Top Rou Jia Mo Restaurants in Xi'an

Rou Jia Mo, also called meat sandwich or Chinese style hamburger, is a popular street food in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Taking pork as a raw material, its history can be traced back to the Warring States Period. The characteristics of the meat are bright red, soft and mellow. ‘Mo’ means bread which made from fermented paste. Putting the meat between the bread. Hereunder are the top Rou Jia Mo restaurants in Xi'an.
Xi'an Rou Jia Mo
Xi'an Rou Jia Mo

Fan Ji Restaurant

As one of the top Rou Jia Mo restaurants in Xi'an, this time-honored restaurant has a history of more than 60 years. The braised and chopped pork (La Zhi Rou) cooked here can make everyone's mouth water. Here you can taste the traditional Shaanxi Sandwich with fragrant braised pork, or having a bowl of noodles mixed with the delicious pork. The refreshing Chou Jiu (glutinous rice wine) is also worth a try. However, to be frank, the Liang Pi mixed with sesame paste served here are not the best in Xi'an. The small restaurant is always crowded by locals and travelers, especially during the dinner time and holidays.
Average cost: CNY10-20 per person
 Zhu Ba Shi Branch
Location: No.53, Zhu Ba Shi, Beilin District
(Tip: Zhu Ba Shi is a lane just facing the Drum Tower, and the restaurant is located on the left side of the lane.)
 Keji Road Branch
Location: City Impression Building, west end of Keji Road, Yanta District
 Dianzicheng Branch
Location: No. 125, Dianzi Street

Qin Yu Restaurant

Where to Eat Shaanxi Sandwiches? Qin Yu has the best flavor Shaanxi Sandwich, although it only has 20 years history. It is deeply favored by locals so that you always have to queue up. The Liang Pi is also good. It is suggested that you get there as early as possible.
Average cost: CNY15 per person
 Dong Mu Tou Shi Branch
Location: No.19, Dong Mu Tou Shi, Beilin District
(Tip: Dong Mu Tou Shi is also a narrow lane that just behind the Kai Yuan Shopping Mall.)
 Dongyangshi Branch
Location: No. 5, Dongyangshi
 Tiyuchang Branch
Location: No. 6, North Tiyuchang Road

Liu Feng Restaurant

This Moslem restaurant is said to cook the best Jia Mo stuffed with braised and chopped beef. Other Moslem food is also served here.
Average cost: CNY20 per person
Address: the north exit of Zhenxing Road, Beilin District (west site of South Gate outer)

Zi Wu Lu Zhang Ji Restaurant

This restaurant has been opened in Xi'an for many years, keeping its tasty and authentic flavor at all time, becoming one of the top Rou Jia Mo restaurants in Xi'an. The Liang Pi there is also very delicious.
Average cost: CNY10-20 per person
 Ziwu Road Branch
Location: the crossing of Ziwu Road, Yanta District (near West Xiaozhai Road)
 Cuihua Road Branch
Location: No. 227, Cuihua Road, Yanta District
 Ximen Branch
Location: 1F, Baolong Mansion, No. 475, West Street
 Keji Road Branch
Location: No. 39, Keji Road

Wang Kui Restaurant

The so delicious Shaanxi Sandwich served by Wang Kui should not be missed if you are looking for budget local snacks. Here, some other food also can be found, such as Liang Pi, Qishan Noodles and spicy sheep blood with bean vermicelli soup.
Average cost: CNY6-10 per person
 Baxian'an Branch
Location: Ba Xi'an An, Chang Le Fang, Beilin District
 Wenyi Road Branch
Location: at the opposite of Huaren Hospital, No. 177, North Wenyi Road, Beilin District

Li Lao San Restaurant

When eating the Shaanxi Sandwich here, you are also suggested to taste the mutton soup. The restaurant closes a little earlier in the afternoon. Now, it is on the list of Top Rou Jia Mo Restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY10-20 per person
 Bian Jia Cun Branch
Location: No. 188, North Taibai Road, Beilin District
 Taihua Road Branch
Location: No. 14, South Taihua Road, Xincheng District

Li Lao Si Restaurant

The Shaanxi Sandwich of Li Lao Si is known for its braised and chopped beef. Additionally, it also serves a series of fresh soup.
Average cost: CNY15 per person
 Hansen Road Branch
Location: No. 290, South Gongyuan Road, Han Sen Zhai, Xincheng District
 Jiandong Street Branch
Location: at the west side of the crossing of Jiandong Street and Taiyi Road
 West Ziqiang Road Branch
Location: No. 262, West Ziqiang Road, Weiyang District
 West Jianshe Road Branch
Location: West Jianshe Road, Beilin District (near Buynow Computer City)

Yuan Ji Restaurant

There are delicious Shaanxi Sandwiches and Liang Pi in the restaurant! In recent years, its branches have sprung up so that you can easily find one in Xi'an.
Average cost: CNY10-15 per person
 Dayanta Branch
Location: intersection of East Xiaozhai Road and South Yanta Road
 East Youyi Road Branch
Location: No. 268, East Youyi Road (near 451 Hospital)
 Gaoxin GOME Branch
Location: 1F, Torch Mansion, No. 48, Gaoxin Road, Gaoxin District
 Qujiang Branch
Location: No. 201, Qujiang Avenue, Qujiang New Area (at the opposite of Qujiang Primary School)
 East Street Branch
Location: No. 118, East Street, Beilin District (next to the International Economic & Trade Mansion)

Lao Tong Guan Restaurant

Being one of the top Rou Jia Mo restaurants in Xi'an, it’s said that Lao Tong Guan Rou Jia Mo has had a history of around 1,400 years. Its meat and Chinese burger are so delicious that it attracts many locals. It has many branches in Xi'an!
Average cost: CNY10-15 per person
 Wanda Plaza Branch
Location: Min Le Yuan Wanda Plaza outdoor pedestrian, No. 111, Jiefang Road, Xincheng District
 Dayanta Branch
Location: Store no. E111, Big Wild Goose Pagoda Ci’en Town Food Street, No. 2, Yanta Road, Yanta District
 Da Chai Shi Branch
Location: No. 64, Shangjian Road, Da Chai Shi, Beilin District

Fan Wen Restaurant

This small restaurant has been opened for many years serving the fragrant Shaanxi Sandwich, but the Liang Pi are not so good.
Average cost: CNY6-10 per person
Location: No. 209, Guanghua Road, Gaoxin District

Dong Guan Ji Xiang Restaurant

The Shaanxi Sandwich and Liang Pi are worth a try, but the price is a little higher than other restaurants. On the other hand, it also serves some other food, such as Qishan Noodles.
Average cost: CNY10-15 per person
General store location: Nos. 31, Ji Xiang Cun, Yanta District
 Electronic City Branch
Location: No. 411, Electronic Main Street, Yanta District
 Keji Road Branch
Location: No. 3, Keji Road, Gaoxin District
 Beiguan Branch
Location: 1F, Building No. 1, No. 21, Jixiang Road

Wang Hua Feng Restaurant

Except the tasty Rou Jia Mo, there are noodles, Liang Pi, some flavors of soups and other food in the restaurants to meet the demand of all ages.
Average cost: CNY10-20 per person
 Fengcheng 1st Road branch: No, 71, Fengcheng 1st Road, Weiyang District (at the opposite of Yahe Garden)
 Mingdemen branch: Mingde Gate, South Zhuque Road, Yanta District (around 50 meters/55 yards in the south of Mingde Hotel)
 Xinyuan Branch
Location: 4F, Daduhui Shopping Mall, Fenghe Road

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