Top 10 Xi’an Noodle Restaurants

No.1: Biang Biang Noodles

 Chinese name: biang biang面 biáng biáng miàn
This time-honored Xi’an noodle restaurant is famous for its Biang Biang Noodles. Biang Biang refers to the flapping sound that happens when the cook makes the noodles. It is this process that makes Biang Biang Noodles chewy. What’s more, the cook in this restaurant can skilfully pull one single noodle to 3.4 meters (11.2 feet) long! The best noodle to try here is the San He Yi Noodle. San He Yi means three kinds of toppings in one bowl of noodles. The three toppings are diced beef, tomato egg and minced pork.

1. No.80, Nan Yuan Men Gate, Beilin District
2. Yong Xing Fang Square, Dongxin Street, Xincheng District
 Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
 Average price per person: CNY25

No.2: Liu Xiang Noodle Restaurant

 Chinese name: 柳巷面 liǔ xiàng miàn
Noodles in this restaurant are popular for being smooth, chewy with great tasting toppings. You can choose to add meat or vegetables, including bean sprouts, potatoes, cabbage, fired tofu and mushrooms. All of these are at the bottom of the bowl, so remember to mix the noodles well before eating. By the way, locals usually eat noodles with aside of noodle soup.

 Location: Block B, Jiqing Mansion, Jiqing Alley, Xincheng District
 Opening hours: 10:30-20:30
 Average price per person: CNY20

No.3: Ma Hu Noodle Restaurant

 Chinese name: 马虎面馆mǎ hǔ miàn guǎn
This is a halal Xi’an noodle restaurant. Believe it or not, this restaurant only sells one type of noodles, noodles with beef chunks. The luscious beef chunks are stewed using a secret recipe and covered with the hot hand-made noodles. The heat of the noodles stimulates the aroma of the beef and other ingredients. Remember to come here early because there are often lines, especially at meal time.

1. No.20, Xi Qi Road, Xincheng District
2. No.113, East Xingshansi Street, Yanta District
 Opening hours: 10:00-20:30
 Average price per person: CNY20

No.4: Luo’s Noodle Restaurant

 Chinese name: 罗家面 luó jiā miàn
The specialty of Luo’s Noodle Restaurant is hand-made spinage noodles. Without any artificial pigment, the cook squeezes the spinage and adds the green juice into flour. The final noodles are visually very appealing! Apart from the fragrance of vegetables, your appetite will be also aroused by the smell of spicy pepper. Gun Gun Noodles (stick-like noodles) are also recommended.

1. No.17-19, South Hong Zhuan Road, Yanta District
2. No.18, West Chang’an Road, Yanta District
3. No.58, North Long Shou Road, Weiyang District
 Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
 Average price per person: CNY20

No.5: Kun Kun Halal Spinage Noodles

 Chinese name: 清真坤坤菠菜面 qīng zhēn kūn kūn bō cài miàn
Compared with other Xi’an noodle restaurants, this restaurant will impress you by its generous portions of both noodles and ingredients! The greenish spinage noodles are added to fragrant beef chunks, minced cabbage, potato chunks, and egg tomato sauce. In addition, this restaurant sells a variety of cold dishes such as pickled carrots and cucumbers.

1. No.84, Da Che Jia Xiang Alley, Beilin District
2. Jia Hui Alley, Gao Xin Street, Gao Xin District
 Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
 Average price per person: CNY20

No.6: Liu’s Dough Sheets with Stewed Pork

 Chinese name: 刘记腊汁肉揪面片 liú jì là zhī ròu jiū miàn piàn
Have you ever heard of another famous Xi’an food called Chinese Hamburger (Rou Jia Mo)? The minced stewed pork brings you another taste when added to the dough. At Liu’s restaurant, the cook innovatively combines the delicious stewed pork with stir-fried leeks, making the best matches of dough sheets.

 Location: No.33, Da Che Jia Xiang Alley, Beilin District
 Opening hours: 9:00-23:00
 Average price per person: CNY25

No.7: Ai Hua Belt-like Noodle Restaurant

 Chinese name: 爱骅裤带面馆 ài huá kù dài miàn guǎn
When you walk into this Xi’an noodle restaurant, don’t be confused if you see that noodles are served in mini basins instead of bowls. This design is convenient for diners to thoroughly mix the toppings and the belt-like noodles, considering each noodle’s width of about 3 centimeter (1 inch). If you want to eat belt-like noodles in a more native way, remember to add some chili oil and garlic.

1. No.20, An Ju Xiang Alley, Beilin District
2. Building 1, Dong San Dao Xiang Alley, He Ping Road, Beilin District
 Opening hours: 8:00-21:00 from Mon. to Fri.; 9:00-21:00 from Sat. to Sun.
 Average price per person:CNY15

No.8: Jiao Chang Men Buckwheat Noodles

 Chinese name: 教场门饸饹馆 jiào chǎng mén hé le guǎn 
As the name suggests, this famous Xi’an noodle restaurant specializes in making buckwheat noodles. There is a wooden machine inside the restaurant to process thin and long buckwheat noodles every day, so as to ensure the noodles’ fresheness and aroma. You can choose either cold noodles or noodles with hot soup. There are also two types of toppings, meat and vegetable.

 Location: No.12, Jiao Chang Men Road, Lianhu District
 Opening hours: 10:30-19:00
 Average price per person: CNY15

No.9: Wang Ju’s Noodle Restaurant

 Chinese name: 王菊面馆 wáng jú miàn guǎn
This restaurant mainly sells dried thick noodles. Garlic is the perfect match for this type of noodle. Moreover, it is very popular because of three classic types of toppings, minced beef, braised vegetables and chopped chili pepper. It is worth mentioning that this restaurant has a very convenient delivery service, thus it is a  good choice for those on a tight schedule.

1. No.12, East Area of Si Min Xiang Alley, Builiding 3, Zhong Mao Square, Beilin District (Near the Bell Tower)
2. Floor 1, Buliding 2, Yan Xiang Square, Yan Xiang Road, Yanta District
3. No.1007, Kang Fu Lu Trading Mall, Liu Ming Road, Baqiao District
 Opening hours: 24 hours
 Average price per person: CNY15

No.10: Yong Ming Qi Shan Noodles

 Chinese name: 永明岐山面 yǒng míng qí shān miàn
Unlike the noodles mentioned above, Qi Shan Noodles are very thin and narrow, and focus more on sour and refreshing soup. The colorful ingredients include black mushrooms, red carrots, green garlic seedlings, yellow stir-fried egg, and white tofu. Qi Shan Noodles can definitely bring you both visual and gustatory pleasure.

1. No.128, West You Yi Road, Beilin District
2. East of No.162, Zhu Que Road Crossing, Yanta District
 Opening hours: 10:00-21:30
 Average price per person: CNY20

- Last updated on May. 26, 2020 -
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