Top Sichuan Restaurants in Xi'an

Sichuan Hui Guan

Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce, Sichuan Restaurant
Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce

Decorated in traditional Chinese style, it is one of the best eateries to enjoy spicy Sichuan Cuisine in Xi'an. The delicate cooking skill, authentic flavor, and good service attract many locals every day. The food maybe a little expensive but it is worth a try. This restaurant is one of the best places to eat Sichuan cuisines.
Specialties: Fuqi Fei Pian (Beef and Ox Tripe in Chili Sauce), Dama Dai Yu (Aunt Hairtail), Mao Xue Wang (Duck Blood in Chili Sauce)
Average cost: CNY110-150 per person
 Guangji Street Branch
Location: No. 8, South Guangji Street, Beilin District
 Economic Development Zone Branch Location: Fengcheng 4th Road, Weiyang District
 Taoyuan Branch:
Location: 3F, Building No. 6, Taoyuancun Building, West Section of Nanerhuan Road

Chengdu Ying Xiang

As one of the top Sichuan restaurants in Xi'an, it is frequented by people who are fond of spicy Sichuan Cuisine. Dishes are not only authentic but the atmosphere here attracts many gourmets.
Specialties: Shui Zhu Yu (hot fish), Fuqi Fei Pian, Mapo Tofu, Mu Gua Su (pawpaw crisp)
Average cost: CNY80 per person
Location: 1-3F, Chengshi Haoxing Building, No. 58, east section of South Huancheng Road, Beilin District

Chuan Yu Ren Jia

Braised Pork, Sichuan Restaurant
Braised Pork

This is one of the restaurants that cater to everyone’s appetite, as most of the Sichuan dishes are cooked to meet the likes of Shaanxi people.
Specialties: Nuo Mi Pai Gu (short rib with rice), Fuqi Fei Pian, Tang Cu Xiao Pai (sweet and sour spareribs)
Average cost: CNY40-70 per person
Dongmutoushi Branch: No. 68, Dong Mu Tou Shi, Beilin District
 Shishang Branch
Location: No. 118, Electronic Main Street, Yanta District
 Miziyuan Branch
Location: No. 9, Middle Section of Jiangong Road
 Haiyun Branch
Location: No.149, Fengcheng 3rd Road, Weiyang District
 Huajin Branch
Location: Jinzuo Hotel, No. 78, north section of Yanta Raod, Beilin District
 Mingzuo Branch
Location: Nanfang Xingzuo building A, No. 19, Zhuque Street, Yan’ta District

Guoli Renhe Chuan Cai

Beef and Tripe Slice in Chili Sauce, Guoli Renhe Restaurant
Beef and Tripe Slice in Chili Sauce
Guoli Renhe Restaurant

This restaurant focuses mainly on Sichuan Cuisine, becoming one of the top Sichuan restaurants in Xi'an. Go early to avoid the crowd.
Specialties: Shanyu Fensi (braised eel shred and Vermicelli), Shui Zhu Niurou (poached sliced beef in hot chili oil)
Average cost: CNY80 per person
 Chang’an Road Branch
Location: No. 1, North Chang'an Road, Beilin District
 Fengcheng 9th Road Branch
Location: intersection of Fengcheng 9th Road and Mingguang Road
 Dong'erhuan Road Branch
Location: 4F, No. 1, East Section of Nan'erhuan Road
 Lijiacun Branch
Location: 2F, Meiyan Mansion, Wanda Plaza, Lijiacun


Chuan Ren Bai Wei

Braised Beef with Potatoes, Guoli Renhe Restaurant
Braised Beef with Potatoes
Guoli Renhe Restaurant

Established in 1993, Chuan Ren Bai Wei restaurant has around one hundred branches throughout China. Its branches are usually in the large shopping malls. They can be found in Xi'an at Cada Plaza, Wanda Plaza and SAGA Buy Shopping Mall. Apart from its comfortable environment, it serves great Sichuan Cuisines and the Boiled Fish and Boiled Pork Slice are very popular.
Average cost: CNY60-70 per person
Location: 3F, Li Jia Cun Wanda Plaza, No. 8, north section of Yanta Road, Beilin District


Qi Shi Er Hang Min Su Jiu Lou

It is well decorated and offers a large dining space. Other than the great Sichuan Cuisine, there are also upscale dishes like abalone and fin.
Average cost: CNY60 per person
Location: 1F, Jinshi International Hotel, No. 398, east section of South Erhuan Road, Yanta District

Ren Ren Ju

Sweet and Sour Fish in the Shape of a Squirrel, Sichuan Restaurant
Sweet and Sour Fish in the Shape 
of a Squirrel

It serves Sichuan and Cantonese Cuisines with flavor that caters to locals. The cuisines are flavourful but rather inexpensive, hence a good choice for families and friends’ dinner party. Ren Ren Ju can be regarded as one of the top Sichuan restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY60 per person
 Keji Road Branch
Location: Room 407, Building No. 1, Fengyun Lanwan Community, No. 259, Keji Road
 Laodong Road Branch
Location: No. 127, West Youyi Road
 Juhuayuan Branch
Location: No. 36, Juhuayuan, East Street, Beilin District
 Jianguo Road Branch
Location: No. 100, Jianguo Road, Beilin District

Luo Pang Lao Dian

Straw Mushroom with Shallot, Sichuan Restaurant
Straw Mushroom with Shallot

It is favored by some locals for its tasty dishes, such as the griskin and the pigs' throttle. Complimentary flowers will be given if one holds his or her birthday party in the restaurant.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Location: 1F, Lizhen Mansion, No. 89, Xiguan Street

Zong Jiang Lao Chuan Cai Jiu Lou

Founded by a Chongqinger named Zhang Zongjiang, it has many branches in China. It is a good place for a dinner party, with delicious dishes and comfortable environment in the restaurant.
Average cost: CNY30-60 per person
Location: No. 447, Dianzi Street, Yan’ta District

Le Le Can Ting

This restaurant is highly recommended if one is looking for a cheap Sichuan restaurant in Xi'an. Usually, three dishes are enough for two adults. In fact, nobody knows why this small restaurant became so popular, but it is always crowded with customers. Le Le Can Ting now is on the list of Top Sichuan Restaurants in Xi'an.
Specialties: Shao Pai Gu (deep fried short ribs), Shao Dai Yu (deep fried hairtail)
Average cost: CNY40 per person
Location: No. 11-A, Xiangzi Temple Street, Beilin District

Qian Ren Ma La Fen

Hot Spicy Vermicelli
Hot Spicy Vermicelli

Qian Ren is a chain restaurant with many branches in Xi'an, selling the delicious Ma La Fen all year round. Ma La Fen, a kind of hot spicy vermicelli, is a popular Sichuan snack. Usually, a bowl of hot vermicelli with a piece of pancake is an enjoyable lunch or supper for locals.
Average cost: CNY20 per person
 Fenxiang Branch
Location: No. 41, Dachejiaxiang
 South Fengdeng Road Branch
Location: No. 320, South Fengdeng Road
 Luo Ma Shi Branch
Location: the Underground Pedestrian of Luo Ma Shi, Beili District

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