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Chengdu to Jinan Train

Nowadays, 2 Chengdu to Jinan high speed trains are available, taking 10.5-11.5 hours to finish the overall distance of 1,827-1,900 kilometers (1,135-1,180 miles). They all depart from Chengdu East Railway Station but arrive at Jinan West and Jinan East separately. The ticket price of a second class seat is about CNY 782.5/786.5, of a first class seat is CNY 1,258/1262.5 and of a business class seat is CNY 2,422.5/2428.

Besides, 1 Chengdu to Jinan normal speed train is in service from Chengdu Railway Station to Jinan Railway Station, taking about 35 hours. It costs CNY 251 for a hard seat, CNY 456 for a hard sleeper, and CNY 718 for a soft sleeper.

Chengdu to Jinan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1832:
1Chongqing West -10:19
2Bishan 10:3510:37
3Neijiang North 11:0711:09
4Jianyang South 11:3511:38
5Chengdu East 11:5812:02
6Qingbaijiang East 12:1712:26
7Deyang 12:3912:41
8Mianyang 12:5813:01
9Jiangyou 13:1813:22
10Jiangyou North 13:3813:45
11Guangyuan 14:1314:17
12Hanzhong 15:0315:05
13Chenggu North 15:1715:19
14Huyi 16:0716:09
15Xi'an North 16:3116:39
16Weinan [Shaanxi] North 16:5516:57
17Huashan [Shaanxi] North 17:1517:17
18Lingbao West 17:3317:43
19Sanmenxia South 17:5818:01
20Luoyang Longmen 18:3218:39
21Zhengzhou East 19:1719:20
22Kaifeng North 19:4019:42
23Shangqiu 20:1720:19
24Dangshan [Anhui] South 20:3720:39
25Xiaoxian North 21:0021:02
26Xuzhou East 21:2121:46
27Zaozhuang 22:0422:06
28Tengzhou East 22:1822:20
29Qufu East 22:3722:39
30Jinan West 23:11-
Chengdu East
Jinan West
Details of the Train K206:
1Chengdu -17:10
2Deyang 17:5718:01
3Mianyang 18:4518:55
4Jiangyou 19:3219:42
5Guangyuan 22:3022:49
6Yangpingguan 00:2300:25
7Hanzhong 02:0702:12
8Ankang 05:2805:48
9Baihexian [Shaanxi] 07:4607:49
10Shiyan [Hubei] 08:5308:56
11Wudangshan 09:1409:16
12Gucheng [Hubei] 10:1110:23
13Xiangyang 11:2911:54
14Nanyang 13:3413:37
15Baofeng 15:0315:06
16Ruzhou 15:3915:41
17Zhengzhou 18:4219:04
18Kaifeng 19:5019:53
19Lankao 20:2120:24
20Minquan 20:4620:49
21Shangqiu 21:2921:34
22Xuzhou 23:0823:23
23Tengzhou 00:3400:37
24Yanzhou 01:1701:19
25Jinan 04:1004:16
26Zibo 05:2005:22
27Weifang 06:1706:22
28Jiaozhou North 07:20-
29Qingdao 08:1808:18

Running Route of Chengdu to Jinan High Speed Train

Chengdu to Xi’an High Speed Railway Line: This line is as long as 658 kilometers (409 miles), passing by Deyang Railway Station, Guangyuan Railway Station, Hanzhong Railway Station and Xi’an North Railway Station.

Xi’an to Xuzhou High Speed Railway Line: Constituting a part of Xuzhou-Lanzhou High Speed Railway Line, this line stretches 883 kilometers (549 miles), connecting railway stations like Huashan North, Luoyang Longmen, Zhengzhou East and Xuzhou East.

Xuzhou to Jinan High Speed Railway Line: With overall distance of 286 kilometers (178 miles), this line belongs to Beijing - Shanghai High Speed Railway Line, linking railway stations including Zaozhuang, Tengzhou East, Qufu and Tai’an.

Where to go in Jinan

Locating in the Shizhong District of Jinan city, Baotu Spring Park is regarded as the best of the 72 springs in Jinan with an area of 26 acres. The temperature of the spring water keeps 18℃ (64.4℉) naturally throughout the year.
 This spot locates in Lixia District of Jinan city. You can enjoy boating expedition on the spring lake, appreciate gorgeous views along the lake, and admire the unique lotus in full bloom in summer.
 Belonging to Taishan Mountains, this place locates in east of Jinan City with an altitude of 285 meters (935 feet) and an area of 166.1 hectares (410 acres). You can enjoy an eye feast with these beautiful sceneries, myriad temples, various Buddha statues and multi-peaked mountains.

Jinan to Chengdu Train

3 Jinan to Chengdu high speed trains are running spending 9.5-11 hours. The ticket fare is about CNY 785 for a second class seat, and CNY 1,260 for a first class seat. Also, 1 normal speed train is available taking 35.5 hours.

See detailed Chengdu Train Schedule & Jinan Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Chengdu to:
Major Rail Lines from Jinan to:
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Is Baotu Spring and Daminghu Park open?
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Answered by Zhang Zhen from CHINA | Apr. 08, 2020 17:09

Yes, they open for visitors now. They ask for real name visiting now, so you need to your ID card or passport to buy a ticket.
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