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Shaanxi food occupies an important position in Chinese cuisine. It’s said that all the Chinese dishes originate from Shaanxi and Shaanxi food was created early in Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 256BC).

Shaanxi food mainly consists of three parts: Guanzhong dish, Shanbei dish and Shannan dish. Xi'an food is an important branch of Guanzhong dish, which is well known for cooking pork and mutton as well as in strong and heavy flavor. In addition, the simplex but choice material in a course gives a pure taste to the Guanzhong dish. Also using pork and mutton frequently, the Shanbei dish is usually cooked by steaming. Shannan dish emphasizes on the use of pepper, having a spicy flavor.

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Top Dishes of Shaanxi Food

Gourd-shaped Chicken (Hu Lu Ji)

As one of the best Xi'an food to eat, it was originally cooked by a chef in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907AD) by using a hen weighs one kilogram. After well-selected, the hen will be boiled, steamed and fried to be in a gourd-shape, so its name. The well prepared chicken has golden and crisp skin as well as fresh and tender meat.

Braised White Fungus with Medlar (Gou Qi Dun Yin Er)

This soup was firstly enjoyed by a famous minister in the early Han Dynasty (202BC – 220AD). Later, in the Tang Dynasty, it was developed by the two prime ministers of the Tang Taizong. Now, this soup is best known for its sweet and fragrant flavor.

Spicy Pig Kidney (Wen Ban Yao Si)

As one of the best Xi'an cuisine dishes, this dish of Shaanxi food made of the pig kidney is popular for its tender, fresh and tasty flavor. It was firstly cooked by the local chef Cao Bingjun depending on the cooking skills of the Tang Dynasty.

Quick-boiled Pig Tripe with Duck Gizzard (Cuan Shuang Cui)

It was cooked by a chef in the Tang Dynasty in order to make a pointed allusion to the merciless officials at that time. The materials mainly are the white pig trip and the red duck gizzard, both of which are quick-boiled with some seasonings.

Fish with White Soup (Nai Tang Guo Zi Yu)

Its main material is carp which will be eaten in a hot pot. The white soup in the hot pot is stewed by chicken, duck and pig's bone. And, the hot pot is heated up by the local Xifeng Wine but not the charcoal. Its fragrant flavor attracts a number of customers every year.
Brewed Hair-like Seaweed (Niang Jin Qian Fa Cai)
The hair-like seaweed and the tender chicken breast are the main materials of this soup, both of which will be cut in a round shape. It is a popular dish in the Chinese businessman for a long time.

Three-skin Slice (San Pi Si)

As a cold dish of Shaanxi cuisine, it consists of the skin slice of the pork, black-bone chicken and jellyfish. It was cooked by a chef in the mid of the Tang Dynasty in order to gig the three corrupt officials at that time. It tastes fresh, crisp and tender.

Stewed Squid Slice (Wei You Yu Si)

 Firstly cooked in the early 1900's, it's regarded as one of the top Xi'an cuisine dishes. It is said that the squid slice will be simmered over a small fire for one day. So, the tasty flavor interests a number of gourmets.

Pork Joint Stewed with Bone (Dai Ba Zhou Zi)

It is one of the most popular daily dishes in the locals. In comparison to the other braised pork leg, the bone is still preserved when this dish is prepared well with a sweet smell.
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