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General China
Great Wall of Chinagives you a panoramic view of the country.
Religions and Beliefs
Buddhist Statue in Chinagives an introduction to the origin, vicissitude and essence of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. You can visit religious sites such as Mt. Wudang, Mt. Tai.
Ethnic Groups
Miao Ethnic Group in Chinais a world of folklore and where you can find exquisite ethnic handcrafts, customs, and delicious ethnic minority food.
Ancient Architecture
Temple of Heaven, Beijingenjoyed a long history of great achievements, and created many architectural spectaculars such as the Great Wall.
Chinese StudentsChina has made significant achievements in thousands of years' education, which promoted the brilliant civilization.
Chinese Literature
Chinese Literatureis really a magnificent treasure, but by now it needs your exploration.
China History
Terracotta Warriors, Xianoffers a clue for you to explore this time-honored eastern kingdom with over 5,000 years splendid story.
Food and Drink
Chinese Fooddesigned for people who live to eat. Fragrant aroma will certainly whet the appetite. While sipping Chinese tea, have a chance to taste the art of Chinese food.
Chinese Zodiac
China zodiac - sheep, goatChinese zodiacal signs are twelve animals below. People born in the years of different signs have distinctive personality and fortune.
Arts and Crafts
China Porcelainis a treasure house of ancient and traditional arts where you can find unparalleled collections of jade, porcelain, cloisonne from ancient time.