Top 15 Cantonese Restaurants in Xi'an

Steamed Shrimp, Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant
Steamed Shrimp

Although Xi'an is an inland city, there are a number of Cantonese restaurants serving almost all kinds of Cantonese dishes, snacks, Yum Cha and Ye Cha (Night Tea). Compared with the others, these Cantonese restaurants are all well-decorated in order to make a comfortable dining environment.

Therefore, the locals always prefer a Cantonese restaurant when they wish to meet friends for dinner. On the other hand, because of using selected food materials and its good service, a Cantonese dinner is more expensive compared with other meals in Xi'an. Hereunder are the top 15 Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an:

1. Yue Zhen Xuan

This is the first choice if you would like to have an authentic Cantonese meal in Xi'an but also at a reasonable price.
Average cost: CNY250-300 per person

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetable, Prince Restaurant
Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetable

Operating hours: 11:00~14:30; 17:00~04:00
 Xincheng Square Branch
Location: Xincheng Square, No. 256, Nanxin Street
 Hanguang Branch
Location: 1-2F, Hanguang Mansion, No. 142, South Huancheng Road

2. Grand Hong Kong Abalone and Sharkfin Restaurant

As one of top 15 Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an, it features fresh marine products, being famous for the authentic taste of seafood dishes and high quality service. The Yum Cha before 11:00 and Ye Cha after 20:30 are also said to be in high demand.
Average cost: CNY100-150 per person
 Gaoxin Branch
Location: No.3, Gaoxin Road, Gaoxin District
 Guobin Branch
Location: No.1, middle section of East Huancheng Road, Beilin District
 Chang'an Road Branch
Location: No. 196, South Chang'an Road

3. Lutao Restaurant

Fried Cuttlefish with Green Pepper, Prince Restaurant
Fried Cuttlefish with Green Pepper
The Canton food, dining environment and service here are sure to satisfy you.
Average cost: CNY80-100 per person
 Yitian Branch
Location: 6F, Yitian Shopping Mall, No. 166, West Changle Road
 SAGA Branch
Location: 7F, SAGA Shopping Mall, No. 123, Middle Chang'an Road
 Yinxiangcheng Branch
Location: 5F, Yinxiangcheng Shopping Mall, Weiyang Road

4. Guo Hua Hai Xi'an Fang

Guo Hua is one of the earliest and most authentic Canton restaurants in Xi'an. Various kinds of Cantonese dishes and snacks as well as seafood are served here. Now, this restaurant is on the list of Top 15 Cantonese Restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY150 per person
Location: No. 183, Southeast corner of South 2nd Ring Road and Zhuque Road intersection

5. Xiao Huang Hou Jiu Lou

Authentic food and good service makes it to be one of the popular restaurants in Xi'an for a long time. The Ye Cha served here is also worthy of your attention at night.
Average cost: CNY60 per person
Location: No.90, Huzhu Road, Beilin District

6. Shun Feng Shan Zhuang

Deep Fried Crispy Chicken, Prince Restaurant
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken
It is one of the good-quality Canton restaurants in Xi'an. It is a well-decorated one favored by many consumers, being one of the top 15 Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY180-250 per person
Location: No.22, east section of South 2nd Ring, Yanta District

7. Tang Yue Gong Chinese Restaurant (Tang Dynasty Palace)

As one of the earliest and top-level Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an, it provides great dishes, which are very popular among domestic and overseas customers. The Cantonese Roast Duck is one of the featured dishes here.
Average cost: CNY270 per person
Location: No.75, North Chang'an Road, Beilin District

8. Qu Jiang Bin Guan

Fried Rice Noodle, Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant
Fried Rice Noodle
Its attractive dining environment is just like a green park. Here, both authentic Cantonese cuisine and delicious buffet dinner are served.
Average cost: CNY350 per person
Location: No.6, South Yanta Road, Xincheng District

9. New Cantonese Restaurant

As one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an, it combines the cultural element of the Tang Dynasty and tea, offering guests a nice environment to enjoy the distinctive Cantonese food and tea.
Average cost: CNY65 per person
 Taoyuan Road Branch
Location: intersection of East Fenggao Road and Taoyuan Road
 Kuangshan Road Branch
Location: Zone B, Haijingcheng Community, Guangshan Road

10. Tang Cheng Xiao Yuan Cantonese Food

Assorted Desserts, Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant
Assorted Desserts
Just to the north of the Tang Cheng Hotel, it is an economical Cantonese restaurant. Usually, it is crowded by locals during the dining time.
Average cost: CNY100 per person
Location: No.249, Hanguang Road, Yanta District

11. Yue Du Wu Mi Zhou

As well as its fresh porridge, the highlight of this restaurant is the porridge hot pot - boiling vegetables, seafood and meat are in the rice porridge. It has become one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY100 per person
Location: 2F, Harbor City Shopping Mall, Yannan 1st Road

12. Chao Shi San Restaurant

Here, you can taste the typical Cantonese porridge at reasonable prices.
Average cost: CNY65 per person
 Gaoxin Branch
Location: No. 8, Gaoxin 4th Road
 Fenxiang Branch
Location: No. 12, Nanyuanmen

13. Vigor Delicious Food

Pot-braised Beef Pellet, Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant
Pot-braised Beef Pellet
It mainly serves pure Hong Kong and Cantonese food, providing its guests the most fashionable dining experience.
Average cost: CNY90 per person
 Nan'erhuan Branch
Location: No. 148, South Erhuan Road
 Tangyan Road Branch
Location: 3-4F, Maike Mansion, intersection of Tangyan Road and Keji 5th Road
 South Gate Branch
Location: 4F, Zhujiang Shopping Mall, South Gate

14. Yuelinglong

Snacks served here are worth a try.
Average cost: about CNY80 per person
Location: B1, Building B, Century Ginwa Shopping Mall, No. 336, East Section of South Huancheng Road

15. Guangdong Wei Zhi Lang

It is a not very large one near the bustling East Street, but the homely Cantonese food will satisfy your appetite at a very reasonable price.
Average cost: CNY55 per person
Location: No. 42 Dongtingmen, Ju Hua Yuan, Duanlv Gate, Beilin District

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