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Chengdu to Fuzhou Train

At present, Chengdu East Railway Station supports 1 high speed train to Fuzhou Railway Station. Taking the duration of 16 hours, this Chengdu to Fuzhou high speed train runs the distance of 2,080 kilometers (1,292 miles). The ticket fare of a first class seat is CNY 1,035 and of a second class seat is CNY 646.5.

Additionally, 1 normal speed train is in service between Chengdu Railway Station and Fuzhou Railway Station, taking the overall travel time of 39.5 hours. A soft sleeper costs CNY 732.5 and a hard sleeper costs CNY 479.5.

If the tickets are sold out, one can choose to transfer at Nanchang West Railway Station. The travel time for the bullet train transfer is about 12.5 to 13 hours and the fare for two second class seats is CNY 987.

Chengdu to Fuzhou Train Tickets Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Departure Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train D2244:
1Chengdu East -06:43
2Suining 07:4007:42
3Hechuan 08:3208:34
4Chongqing North 09:0009:07
5Changshou North 09:3709:39
6Fengdu 10:0710:09
7Shizhuxian 10:2810:31
8Lichuan 11:0811:10
9Enshi 11:4211:46
10Jianshi 12:0912:11
11Yichang East 13:3613:44
12Zhijiang North 14:0314:05
13Jingzhou [Hubei] 14:2414:27
14Hanchuan 15:2215:29
15Wuhan [Hankou] 15:5616:08
16Wuhan 16:3416:41
17Ezhou 17:0417:06
18Huangshi North 17:1817:21
19Daye North 17:2917:32
20Yangxin 17:4617:48
21Dean 18:2718:29
22Nanchang West 18:5919:04
23Fuzhou [Jiangxi] 19:4119:44
24Jianningxian North 20:2820:30
25Taining 20:4320:46
26Sanming North 21:1921:24
27Youxi 21:4221:44
28Yongtai 22:1822:20
29Fuzhou 22:45-
Chengdu East
Seat TypePrice
1st Class Seat
1st Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
Details of the Train G1755:
1Chongqing West -09:10
2Ganshui East 09:4609:48
3Zunyi 10:3410:36
4Xifeng 11:0311:05
5Guiyang East 11:3011:34
6Guiding North 11:5011:52
7Kaili South 12:1412:16
8Huaihua South 13:1613:19
9Loudi South 14:1114:13
10Shaoshan South 14:3114:33
11Changsha South 14:5515:00
12Liling East 15:2415:26
13Pingxiang North 15:3615:38
14Yichun [Jiangxi] 15:5515:57
15Xinyu North 16:1216:14
16Nanchang West 16:4616:52
17Yingtan North 17:2717:29
18Shangrao 18:0118:03
19Wuyishan East 18:3318:35
20Nanping North 19:0219:04
21Fuzhou 19:4119:50
22Fuzhou South 20:07-
Chengdu East
Seat TypePrice
1st Class Seat
1st Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
2nd Class Seat
Business Cls. Seat
Business Cls. Seat

Other Transportation Options

Transfer at Nanchang West Railway Station

Chengdu East to Nanchang West  Nanchang West to Fuzhou Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G2371 07:03 - 15:44 G1758 16:52 - 19:41 12h38m CNY 724 + CNY 263 = CNY 987
G1983 08:27 - 17:21 G862 18:10 - 21:19 12h52m

Chengdu to Fuzhou Flight

Currently, 5 flights scheduled from 11:50 to 20:25 are in service from Chengdu to Fuzhou. The Chengdu to Fuzhou flight takes around 3 hours and the air fare is from CNY 700 to CNY 1,350.

Where to Go in Fuzhou

Tulou, the must-see attraction in Fuzhou, is the residential housing made of earth in the shape of pentagonal, oblong, rectangular, square and so on. These buildings are the representative of traditional Chinese residential house, symbolizing traditional Chinese’s belief that all the family members should live together. There are lots of Tulou in Fuzhou. Among them, Tulou in Yongding County is most famous.
 Sanfang Qixiang, literally means three lanes and seven alleys. There are lots of ancient architectures and former residences of famous people in China such as Yan Fu, Lin Congyi and Guo Baiyin. Lots of restaurants can also be found in the scenic area. One can taste some local dishes and snacks there.   

Minjiang Park

The park has seven small gardens: Xihe, Jinjiang, Wanglong, Binfen, Minfeng and Minshui. Many local residents like to relax in the park after work. Tourists may know more about Fuzhou people and their life style when strolling around the park. What’s more, one can breathe the fresh air and appreciate the beautiful scenery in the different gardens.

Fuzhou to Chengdu Train

Only 1 Fuzhou to Chengdu high speed train is in service, taking about 15.5 hours.
1 normal speed train is also available from Fuzhou to Chengdu, taking around 39 hours.
See detailed Chengdu Train ScheduleFuzhou Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Chengdu to:
Major Rail Lines from Fuzhou to:
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