Xi’an Must-eat Foods

Famous as a historical city, Xi’an also has many renowned local food. Here lists some Xi’an must-eat foods, including Liang Pi, Rou Jia Mo, Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew, Gourd-Shaped Chicken, Biangbiang Noodles, Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball, Glutinous Rice with Jujube and Jello Stew with Rice Noodles.

1. Liang Pi

Shaanxi Liang Pi, also known as cold skin noodles, is a famous Shaanxi snack in Guanzhong area, especially Xi’an. It’s said that Shaanxi Liang Pi have a long history of over 2,000 years from Qin Dynasty (221 – 207 BC). Made from wheat or rice, Liang Pi is thin and soft with a chewy flavor. It consists of three main categories: Wheat Noodles (Gan Mian Pi), Rice Noodles (Mi Pi) and Niangpi. To enjoy the Liang Pi, you can’t miss the popular local restaurants such as Baoji Wheat Noodles, Qinzhen Liang Pi and Qishan Wheat Noodles.

Nowadays, the Sanqin Set Meal (Liangpi Set Meal) including Liang Pi, Rou Jia Mo (meat sandwich or Chinese style hamburger) and Bingfeng Soda Water is quite popular among all local people.
 Top 10 Restaurants to Eat Liang Pi in Xi’an

2. La Zhi Rou Jia Mo

Rou Jia Mo, one of the Xi’an Must-eat foods, has been listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi province. Rou Jia Mo is like a chopped pork sandwich or Chinese style hamburger. The meat must be well cured with over 30 kinds of seasoning. Besides, adding some gravy into Rou Jia Mo makes it more delicious.

As mentioned above, together with Liang Pi and Bingfeng Soda Water, Rou Jia Mo is quite popular and known as Sanqin Set Meal.
 Top Rou Jia Mo Restaurants in Xi’an

With no doubt, Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew is one of Xi’an must-eat foods, and it’s a must for the visitors to Xi’an City. It’s actually the crumbled flatbread in mutton stew with other ingredients like bean vermicelli, day lily, black fungus and coriander. The most famous local restaurants for Yangrou Paomo are Lao Sun Jia and Tong Sheng Xiang.

The flatbread had better be broken into small pieces by yourself, and if adding some add some sugared garlic and thick chili sauce, you will taste the most classic Yangrou Paomo.
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4. Gourd-shaped Chicken (Hu Lu Ji)

Gourd-shaped Chicken, aka Huluji, was first cooked in Tang Dynasty (619 – 907AD). After being boiled, steamed and fried, the chicken in a gourd shape has a golden color, crisp skin and juicy and tender meat. Xi’an Restaurant is a good choice to taste this dish.

5. Biangbiang Noodles

Biangbiang noodles are the first popular food in Xianyang city, and then spread to the whole Shaanxi province. Featuring the wide and thick noodles, Bingbiang Noodles got the name for the sound of Biang Biang when making it. To enjoy the noodles, visitors can go to Biang Biang Noodles Restaurant in No. 88, Anban Street, Beilin Street.

6. Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball (Rou Wan Zi Hu La Tang)

As the most popular breakfast in Xi’an, Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball, listed as one of the Xi’an Must-eat foods, is also a Xi’an halal food. Locals often eat it together with crumbled flatbread. Actually, it’s a spicy vegetable stew with beef ball. Besides, there are potatoes, carrots, and cabbages. The stew is special for its being thickened with mixture of cornstarch and water. The local halal restaurants like Xinglaosan Hu La Tang, Tongshengxiang Restaurant and Laomajia Restaurant provide the most authentic Vegetables Stew with Lamb/ Beef Ball.

7. Glutinous Rice with Jujube (Zeng Gao)

Zenggao, or Glutinous Rice with Jujube, is a traditional Xi’an snack. The sweet Zenggao is also a popular breakfast for locals. As the name shows, the cake is cooked with rice, jujubes and beans. If you wander around the local streets in the morning, you can hardly resist the sweet jujube flavor and the red-and-white color of the cake. A local Zenggao Restaurant located in Yongxingfang is highly recommended.

8. Jello Stew with Rice Noodles (Fen Tang Yang Xie)

Mainly made of sheep blood curd and rice noodles, Fengtang Yangxue is also listed as Xi’an must-eat foods. The spicy and hot flavor makes the customers feel warm in the cold winter days. Besides, it can quicken their appetite and help with digestion. If interested, you can go to Lao Guo Jia Restaurant to have a try.

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Questions & Answers on Xi’an Must-eat Foods
Asked by alex from SCOTLAND | Jul. 11, 2015 17:03Reply
Qianzhou Restaurant (Xiao Yanta Branch), Xi'an
The above mentioned rest: ,is it agood choice for lunch.
I have very sensitive stomach
How is the hygiene there
Are chinese food full cooked or any other variety of cooking
sorry for the doubts
Answers (2)
Answered by Hairy from YEMEN | Jul. 11, 2015 20:12

Oh, I know that restaurant. It is located at the intersection of Zhuque Street and Youyi Road. As I know, the food there is in god quality, and most the dishes are fully cooked. Their hygiene is also fine. Go ahead and have a try there.
Answered by alex from SCOTLAND | Jul. 12, 2015 02:08

Hairy thanks for the feed back .
which year did u go to the city.
Asked by de from US | Apr. 01, 2013 15:54Reply
do these restaurants take credit cards
Answers (1)
Answered by Maria from MALAYSIA | Apr. 01, 2013 22:13

Well, credit cards are widely used at those restaurants mentioned above.
Asked by Raphaelle from CHINA | Aug. 03, 2012 10:46Reply
Roast Duck in Xi'an
I live in GaoXin Qu. I would like to find a restaurant for roast duck close to my place. Do you know of it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice | Aug. 04, 2012 03:03

I didn't find a roast duck restaurant nearby your place. Well, you can go to Xi'an Jufulou Beijing Roast Duck at Xijiazhuang, Gaoxin District to have a taste. It is not too far from Gaoxin Road. Taxi is a good option for you to get there.
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