail feather. Enjoy the tropical scenery, at the same time you can purchase all kinds of fruits.
Jinghong, also known as Xishaungbanna, is the only tropical rain forest nature reserve in China. The area has surprising biological diversity in the virgin forest, particularly because Xishuangbanna is so far away from central China and considered isolated.
Located in the south extension of the Hengduan Mountains, Xishuangbanna/ Jinghong has over ninety-five percent of its territory occupied by mountainous and hilly areas. To the Dai people, Xishuangbanna was known as 'Mengbanaxi' in ancient times, a name that means a miraculous and nice utopia. It had been a settlement where 13 ethnic minorities have lived in tight-knit communities for generations.
Focus your hiking in Zhanglang Village, where the Bulang ethnic minority people have led their life for thousands of years. Today this village still preserves the relatively complete historical site of Bualng tea culture. You can find the cultural legacy as living fossil from the villagers’ daily life. So you have to enjoy a cup of tea at Zhanglang Village.
Hiking out of Lijiang and this 5-day itinerary will guide you to Tengchong for exploration. You will visit the Dieshuihe Waterfall, Rehai Park, Beihai Wetland Park, Heshun Village and Vocanic Park.
Lijiang12: Tea-Horse Road
Our 4-day itinerary will provide you a chance to experience the ancient Tea-horse Road, which was used for trading in ancient times. The Road runs through Jianchuan County, Shaxi Town, Shibao Mountain and Maping Pass.
Do you want to see the God of Snow Mountains worshipped by Tibetan Buddhists. We will lead you to know more about this sacred mountain, Meili Snow Mountain.
Questions & Answers
Asked by Audrey koh from SINGAPORE | Sep. 23, 2019 06:45Reply
Hiking trails
Hi, how fit must one be to do the hikes ? Accessible by four wheel drive?

Answers (1)
Answered by Lynn | Sep. 25, 2019 22:59

These hikings are available for the travelers who are physically fit. The cars are accessible in these places.
Asked by Leong Y X from SINGAPORE | Feb. 27, 2016 02:57Reply
please send me your email address.
Im quite interested to visit tiger leaping george abt 3 days hike in a leisure pace and lugu lake and some recommended places that worth to visit. How many days to cover. Visiting month in mid May. Good reasonable hotel with attached toilet. Group of 4 pax. Ms Leong from Singapore.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lynne | Feb. 28, 2016 20:02

Dear Leong Y X, the above hiking itineraries are only for your reference. You may do it by yourself. Besides the Lugu Lake and Tiger Leaping George, you may also consider visiting Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Meili Snow Mountains, Shangri-La, Dali, etc.
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