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Beijing to Jinhua Train

Up to now, 4 Beijing to Jinhua high speed trains are for passengers’ use. They are running from Beijing South Railway Station to Jinhua / Jinhua South Railway Station, requiring the travel time of 5 to 8 hours to complete the travel distance as long as 1,433 kilometers (890 miles) or 1,440 kilometers (895 miles).

A first class seat costs CNY 1,102.5 to CNY 1,155.5 and a second class seat costs CNY 656.5 to CNY 696.5.

Beijing to Jinhua Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G33:
1Beijing South -08:56
2Jinan West 10:1810:21
3Nanjing South 12:2012:25
4Hangzhou East 13:2813:30
5Jinhua South 14:1514:17
6Lishui [Zhejiang] 14:5114:53
7Wenzhou South 15:28-
Beijing South
Jinhua South
Details of the Train G169:
1Beijing South -09:38
2Tianjin South 10:1210:14
3Cangzhou West 10:3710:45
4Jinan West 11:3111:34
5Xuzhou East 12:4012:43
6Suzhou [Anhui] East 13:0213:04
7Nanjing South 14:0414:09
8Jurong West 14:2114:23
9Lishui [Nanjing] 14:3314:35
10Yixing 14:5714:59
11Huzhou 15:1515:17
12Hangzhou East 15:3815:40
13Yiwu 16:1316:15
14Jinhua 16:3116:40
15Quzhou 17:0117:04
16Yushan South 17:2717:29
17Shangrao 17:4117:43
18Yingtan North 18:0918:11
19Jinxian South 18:3318:39
20Nanchang West 18:58-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G181:
1Beijing South -10:42
2Cangzhou West 11:3611:45
3Jinan West 12:3412:39
4Taian [Shandong] 12:5612:58
5Zaozhuang 13:3613:38
6Xuzhou East 13:5613:58
7Bengbu South 14:3514:37
8Nanjing South 15:1815:24
9Jurong West 15:3615:42
10Lishui [Nanjing] 15:5215:54
11Wawushan 16:0316:05
12Changxing 16:3016:35
13Deqing 16:5316:55
14Hangzhou East 17:0817:11
15Zhuji 17:3517:37
16Yiwu 17:5117:53
17Jinhua South 18:1018:12
18Wuyi North 18:2318:25
19Yongkang South 18:3718:39
20Jinyun West 18:4918:51
21Lishui [Zhejiang] 19:0419:06
22Qingtian 19:2619:28
23Wenzhou South 19:4719:52
24Ruian 20:0320:05
25Pingyang [Zhejiang] 20:1520:18
26Cangnan 20:30-
Beijing South
Jinhua South
Details of the Train G2557:
1Beijing South -14:04
2Dezhou East 15:1715:19
3Jinan West 15:4315:46
4Zaozhuang 16:3716:39
5Xuzhou East 16:5716:59
6Bengbu South 17:3517:37
7Hefei South 18:2718:31
8Wuhu 19:0819:10
9Xuancheng 19:3819:40
10Guangde South 19:5920:01
11Anji 20:1020:12
12Huzhou 20:2820:30
13Hangzhou East 20:5121:06
14Zhuji 21:3021:35
15Yiwu 21:4921:51
16Jinhua South 22:09-
Beijing South
Jinhua South
Details of the Train G191:
1Beijing South -15:18
2Langfang 15:4015:44
3Tianjin South 16:0316:05
4Dezhou East 16:4916:51
5Jinan West 17:1517:30
6Zaozhuang 18:2318:26
7Suzhou [Anhui] East 18:5819:00
8Bengbu South 19:2319:25
9Nanjing South 20:0720:11
10Liyang 20:3820:40
11Deqing 21:1121:13
12Hangzhou East 21:2621:40
13Yiwu 22:1422:17
14Jinhua 22:3322:35
15Longyou 22:5022:52
16Quzhou 23:0323:05
17Jiangshan 23:17-
Beijing South

Running Route of Beijing to Jinhua High Speed Train

Beijing - Nanjing High Speed Railway Line: As a part of Beijing - Shanghai High Speed Railway Line, Beijing - Nanjing High Speed Railway Line is as long as 1,023 kilometers (636 miles), connecting railway stations of Beijing South, Tianjin South, Dezhou East, Jinan West, Tai’an, Qufu East, Xuzhou East, Suzhou East (Anhui), Chuzhou and Nanjing South.

Nanjing - Hangzhou High Speed Railway Line: With the length of 256 kilometers (159 miles), Nanjing - Hangzhou High Speed Railway Line links railway stations such as Nanjing South, Lizhui, Yixing, Changxing and Hangzhou East.

Hangzhou - Jinhua High Speed Railway Line: Constituted as one of the important parts along Shanghai - Kunming High Speed Railway Line is 154 kilometers (96 miles) in length, mainly connecting Zhuji Railway Station, Yiwu Railway Station and Jinhua South Railway Station.

The Must-see in Jinhua: Hengdian World Studios

There are six scenic areas, one overnight theme park and lots of small scenic pots in Hengdian World Studios. The famous scenic areas are Fantasy Valley, Ming and Qing Palace Area, Palace of Emperor Qin, Guangzhou Street and Hong Kong Street, Ming and Qing Folk Houses, Chinese Cultural Garden and so on. When tourists get into the world studios, they can watch shows scheduled for free. Also, one can participate various activities related to natural phenomenon like volcanic eruption, rainstorm and flood in Fantasy Valley, or see the old-styled architectures in Guangzhou Street and Hong Kong Street.

Jinhua to Beijing Train

3 high speed trains are running from Jinhua to Beijing, taking 5.5 to 7.5 hours. 

See detailed Beijing Train Schedule & Jinhua Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Lines from Jinhua to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Jinhua Train
Asked by Calhoun from AUSTRALIA | Mar. 30, 2020 17:18Reply
How far are these two stations in Jinhua city?
Can we pay taxi fare with Chinese debit card or cash?
Answers (1)
Answered by Frida from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 31, 2020 16:54

It is about 12km and taking 30min by car. The main station, Jinhua Station is closer to city central. You can always pay in cash (Chinese money for sure), WeChat and Alipay. Card will not be accepted.
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