Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Xi'an

It is not unusual to find a vegetarian restaurant in Xi'an. Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant and Daxingshan Temple Vegetarian Restaurant are two of the most widely known. The latter is suitable for vegans and there is a strong Buddhist theme in both places. If you are a vegetarian, you should not miss the two when visiting Xi'an. Hereunder are the best vegetarian restaurants in Xi'an:

Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant

It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Xi'an. It is near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. After visiting the pagoda, you can go to the restaurant for a rest and have a taste of the delicious food. You can find different kinds of vegetarian food, including aulic vegetarian, temple's vegetarian and common vegetarian. Some food tastes just like meat, but it is actually made of soybeans. The main hall is decorated in a modern style. In the dining room, the floor is covered by red carpets and there are Tang Dynasty pictures on the wall. It is a very comfortable place to have dinner.
Specialties: Bouilli, Boiled Fish
Average cost: CNY80/person
Location: No. 1, West Ci’en Road, Yanta District

Bao Yan Su Shi Fang of Daxingshan Temple

Bao Yan Su Xiang Zhai is located in Daxingshan Temple which is within walking distance from Xiaozhai, a big shopping center in Xi'an. It has a quiet dining environment. Vegetarian food here is pure and goluptious. You can physically and mentally relax here. You can also find Buddhist texts, scriptures and CDs beside the restaurant. It is generally a nice place to have vegetarian dinner.
Specialties: Sautéed sausage with snow peas, beefsteak
Average cost: CNY40/person
Location: Inside Daxingshan Temple, No. 55, West Xingshan Street, Yanta District

Su Xin Cha Fang

As one of the popular vegan restaurants in Xi'an, this restaurant advocates green healthy diet and lifestyle. It provides various kinds of vegetarian diets.
Average cost: About CNY80/person
Location: No. 888, North Xinkaimen Road

Lotus Restaurant

A nicely decorated interior provides a comfortable dining atmosphere. Nowadays, it has become one of the top places to eat vegan food. The menu has both Chinese and English descriptions with pictures. It also clearly lists the ingredients of each dish. Some items contain dairy and egg products. The braised eggplant with taro here is delicious.
Specialties: Mushroom and Bran Gluten, Guokwei, Walnut Shortbread
Average cost: CNY300/person
Location: 2F, Heshengjing Shopping Mall, Fenglin Road

Shang Shan Restaurant

Average cost: CNY60/person
Location: 3F, Xingfu Yijia, No. 9, Dongguan Street

Han Lai Shu Shi

There is pure vegetarian food in the restaurant. Not only the dishes, but also the seasonings are totally vegetarian. No garlic, rocambole, eggs or meat are used at all. Being one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Xi'an, it also serves Yunnan Pu’er tea and sells crude purple clay teapots, Jingdezhen hand-painted porcelain and Buddhist beads and other accessories.
Average cost: CNY70/person
Location: 5F, Hanshen Shopping Mall, No. 168, Fengcheng 8th Road

Pu Su Cha Fang

This features a Buddhist theme, providing zen tea and vegetarian food. Besides, you can also find Buddha and other Buddhist objects here. Neither wine nor beverage is served, which is prone to a pure vegetarian restaurant!
Average cost: CNY50/person
Location: No. 239, Keji Road

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Questions & Answers on Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Xi'an
Asked by Srini | Sep. 05, 2015 21:20Reply
Indian restaurant near Sheraton Xi'an Hotel, No.262 Feng Gao Road
Answers (2)
Answered by Gloria from USA | Sep. 07, 2015 20:47

Yes, you can go to Red Fort Indian Restaurant. It's about one mile away from the hotel. It provides authentic indian cuisines. And the environment is awesome. The address is No.118, Datang Xishi, South Laodong Road, Lianhu District. Hope you like.
Answered by Srini | Sep. 08, 2015 06:03

Thanks a lot Gloria.
I appreciate your reply.
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